Softcup vs Diva Cup vs Lily Cup: Menstrual Cup Comparison 2020

Softcup vs Diva Cup vs Lily Cup: Menstrual Cup Comparison

Softcup vs Diva Cup vs Lily Cup – so who is the winner in the race of best menstrual cups? Let’s find out.

Softcup vs Diva Cup vs Lily Cup: Menstrual Cup Comparison

To begin with, let me first share my experience about each of these menstrual cups, one by one, their pros and cons, how to use them, and their special features. You’ll find the final comparison at the end of this article. So, stay tuned till the end.

1. Softcup

Softcup review

What is a disposable Softcup?

Softcup is a menstrual cup but not a usual one. If you want to go for appropriate definition, I would rather call it a menstrual disc. We have even written a review about two of the best menstrual discs – Softdisc vs Flex Disc .

Softcup is not recyclable or reusable. You need to dispose it off after single use. A single soft cup can serve purpose of collecting the blood for 12 hours.

The difference that it holds with conventional menstrual cups is in term of its softness and ease of insertion. Like basic menstrual cups, Softcup also collects all the period blood when you place it inside your vagina.

As the very name suggests, Softcup is extremely pliable and easy to insert. To be honest, the product keeps up the name.

When I unwrapped the packaging of Softcup, it looked somewhat different than the usual menstrual cups. Since it is a menstrual disc, it closely resembles a large sized diaphragm that will be placed at your cervix to act as a disposition ground for your period fluid.

But, when I attempted to put it in, I felt that there can be nothing better. It is so simple with absolutely zero effort or struggle. It will simply glide in your vagina.

The real challenge starts when it comes down to taking out the cup from your vagina. As already described, the cup glides into your vagina so easily, that it is almost impossible to find the stuff out while removing.

It took me sufficient amount of time and struggle to take out the cup from within.

Can you have sex during periods wearing Softcup? YES.

One of the greatest advantages of Softcup is that it allows sex during periods. Unlike other menstrual cups, Softcups are placed quite high up in your vagina at the base of the cervix.

Therefore, there are no issues if you have sex while having the Softcup on. Moreover, it creates a mess free period sex experience for the users, which is really awesome.

Pros and cons of using Softcup

If I have to list the special features and not so good features about Softcup, they would be the following:


  1. It is completely hypoallergic and devoid of all kinds of phthalates, BPA.
  2. It chalks out possibilities of TSS that makes it win against tampons.
  3. You can perform all types of physical activities ranging from dancing, running, swimming, jogging, everything with the Softcup on.
  4. Softcup is super easy to insert due to the extremely soft integrity of the cup.
  5. Softcup does not let your vagina or genitals feel dry.
  6. It prevents from all kinds of odor or irritations.
  7. It comes from the flagship of Flex, which is the most trusted brand for menstrual hygiene products. So, you can trust the Softcup regarding its quality.
  8. There is no wing, no hard stem, or solid rims in a Softcup. So, you feel far less clumsy when you use Softcups instead of normal menstrual cups.


  1. It gets lost within your genitals and is literally tough to find out when you need to insert it.
  2. It can slip off from place, so it is not at all good for overnight use.

How to insert a Softcup?

The insertion of Softcup is so very similar to that of other menstrual cups that you use. Here’s a complete guide on how to insert a period cup and the best menstrual cups to try.

You just have to squeeze the rim, to reduce the diameter to less than a half. Now, put it in your vagina till you can feel it has reached the base of the cervix.

That is it and you are done with insertion. Walk around and stretch yourself a bit after insertion to check out whether it has perfectly fallen into place.

Softcup is completely latex free. This is great for those of you who have been suffering from latex allergy while using menstrual cups.

2. Diva Cup

Diva Cup review

Is it worth all the praise or not?

The next brand of menstrual cups that I shall be talking about is the Diva Cups. It is a well-reviewed menstrual cup and it is quite celebrated in terms of popularity.

Diva cup users are really satisfied with the product. I tried Diva Cup to feel the difference that this overrated cup might hold with other brands. Though I wasn’t disappointed, yet there is no rocket science or out of the world factor in this cup.

It is quite similar in features and functioning with the other brands. The feature or the craze about Diva Cups is basically due to the consistent good quality and precision that the brand has been maintaining.

Another great feature which has made me love Diva Cup is the correct balance of stiffness and softness that this cup has.

Which model to choose for Diva Cup?

Diva Cup has got three precisely distinguished models.

Model 0: It is for teenage girls with lighter flow who are in the age group of below 18.

Model 1: This one is designed for women in the age of 19 to 30 who are intended to have moderate to high flow.

Model 2: It is for women above 30 years of age who have extremely heavy flows.

Select the one that suits you perfectly fine.

Here, I shall share a tip from my personal experience. As per age, I chose Model 1 for myself. It worked well in the medium flow days.

But, on heavy flow days and for overnight use, it did not work for me. I had to resort to Model 2 then, which worked perfectly fine for me in all situations.

Moral of the story is, rather than going by age, go by the flow you have. This will help you have a better personalized experience.

Why will you choose Diva cup?

Diva Cups are definitely quite superior to pads and tampons both. I really loved the experience of using it. I even tried swimming without any unwanted leakages. You can go swimming with tampons too.

If there is one adjective to define Diva Cup, I will say it is justice to the money and worth. The properly designed cup, medical grade silicon, and definitely the most convenient length of the stem are the parts I appreciate the most.

Just like all other menstrual cups, you will have to struggle the first time or two times for fully realizing the insertion method that works for you.

The removal of the cup is quite easy. No latex, dyes, or BPA is used while manufacturing a Diva Cup. This is truly economical and eco-friendly way to tackle your periods.

How to insert the Diva Cup?

Take out the Diva Cup from the packaging. Now, form a U shape with the rim of the cup. Since it is absolutely pliable, there will be no issues with it.

Insert it within your vagina till the position feels correct for you. There is no hard and fast rule regarding the position as nobody will be able to feel your genitals better than you do .

Many women commit a mistake here. They insert the menstrual cups too much within until they hurt. The ideology behind this act might be tight security against spillage, but it does not work that way. The standard rule is that the cup should sit at the base of your vagina.

Cleansing your Diva Cup

Cleansing can be an issue for the Diva Cups. It is a challenging job to clean the cup as the stem is hollow .

Also, many women develop the query whether you should wash the cup amidst your period or at once when it is over? Well, it all depends on how you are comfortable.

You can wash it at least with plain water every time you take it out for emptying. Once your periods are over, you can get along with mild soap and boiling water to deep clean it.

Why should you use Diva Cup?

Given below are the points for which I think you should and should not use Diva Cup:


  1. Made of medical grade silicon
  2. Easy to insert and remove
  3. Available in various models for different ages and flow rate
  4. Soft and pliable
  5. Seamless and comfortable period experience
  6. Eco-friendly and economical


  1. Age wise model differentiation might not work for all
  2. The stem is hollow hence cleansing is difficult

3. Lily Cup

What is Lily Cup?

Lily Cup review

The discussion of ‘Menstrual Cup Comparison’ would be actually incomplete if I do not talk about Lily Cup.

Guys, if something is ultra-soft to the extent infinity, then it is Lily Cup. Since the Lily Cup is devoid of all common menstrual cup problems like insertion, pain, and removal, this is appropriate for first time cup users.

Teenagers are going to love it. The whole experience of menstruation for the first few years is damn irritating for youngsters. In such a situation, Lily Cup can be your help.

From my personal experience, I feel that Lily Cups are definitely one of the best brands of cups that I have used. Lily Cups are especially designed to suit the needs of working women.

So, you can go to office, gym, swimming, and parties all with the Lily Cup.

Lily Cup is love

Another factor that actually made me just fall in love with this Lily Cup was the absence of any stiff rim. The rim of any menstrual cup is the most difficult part to insert.

The body of every cup is more or less bell shaped that is complementary to your intra vaginal shape. But, the rim is what I hate. The Lily Cups have no large outer rim, so it is super easy to insert.

Which types and models of Lily Cup to go with?

Lily cup offers two basic variants for the better suitability of usage.

Model A: It is for women who have yet not given birth to children, or for women who have had a caesarean section delivery.

Model B: It is for those women who have given birth by normal vaginal course. Lily Cups Model B can also help you out if you have a fragile floor of the pelvis.

On the parameter of shape and size, Lily Cup has another version called the Lily Cup Compact. It has a somewhat lateral graded structure, which is much more compact in shape and dimension.

The compact Lily Cup B variant can be put in a box easily. I felt that this variant is great for traveling. When you are getting off to some place for a tour, you can get along with this one.

But as for me, I prefer the basic or normal variant of Lily Cup. It has a buttery smooth outer surface that does not tamper or hurt my vaginal peace.

This excellent hypoallergic and BPA free menstrual cup is going to provide you the best experience for your periods.

Pros and cons of Lily Cup


  1. Longer holding of period blood up to 12 hours
  2. Zero chances of spillage
  3. Extremely soft
  4. No discomfort and period irritation with the lily cup
  5. Very soft to your vaginal walls
  6. Uninterrupted protection for nothing less than 12 hours
  7. Economical
  8. Extremely comfortable


  1. Not ultra-thin. The walls are thicker than normal menstrual cups .

Softcup vs Diva Cup vs Lily Cup: Menstrual Cup Comparison

SoftcupDiva CupLily Cup
You can have sex with the Softcup onNot well suited for having period sexNot well suited for having period sex
More of a menstrual discProper conventional menstrual cupShape is slightly different from a normal menstrual cup. It lacks a solid hard rim
Flimsy and light. Extremely thin outer wallOuter wall not so smoothNo crevices. Extremely smooth outer wall
Women of reproductive age group are the potent users of this cupWell suited for women of all age groupsBest for teenagers
Only one variant availableThree models availableTwo distinguished models available

Should you try menstrual cups?

The very first reaction of mine is a big YES. Menstrual cups are indeed a great alternative and perhaps the best as period products.

1. Say no to TSS. Toxic shock syndrome is perhaps one of the most dreaded consequences of using super absorbent tampons and pads. Menstrual cups are really a blessing in this case.

2. I personally feel that menstrual cups are actually awesome when it comes to going out for jobs, work or colleges/school. It gives you full freedom to carry out your daily activities without any hindrance.

Unlike pads, you don’t have to go to the washroom frequently to change the pads or so.

3. It gives you long term protection for around 12 hours at a stretch. so periods become far less irritating and messy.

4. Few menstrual cups such as the Softcup allows you to have sex while you are on your periods. Sex during periods is generally considered to be a bit messy, but Softcups are appropriate for it.

5. Lastly, by choosing to use reusable period products, you are actually reducing your contribution towards pollution. Reusable period products are great for the environment.

Moreover, it is highly economical because every month you don’t have to spend a lot on period products. You can use menstrual cups for years.

What to know before buying a menstrual cup?

1. Cleaning menstrual cups is the art you should master when you are using menstrual cups.

2. Choosing the shape and size that fits you is equally important as well as challenging.

3. Do check the constitution of the menstrual cups before you purchase them. Medical grade silicone build up is mandatory for any cup that you want to use.


I really hope that this article that contains all my personal experiences regarding the inside and out of menstrual cups was really helpful for you.

Happy periods and keep smiling!

If you are still not sure which one to choose then you can try either Lena Cup or Lunette Cup.

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