What Is A Period Cup? How To Use & Choose The Right Cup For You

What Is A Period Cup? How To Use & Choose The Right Cup For You

If you think it is the time to switch from tampons or pads to a period cup, you are at the right place.

Menstruation, also known as periods is something that no girl can get away from. Pads, tampons, and menstrual cups become a girl’s unwanted best-friend during this time of the month.

What Is A Period Cup? How To Use & Choose The Right Cup For You

What is a period cup (menstrual cup)?

Menstrual cups help in preventing the menstrual blood from leaking out of your vagina and staining your clothes. As the name suggests, it comes in the shape of a cup with a stem. It is made up of silicon or latex rubber.

These cups work as tampons or pads but instead of absorbing the blood, the cups collect menstrual blood. They come in the shape of a flexible cup that is easy to insert into the vagina to collect the blood.

Each of these cups is reusable for a couple of years that surely means you will not have to visit a pharmacist every time you get your period. Therefore you save a lot of money.

Remove the cup depending upon the amount of your flow. Menstrual cups are washable and reusable. Generally, the cups can be re-used after every 4-12 hours of use, depending upon the menstrual flow. One cup can be used for about 5 years and more.

They are ECO-friendly and you could save a lot more of money by using just one cup for a couple of years. It is 100% safe, healthy, and hygienic to use these cups.

Is period cup hygienic?

Menstrual cups are safe and hygienic to use. They do not have any side effects. Also, they are more safer and healthier than any other menstrual products such as pads or tampons.

Unlike pads and tampons that absorb all the vaginal fluid along with the menstrual blood, these cups are inserted into the vaginal opening and collect the menstrual blood. Thus, menstrual cups can maintain the PH level and bacterial balance of the vagina.

If you think you are comfortable seeing some blood and inserting things into your vagina, use menstrual cups and save money rather than spending on buying other menstrual products every month. By doing this, you are also contributing to the environment by using an eco-friendly product.

How to use a period cup – how to insert it?

How to use/insert a period cup (Step by step guide)

1. Read the instructions:

Before you start using a period cup, make sure that you read the instructions that come along with the pack. The instructions clearly specify how to use the cup and also it will help you to understand how to clean the cup and keep it and yourself hygienic.

Still these are some guidelines that you may want to follow if you are using a period cup for first time:

2. Make use of your private bathroom:

If it’s your first time using this cup, you may want to make use of your own bathroom as you may not get the hang of it for the first few days and you don’t want to mess up things in a public place.

Also, you might want to try and insert the cup before you get your period as a part of your trial and error process.

However, it is recommended to try during periods because your vagina is more lubricated and is in a different position while you are menstruating.

3. Insert the period cup into your vagina:

If you are using the cup for the first time, boil the cup and before you insert the cup into your vagina, make sure to wash your hands.

Folding the cup using a “c” fold or a “punch down” fold should help you insert the cup into your vagina easily.

After folding the cup, insert it inside your vagina at proximity of 45 degree until it pops open and feels comfortable.

Menstrual cup folds

4. Remove and re-use:

12 hours is the maximum time the cup takes to fill. But if you have a heavy flow, you will have to remove the cup more often.

While taking out the cup, try to get hold of the stem of the cup and pull it down.

Pressing the base of the stem releases vacuum and makes the removal of the cup easier.

You can also try to remove the cup in the same way as you inserted it by making a “c” fold or a “punch down” fold.

Pour down the contents of the cup into the toilet and clean it with water to re-use it.

5. Getting used to using a period cup:

Take your time to learn how to use a period cup. It takes about 3 to 5 cycles to actually get comfortable using the cup and getting the hang of how to use it. Keep patience and even then if you think you are not comfortable with the cup, it is totally alright.

Why you should use a period cup?

1. Cost effective and eco-friendly:

Menstrual cups are for sure cost effective. They cost less and can be used for over 5 years and more. These cups are re-usable while pads and tampons have to be disposed. Menstrual cups are ECO friendly as they contribute to less land-filled waste.

2. No odor:

As the cups are not exposed to air, you don’t have to worry about menstrual odor wafting out at any occasion.

3. Fewer visits to the pharmacy:

Each of these cups is re-usable for a couple of years. So, you don’t have to visit a pharmacy every time you get your period. By this, you will also save a lot of money.

4. Fewer visits to the bathroom:

You have to change tampons and pads every 4-5 hours to maintain hygiene.  A menstrual cup lasts for about 12 hours until it gets filled and needs to be emptied depending on your flow.

5. Maintains PH level:

Pads and tampons absorb all the vaginal fluid along with blood while you are menstruating. This may disturb the PH level and bacterial balance in your vagina. A menstrual cup is inserted inside the vagina, only collecting period blood so, it maintains vaginal fluid maintaining PH level in the vagina.

6. You can have intercourse:

Intercourse is possible with the cup in your vagina and it is totally your choice to remove it or not. But, it is totally safe to have the cup inside you while you have sex.

7. Go swimming/exercise:

Yes, you can go swimming and it does not leak. You can do whatever exercise you want to do and once it’s inside your vagina you will not feel its presence. You can continue your normal day routine having the period cup inserted into your vagina.

It can also be worn while sleeping and you don’t have to worry about leakage unless you have a heavy flow and may want to use a pad as a precaution.

8. It is easy to use:

People using menstrual cups for the first time might find it a little difficult to use it initially but once you get used to it, you will find it extremely easy and comfortable.

Are menstrual cups re-usable?

All menstrual cups available in the market are re-usable for a couple of years and thus makes them eco-friendly as they reduce landfills.

However, a proper care and maintenance is required for a long-lasting experience. Clean and sterilize the cup after every use and store in a proper case.

There are disposable menstrual cups too, but they are popularly known as menstrual discs. So, don’t get confused between the two.

Disadvantage of using a period cup

There are no disadvantages of inserting or using a period cup.

The cup is so comfortable that you might actually forget about it being inside your vagina.

So, make sure you take it out of your vagina after your period is over. However, it is possible that some might take more time to get used to it.

Types of period cups: which size and shape to choose?

There are different types of menstrual cups available in the market depending upon the size, firmness level, shape, and the material of the cups.

The right period cup will probably depend upon the internal shape of your vagina, your age, your cervix height, and many other factors.

To find the right cup size for any type of woman or body, go through this guide – What Is The Best Menstrual Cup For Me?

Generally, menstrual cups come in two or three main sizes – small, medium, and large. They are often coded as A, B, an C. But, this may vary according to brands. Some of them even call it Model 1 or Model 2.

Size A/L that is the larger cup size generally used by women who have given birth and size B/S that is the smaller cup size are used by those who haven’t.

The larger cup has the capacity to hold more amount of blood but women who haven’t given birth find these cups uncomfortably large.

Unless you are aware of the size of your vagina and are comfortable with the large cup size, that should be doing fine for you.

Hence pick the one that best suits you.

Don’t worry we will help you to choose the right period cup. These cups are easily available online. It is a good idea to buy menstrual cups online as you will get more options than in a pharmaceutical store. Pharmacists may even charge you a little more.

Which period cup size to choose?

Which are some best period cups and which one to choose?

Some of the best and the most preferred menstrual cup brands are:-

1. Diva Cup


Diva Cup is one of the best known as well as the most popular one used by many women across the world.

The brand offers three different models – Model 0, Model 1, and Model 2. So, every woman, be it a teenager or a woman above the age of 30, can choose the one that fits her body type.

Find the right model and size here – Diva Cup Size, Capacity, Instructions: Complete Guide

2. Lena Menstrual Cup

Lena Menstrual Cup

Lena Cup is a better option for women with a wide vagina. They are great for both first-time and experience users.

They come in two sizes – Small and Large. Choose the one that fits your body type.

Lena Cup is made up of silicon, bell-shaped cup that is smooth and great on the skin.

If you feel you have a comparatively wider vagina, you will want to buy a Lena Cup to ensure that you don’t stain your clothes.

A Lena Cup is the easiest one to handle among other wide cups.

3. Lunette Reusable Menstrual Cup


Lunette Cup is soft, smooth, and has a good grip.

It is easy to hold and is little wide and short. Thus, if you feel that you need a wide and short cup, then Lunette Cups will do a great job for your vagina.

Each of these cups has a shelf-life of up to 10 years.

They come in two sizes namely; model 1 and model 2.

The Model 1 size  is best for teens that have a light and moderate period flow.

Model 2 is comparatively larger and wider than model 1 and is designed for women who have had a baby and is more physically and sexually matured.

It can hold up a moderately to heavy blood flow.

Read our review on: Lena Cup vs. Lunette Cup

4. Silky Cups

Silky Cups are recommended for women who have tall and strong built vagina, or have given birth, and are over the age of 30 years.

This cup is hygienic, healthy, and eco-friendly and has an average shelf-life of about 10 years.

It offers correctly 12 hours of leak-free protection and is very comfortable, clean, and easy-to-use product. Silky cups are ideal menstrual aids for all kinds of sports activity, including swimming.

5. Pixie Cup

Pixie Cup

Pixie Cup is a new cup in the world of menstrual cups. This cup is quite affordable as compared to other menstrual cups.

The cup has a long stem attached to the cup that makes it easy to remove.

However, it can be slightly uncomfortable as the stems will stick outside your vaginal canal.

Pixie Cups come in two sizes; Small and Large. Small size is good for woman using cup for first time.

It is perfect for those who have low cervix and who have light to normal blood flow.

Large Size is an ideal cup for women having higher cervix and those who have heavier blood flow.

If you have a high cervix and confused which one to choose, go straight here – Best Menstrual Cups For High Cervix.

6. Blossom Menstrual Cup


Blossom Cup is one of the top qualities menstrual cups available in the market in a reasonable price.

The only drawback is that the capacity of holding blood is little lesser than the other menstrual cups.

Other menstrual cups have a capacity of at least 30ml while blossom cup can hold on up to 23ml of blood.

Blossom Cup is an ideal cup for women with a regular cervix.

These cups are a little difficult to find in the stores as they are new in the market. But, they are easily available online.

7. Anigan Eva Cup – Reusable

Anigan Eva Cup

Eva Cups are available in the market in 2 sizes and 8 colors.

These cups are very soft. An Eva Cup is reusable for up to an average of 15 years.

It is one of the least expensive brands and includes a harness that makes insertion and removal of the cup easy.

Eva Size 1 is for women who have shorter vaginas and who have not gone through the process of childbirth. These cups can accommodate heavy flow.

Size 2 is for women who have a short vagina but have given birth.

8. Wow Freedom Cup

Wow Freedom

Wow Freedom Cups are chemical free and are gentle to all skin types. The cup is a high-quality product and can last up to 10 years.

It comes in three sizes. The large size is for women who have gone through pregnancy and have a wider cervix.

Use medium size if you have a regular cervix and use small size if you have a small cervix. This product is highly safe and healthy to use. It holds up to one full ounce of menstrual flow.

Insertion and removal are not a big issue with this cup as it is highly comfortable to use.


All the menstrual cups mentioned above are easily available online. They are reusable for a couple of years, saving you a lot of money.

Using a period cup eases your life and also makes a contribution to the environment by going eco-friendly.

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