Puberty In Girls: How To Teach Your Daughter About Her First Period And Puberty

The critical task of guiding a daughter through her puberty is solely laid upon the parents. The better informed the girl, the better is her reaction to the changes in her life and body. The huge reservoir of information that the kids have access to these days makes them aware of almost everything before time. Therefore, the parents today also have to make sure that their children specially daughters are prepared for the changes that they are ready to embark upon.

The puberty talk, however efficiently it may be done cannot be compiled in a single discussion. Therefore, the discussion regarding the changes that a female body goes through should be done before time, so that there are no surprises, pleasant or unpleasant.

How to talk to your daughter about her first period and puberty

For your daughter to completely understand the concept, lay a base since the very beginning. The steps to prepare your daughter for such changes have been listed below:

1. The ongoing conversation about the changing body: Your daughter does not need to get the blow all at once. Rather, for a smooth sailing through the upcoming stage you have to make the changes that her body is going through an ongoing conversation.

2. Keep the age in mind: Do not make the child uncomfortable by talking the ‘talk’ way earlier that she can comprehend. Ensure that you make the conversation as you see her changing and understanding her body. Appropriate age is 8 years approximately.

3. Keep the positive attitude: Your little girl sees the world through your eyes and your perception becomes her perception. So, make sure that you paint a positive picture about all the changes that she is going through or will be going through. The positive picture helps her adapt to the changes in a better manner.

4. Make an open atmosphere: Create an atmosphere of openness to make sure that your little one does not feel uncomfortable talking to you about the changes in her body. Prioritize her, take out time for her, talk to her and make her want to be a part of the loving family that you are.

5. Educate her: Guide her through books and material relating to puberty.

Guiding your little daughter through the puberty talk makes her feel as uncomfortable as it makes you nervous, so go about the talk in an organized manner. The talk must be done privately for obvious reasons of not embarrassing your daughter.

The explanation does work better if your daughter asks questions to understand the concept fully. Make sure you encourage her to ask questions during the conversation and answer her doubts with honesty and patience.

When a girl goes through puberty, she faces a variety of changes in herself. All these changes are a welcome change when explained with a positive attitude.

Your daughter would face these changes for the first time and her view of the changes largely depends on how you explain to her the upcoming changes that she would be experiencing. Thus, make sure when you convey the knowledge, you pass it on with a positive approach.

The following points would help her accept the changes during puberty, positively:

1. Make her understand the female anatomy, and explain that these changes are a sign of a healthy growth.

2. Tell her that these changes come to all the female bodies including those of her girlfriends. She is not the only one going through these changes. Giving her the example of your first signs of changes would help her relate to the topic and accept the change more readily.

3. Focus on the practical tips which will help her cope with the changes like how to treat acne, buy a bra etc.

Once a positive outlook has been laid, explain to her in detail the changes that she would be going through puberty in the right stages:

1. The first stage of puberty that your daughter will go through is the development of the breast buds. Breast buds develop at around the age of 8, but every body is different and experiences the changes at its own time. These buds are like tiny lumps in place of the breasts and are tender.

2. The next change that your daughter will go through is the growth of pubic hair. They usually appear one or two years after the development of the breast buds.

3. The most important stage of puberty is the starting of the menstrual periods. This happens at around the age 12, but it may happen sooner or later.

4. Any increase in weight/height during this stage is also a result of the changes that the body is already going through.

Making your daughter ready for the first menstrual period is also a grave task. But if done in the correct manner it prepares your daughter for the changes that are about to come into her life.

1. While talking to your daughter about periods, be calm and comforting. Talk to her before she starts with the phase, to ensure that she is prepared for it.

2. Describe in detail why periods occur and how the female anatomy works around it. Explain the importance of the 28 day cycle and how every month the unfertilized egg breaks down and makes the uterus bleed.

3. Explain the importance and methods of maintaining female hygiene. Pads are the best option for girls going through the period for the first time. But, also explain the working of a tampon to give her the knowledge. Educate her on the need to change pads/tampons after fixed intervals to maintain the hygiene.

4. Describe the physical symptoms that she would experiment along with the periods like the period cramps and mood swings.

5. Explain the link between periods and pregnancy. Also, put some light on the issues like sex and sexually transmitted infections. Convey to her that now as she is experiencing periods, it is possible for her to get pregnant.

6. Be a part of the change and take your daughter for bra shopping when she feels she needs it. The breast buds are tender and may hurt, because of which she may feel necessary to wear a bra. But don’t force her to wear anything that she is not comfortable with right now and take her lead into this step (a double camisole also does the job). She would feel more comfortable when you are a part of the change and guide her through the changes.

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