Menstrual Cup With Valve: Winner Or Loser?

Menstrual Cup With Valve: Winner Or Loser?

With the popularity of menstrual cups storming the market, many new models of the same are emerging at an alarmingly fast rate. Menstrual cup with valve or ‘valve menstrual cup’ is one of such new models.

Menstrual Cup With Valve: Winner Or Loser?

It is different from the usual menstrual cups only in terms of the stem. The difference is that the stem of these menstrual cups are of valve type. The valve in the stem of the cup helps you to empty the cup without removing it from place. The valves help in controlling and regulating the menstrual blood flow.

These might be well suited if you are going on some adventurous rides to far off tracks where it is difficult to get hold of a proper loo. It is also a good alternative if you have to travel a lot in public places where taking the cup off every time for emptying is a difficult task.

However, I don’t recommend using such types of menstrual cups with valves. The reason is obviously – safety. Instead, you can try other alternatives like menstrual discs or the normal menstrual cups.

For using a period cup in the above scenarios, there are wide varieties of menstrual cups that should fit your purpose. Find it here – What’s the best menstrual cup for me?

What are valve menstrual cups?

How valve menstrual cups work
Image: Diggold – How Menstrual Cup With Discharge Valve Works

A menstrual cup with valve refers to a normal menstrual cup with some modifications in the stem of it. That is what makes it unique. The stem is a valve, resembling a straw, that means, you can empty the menstrual cup without removing the menstrual cup as a whole.

All you need to do is just pinch the valve of the cup stem and that’s it. It is one of the hyped products in the recent days. Taking the cup off every time you want to empty it was seemingly the most inconvenient part of using a menstrual cup.

These valve menstrual cups literally eliminate that trouble making it attractive to use. They can be quickly emptied. The valves are accompanied by a stopper, which helps in emptying the cup without taking it off.

The various types of stoppers that are associated with valve menstrual cups are:

  • Pinch type
  • Ball and stopper type
  • Plug type
  • Cap type

Menstrual cups with valve: are they worth trying?

Personally, I will say – NO. They are not safe. Menstrual cups with valves may seem to be quite flawless and great to use but it isn’t quite so. Menstrual cups with valves are usually not recommended because of the multiple hazards associated with them.

Let us have a look over the disadvantages of using a valve menstrual cup:

1. It is not physiologically safe

The idea of not removing the cup while emptying may seem convenient but at the same time it also exposes the risks associated with long term retention of the cup in the genitals which is very risky.

There can be the onset of vaginal infections and abrasion of the tissues for being in an unnatural distended posture for such a long period. Many users have the tendency to prolonged usage of the cup beyond 12 hours even without washing it in between.

These are pretty strong pillars for the onset of a potent TSS that is the most dreaded disease associated with inappropriate usage of menstrual products.

2. Not suitable for low cervix

If you are one of those who have a low cervix, it may be quite difficult for you to use a valve menstrual cup. The stem of the normal menstrual cups can be trimmed as per convenience.

Trimming often becomes essential for women who have low cervix. For valve menstrual cups, there is no scope to trim the stem, so it is not good as a universal product.

3. Women with thicker consistency of period fluid find it unsuitable

The viscosity of menstrual fluid is not same for all women. While those with a thinner period fluid find the valve cups useful, the other half of the population may find these cups useless.

If your period blood is thick, there is every possibility that it will form clots near the opening of the valve. This prevents the emptying of the valve easily. Once the blood gets stuck and the worst case is when the clot gets dried, you will have to rage a war in cleaning it.

What are some best menstrual cups with valves?

Not all the widely known menstrual cup brands are into the production of the valve variety. In fact, the brands which produce these cups are scanty. This is because, the renowned brands hardly want to take a risk regarding the health of their consumers.

It is not at all recommended that you use the valve menstrual cups. However, if you want to check out a few, here is the list that you can go by:

1. Victoria Love Cup

It is one of the most popular brands in the world of valve menstrual cup. They produce menstrual cups with release valves at the end of the stem. The stopper is of ball plug type. This one has good reviews and the complaints are only restricted to a bit of unwanted leakages.

2. Tulip Stem Cup

They produce non-toxic and soft valve cups. The cups are reusable and are expected to last for not less than 10 years. They are completely vegan and claim to have zero issues regarding unwanted leakages.

3. AIWA Menstrual Cup With Drain Valve

This brand produces valve type menstrual cups with pinch type valves.

The cups are soft cups and they are reusable. They are perfect for any age group. These can be used during athletic events as well as good for overnight use. The cups are made of medical grade silicon, which are non-toxic and easy to clean.

Final say

Even if you plan to use a menstrual cup with a discharge valve, it is always recommended that you do not get lured by prolonged use. Even if there is no necessity to empty the cup, do remove it, and clean the cup properly after every 12 hours.

This step is mandatory to ensure intimate hygiene. Also, carry out a substantial research on the public reviews of the cup and brand that you are going to use.

In case you have already bought one and you are fighting hard to suit it for your low cervix, you may fold the stem and tuck it behind the pubis. This sounds tricky, but is the only way out.

Always remember that your intimate hygiene is something that cannot be compromised with, even if the factor is convenience of usage.

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