Can You Go Swimming With A Tampon? – 4 Best Tampons For Swimming

Can You Go Swimming With A Tampon? – The Best Tampons For Swimming

Not sure whether you can go swimming with a tampon in? Well, today you will learn everything about swimming on your periods and the best practices to follow while swimming with a tampon.

In short, YES you can swimming with a tampon.

Can You Go Swimming With A Tampon? – The Best Tampons For Swimming

Swimming on your periods is still a taboo and not widely accepted. But if we look on medical physiology, it is not a crime to swim on your periods. In fact, it is extremely annoying if you have planned for a beach holiday and your period arrives right away to spoil all the fun.

Gynecologists all over the world suggest that you can definitely get out to the swimming pool on your periods.

Well, feminine care products are necessary when you get into the swimming pool on your periods. If you enter the pool with periods, there is going to be a temporary cessation of the flow.

The flow generally occurs from the vagina through the cervix as a result of the gravity. When you are into the water, the force of the water current stops the flow and it is pretty much mechanical.

Being in pool during your periods can cause infections also. The water in the pool is chlorinated. It is harmful for the skin and your intimate parts as well.

So, it is best if you can enter the pool with some feminine product on. Entering bare naked is not advisable.

In a hurry? Here are our top best tampons for swimming

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What is the best feminine care product for swimming on your period?

Here comes the question that which feminine care product is best for this swimming situation.

Well, experts will definitely recommend that tampons are the best products to go for when you are planning to take a swim.

Tampons stay pretty much within your vagina and hence solves two purposes at the same time. Absorbing all your period blood as well as preventing your genitals from getting infected by the pool water.

Now, let us come to a few frequently asked questions about compatibility of swimming and tampons.

Can you swim with a tampon?

Yes, you can definitely swim with a tampon. Tampon is one such feminine care product that gives you a complete freedom to swim. Insert your tampons as normally as you would, before going for a swim.

Put it in with an applicator till you feel it is placed in the right position. Then, take out the applicator.

Walk and move around a bit so that you can understand the tampon is in place. All you need to do is, pick up an appropriate bathing suit for yourself such that you do not have to worry about staining.

Choose the lower part wisely, such that it goes well for the use of tampons. Most importantly choose a dark colored swim suit.

Tucking in the tampon string while you go to swimming with your tampons, is another key point to take care. The dangling tampon string does not look good and also cause irritation.

So mind to wear such an underwear where you can safely place the tampon string.

You can definitely swim with the tampon on. So, happy swimming.

Do tampons absorb water while swimming?

It will be a misnomer if someone says that tampons will not absorb even a drop of water. Try and understand the basic science behind this. A tampon is a stuff made of cotton in any case and will absorb water even if it is within your body.

So, it is very normal that when the tampon comes in close vicinity with such a large area full of water, it will absorb water to a certain extent.

Now, if you resolve to change the tampon immediately after you step out of the pool, then the issue can be settled. If you don’t change it, you will simply walk around with a cotton junk laden with fluid, damn heavy, and irritating.

For a 2 hours swim, you need to get into the pool with a fresh tampon and change it immediately after you step out.

Can you go swimming on your period with a pad?

It is definitely not advisable to go on swimming with a pad. Absorbent pads are actually the worse when you completely remain immersed in water.

They will soak up pool water and will not help you out with your period blood. The pad unlike tampon stays on the exterior of the body, so the greater possibility is that they will get wet.

If you don’t use a tampon at all yet you want to go swimming on your periods, then definitely there are a few tricks that you need to resort to.

First of all, you will have to wear a pad that can accommodate the flow. It is better to go with a higher coverage and extra absorbent ones.

You should choose the pads devoid of wings, so that flaps don’t peep out of your underwear and get exposed to others.

The swim wear that you choose should be appropriate such that it can hold the pad in place. You must also change the pad more frequently than normal.

So, when it comes to ‘pads vs tampons for swimming’, tampons is definitely the winner.

Are there alternatives to wearing a tampon for swimming?

Yes, there are great alternatives to wearing a tampon for swimming. The very first alternative is wearing a menstrual cup or menstrual disc.

It works excellently well for swimming during periods. It is silicone based and therefore there are no chances of absorbing any water and getting wet.

Moreover, menstrual cups remain confined to the interior of the body and barely come in contact with the pool water. Even if it does, it will not get wet. This is probably the best and easily accessible feminine product that you can adapt while swimming.

For those of you who are not really comfortable to use either a tampon or a menstrual cup, it is better that you switch over to a period underwear. This underwear has super absorbent material they will help you out with your blood flow.

Also, if you are thinking of using pads during your periods, these are great alternatives because they have a separate space for accommodating your pad in place.

Period swimwear are the most stylish accessories for women who want to swim around during their periods.

What are the things to keep in mind while you go to swimming with a tampon in?

Swimming with tampons is a current trend now. For years, ladies did not usually go for swimming while on their periods. But now, the scenario is completely different.

Women are opting for swimming even during their periods. This has been possible because of recent day period products like tampons.

But there are a few things that you need to keep in mind while you step into the pool with your tampons.

1. The very first thing is, do not push in your tampon harder, to the extent that it might end up in hurting you.

2. Put the tampon in just the way you normally do. In the fear of getting wet, do not force the tampon in your vagina.

3. Walk around a bit after putting in the tampon to adjust the position.

4. Choose the swimwear accordingly. The normal swimwear might not be always appropriate to accommodate a tampon, so choose your swimwear accordingly.

You can wear shorts to make the situation a bit better. It will hide the tampon if at all visible.

5. The one thing that should be completely avoided is pantyliners. Pantyliners do not work underneath water, so wearing it will not make any difference.

6. Tucking in the tampon string is a must. It should not peep through your panty. It will be really embarrassing if the string keeps on dangling.

7. As soon as you get out of the pool, try changing the tampon because moving around with a wet tampon does not make much sense.

Top 4 best tampons for swimming

If you are planning to buy the best tampons that will help you out while swimming, then here are a few brands of tampons that you can definitely try.

The list is prepared completely based on our research and customer reviews.

1. Cora Organic Cotton Tampons

Cora Tampons for swimming

Cora organic cotton tampons are well known to almost every tampon user. The great quality and comfort of this brand is really good for use while swimming.

The cotton used for this tampon is cent percent organic. It is certified to be completely bleach or pesticide free.

The increased width and super absorbency feature of these tampons make them well suited for usage during swimming. The tampon has eight sections for multidimensional absorption.

It can expand as per the width and safeguard you against leakages, thus making it one of the best tampons for swimming.

The design of these tampons is highly scientific and fits perfectly within your body. Due to this great fit, there is no risk of misplacement making it perfect for swimming.

You can easily insert the tampons as the tip is very soft and sleek. The comfortable design and material are the unique selling points of this tampon.

The tampon is BPA free and extremely easy to use.

It has been tested to be hypoallergic. Cora tampons are completely natural and come with a compact applicator. It poses negligible ill effects on environment.

2. Playtex Sports Tampon

Playtex Sports Tampon

As the very name of the brand suggests, these tampons are specially designed for usage during physical activities. Well, there is no rocket science behind it but these tampons have some special features which are well suited for extra absorbance during physical activities.

The Playtex sports tampon has an extremely flexible fit. These tampons are well designed to move and adjust according to the vigorous movements that you make during any sports activity.

While swimming, the abdomen experiences vigorous movements during the strokes and the Playtex sports tampons adjusts accordingly by providing great support.

The Playtex sports tampons consist of three layers. So, greater protection against leakage is ensured with these tampons during any physical activity.

When the tampons come in contact with the period flow, the underneath layers usually expand and lock the flow to give you better protection.

The design and fit of the tampons adjust according to your movement, so that there is no leakage even if you run, swim, or jump around.

The constituent fibers of the tampon are interlocking in nature and exert greater protection for greater absorbance. The grip is excellent with least chances of slip.

These tampons come with the odor shield technology, that neutralizes all bad scents.

You can definitely give this brand a try, when it comes to choosing the best tampons for swimming.

3. U Kotex Tampons

U Kotex Tampons for swimming

If you want a tampon which is full sized and equally comfortable, then this is the one for you.

For an all round protection during swimming, you can definitely try these tampons. Kotex tampons are well suited for easy and hindrance free insertion.

They are available in various absorbency levels and you can choose the one that best suits you. U Kotex Tampons ensures full coverage. The tip is smooth with great ease in application.

Get along with your regular swimming schedules by switching over to U Kotex Tampons.

They are easy to carry and fit within a small space. You can put it in your swim suit kit without sacrificing literally any space. The tampons are unscented and completely natural. The absorbance is moderate to high.

They are perfect for both light and heavy flow.

The tampons are specially designed to stay in place. The tampons are so light that you won’t feel like any heavy device into your vagina.

So, they are comfortable and it is among the best tampons for swimming. Now, stay for long hours in the water without getting concerned about the leakage.

4. Tampax Pearl Tampons

Tampax Pearl - best tampon for swimming

Tampax provides the perfect combination of comfort and protection. There are two preliminary features of this tampon which make it best suited to be used while swimming.

Firstly, it has an anti-slip grip. This is extremely important when it comes to choosing an appropriate tampon for swimming. You literally don’t want the tampon to just get away in the water while you are busy chilling in the pool.

The anti-slip grip keeps the tampon securely placed in its position while providing maximum protection.

The second unique feature is the leak guard braid. This special structural characteristic is particularly awesome for better protection during swimming.

The tampon is really well suited to be used while you are amidst water. They are completely unscented and come in a chemical free nature.

The applicator is smooth and highly functional. The outermost cover is extremely smooth. So, both ways, insertion and removal are super easy.

Tampax tampons come with Formfit protection that easily grabs the contour of your internal genitals and ensures a personalized experience for leakage protection.

These tampons are well suited for long time usage. So, you can swim for long hours without any tension of leakage.

Can I actually swim during my periods?

Many women think that swimming during their periods can be harmful for the body, but in fact it isn’t. If you step in with proper safety measures, then swimming is perfect even during your periods.

Nothing out of the world will happen if you swim while you are bleeding.

We discussed a lot about how essential tampons can be to give you a hassle-free experience of swimming during periods.

Now, let us come to the point if swimming during periods is good for health?

Well, the answer is yes, though it might vary on individual basis. Light to moderate swimming is a good form of exercise.

Light exercise leads to the release of endorphins from the body and endorphins are nature’s designed painkillers.

So, all the ladies who actually experience intolerable cramps as a part of their periods or premenstrual syndrome can actually try out swimming to relieve the pain.

Staying active during your periods will also ensure that you don’t get fatigued unnecessarily.

Aquatic exercises also diminish the incidents of bloating, which is highly experienced during the periods. Lastly, swimming is a great stress reliever and can uplift your mood when you are on your periods.


So, remember that everyone who says that you shouldn’t swim on your periods are actually not speaking the truth.

Swimming and periods have no negative relation. It is just a taboo. You can practically do anything that your heart desires during your periods. Nature has imposed no restriction upon you.

Happy periods and keep smiling.

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