What Are Sea Sponge Tampons? – 5 Best Menstrual Sponges Of 2020

In the race of finding out some really effective period products, something that is age old is gaining huge popularity. This product is none other than sea sponge tampons.

Sanitary napkins, menstrual cups, reusable period panties are some of the conventional period products. Off late, tampons are also being used widely because of ease and convenience of usage. A product that has made its place in this list is this sea sponge tampons.

Sea sponge tampons or menstrual sponges is a natural product that had been used for ages but has very recently been recognized as menstrual sponges. It has kind of undergone a renaissance in terms of popularity quite recently.

Here are the 5 best sea sponge tampons for your period:

1. Jade And Pearl – Sea Pearls Reusable Sea Sponge Tampons

Jade and pearl sea sponge review

This is the most well-known brand for production of sea sponges. The sea sponges are reusable and come in various sizes. You can choose the one that best suits you. Jade and Pearl is a renowned company which supplies the best sea sponge tampons.

Their reputation has been held high for the last few decades through the exquisite quality of sea sponges that they produce. The specially cultured sea sponges are washed scientifically and brought in proper shape through proper trimming.

What we like about Jade And Pearl sponge tampons:

The dimensions are made suitable for long term use.

These sea sponges are soft and flexible.

They are completely natural and reusable.

You can completely rely on the product because they aren’t treated with any type of chemical. Because tampons come in contact with the female private parts, special care is taken so that they are completely safe.

Jade and Pearl provides numerous size options for sea sponge tampons. Each pack is constituted of two sponges.

The sponges are very delicate and demand great care to be in proper working conditions.

The best part about these sea sponges is that they are customizable.

They are biodegradable. Biodegradable sea sponges reduce threat to the environment.

2. Natural Intimacy – Mediterranean Fine Silk Sponges

Best Natural Sea Sponge Tampon

This is a new and reputed brand in the market of sea sponge tampons. They sell Mediterranean Sea sponges of premium quality. The company collects these sea sponges from the sea and allows them to regrow for the purpose of harvesting.

What we like about these sea sponges:

They are indeed comfortable and very convenient to use. They are soft and pliable.

These sea sponge tampons have an extraordinary capacity to soak lots of fluid during periods. So, for women who have unconventionally heavy flow, these can be your best partners.

The texture remains silky and soft even after absorbance. Hence, there is no itchiness or uncomfortable feeling while using this tampon.

It comes in various sizes to fit women with all types of contours.

These naturally absorbent sea sponge tampons come in two variants. One is the bleached form which is lighter in color. The other one is the non-bleached form, which has a denser color.

The bleached versions are relatively softer with a smooth and silky texture. Many women do not prefer their private areas coming in contact with any bleached products and hence choose the unbleached version.

They are durable and long lasting. But they demand proper care and maintenance.

Natural Intimacy sells its sea sponge tampons with completely zero plastic packaging.

There is no feeling of unnecessary dryness when you use this tampon.

Cleaning is very easy; you can clean it with baking soda and water or in vinegar water mixture with tea tree oil.

3. Poseidon Sponges – Natural Sea Tampons

Poseidon Sponge review

This age-old brand has been manufacturing sea sponge tampons for a long time. These exclusive sea sponge tampons are of Mediterranean origin.

What we like about Poseidon Sponges:

Strings remain sewn along with these sponges, helping in their easy removal.

The quality of these sea sponge tampons is awesome.

You can also boil these tampons in hot water before using.

There are variety of sets of sea sponge tampons from this brand. Each set consists of mainly 2-5 tampons. They are available in various sizes with appropriate dimensions.

These sea tampons are extremely absorbent helping a lot during days of heavy flow.

They are biodegradable and can be disposed off easily.

The tampons can be trimmed manually and therefore you can customize it completely.

The sponges used are of prime quality.

The tampons come in cotton bags for storage.

Along with the sponges, shall receive full set of instructions regarding its usage.

4. Holy Sponge Menstrual Sponges

Holy Sponge is one brand which offers alternative menstrual products.

What we like about Holy Sponge Menstrual Sponges:

This soft and pliable natural sea sponge tampon is of great quality.

They are highly absorbent and finely pored.

These are great for day long usage.

They can be easily cleaned to be reused.

You can wash properly, let dry completely, and store for a long time.

The silky soft texture neutralizes all chances of probable abrasion.

You can trim the sponge and customize it according to your own needs. Do not tear off the edges.

The insertion or removal is quite easy and causes no problems.

5. Natural Sea Silk Sponges by Sponge Producers Naturals

Natural Sea Silk Sponges

Natural Sea Silk Sponges by Sponge Producers Naturals are best sea sponge tampons which are liked by lots of customers because of its high-end functionality.

What we like about Natural Sea Silk Sponges:

They come in a pack of 12 within a sealed bag.

There is option regarding the choice of sizes available.

The texture is very soft, giving you a lovely experience devoid of any irritation.

The pore sizes are naturally designed in such an amazing way that the absorption remains maximum.

F&Qs about menstrual sponges

What exactly are sea sponge tampons?

Sea sponges are an aquatic by large marine organism. They grow naturally in the ocean, forming colonies similar to the corals. They have great regenerative power.

If one single sponge from a colony is isolated and allowed to regrow, it has the capacity to give rise to another colony. In this way, the harvesting goes on and on. It is quite a safe and natural option for menstrual hygiene.

There are a few astonishing properties of sea sponge tampons that make it suitable for a period product:

Firstly, they have great absorbance power. All the women want to use a product which will absorb the flow for a long period of time, so that the menace of changing it multiple times, can be avoided.

The pores of sea sponges are perfect for long time usage and greater absorption, which makes them ideal for heavy flow.  When you are going for a day out during your periods, these sea sponge tampons can be your best friend.

The second reason why you can choose sea sponge tampons is their texture. The sea sponge tampons are extremely soft and pliable. As a general matter of fact, something that you insert into your vagina, has to be comforting and most importantly soft.

Both these criteria are fulfilled by sea sponge tampons.

The best part is that you can even trim these tampons according to your size. Most of brands which are into production of sea sponge tampons produce it in various sizes to suit the needs of all women.

Are these period sponges reusable and biodegradable?

Sea sponge tampons are economical and environment friendly. The fact that they are reusable and biodegradable is a great advantage. The sanitary napkins that have been used as the basic period product for decades are losing importance due to these basic reasons.

You can wash the sea sponge tampons and use it subsequently for a long period of time. Once it no longer remains useful, you can dispose it away and since it is biodegradable, no pollution will be caused.

These being completely natural product will keep you away from rashes, irritation, and uncomforting experience that is generally faced due to wearing pads for long duration.

Let us come to another important fact that makes these sea sponge tampons excellent as period product. Sea sponges have enzymes within them as these are essentially living organisms.

These enzymes have the extraordinary capability to put a full stop to the growth of infectious and odor generating microbes. So, you can very well understand how hygienic this product is.

Women prefer sea sponge tampons because they can be used during sex on your period days to avoid all the mess.

How to use sea sponges as tampons

There is hardly any woman who is unaware of tampons. They do exactly the same job as pads or period panties will do, that is to absorb menstrual blood.

The shape of tampons is created in a way that is complementary to the shape of the vagina and does not slip out of place. Sea sponge tampons work exactly the same way.

The best sea sponge tampons function incredibly well in soaking up all your period blood with minimal discomfort.

You can use a sea sponge tampon exactly the same way as you use a tampon. Some sea sponge tampons come with a sewed thread to make insertion and removal of tampons easier. The pores of the sea sponge tampons are potent enough for superior absorption.

While inserting a tampon, you won’t feel any pain because it has a soft and silky texture. Moreover, it is pliable and compliant with the soft and sensitive skin of the private parts.

Washing and maintenance of the sea sponge tampons

Chanting repeatedly that sea sponge tampons are reusable will do no good unless people actually know about how to clean and maintain it so that it remains in a good working condition for a long time.

When you unbox a newly bought sea sponge tampon, you must wash it at least once thoroughly with clean water. It is claimed by manufacturers that when they sell the product, it is made completely free of external impurities.

But, sometimes, that is not so. Because they grow in the aquatic region, often lots of sand particles are found trapped within them so, it is better advisable that you wash it once before use.

Sea sponge tampons are completely organic and natural product and hence require great care and precision for a long life. If properly maintained, they work fine for at least 6 months (varies from brand to brand).

How to clean your sea sponge tampons: do’s and don’ts

Every time after use, you can soak it in a container of clean lukewarm water for 5 to 10 mins.

Most brands recommend not to boil the sea sponge tampons at burning temperatures. You can use any chemical free soft soaps in the water while cleaning.

The fundamental objective is that you cannot treat it with anything harsh. For better care, you can add few drops of mixture of tea tree essential oil, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and vinegar.

Tea tree acts as an excellent deodorizer and disinfectant. Vinegar also possesses natural cleansing properties. Baking soda is used to keep the density and volume of the sea sponge intact. On the other hand, hydrogen peroxide keeps the color intact.

Many brands pre treat the sponge with some bleaching chemicals though mild. This preserves the sponge and enhances its shelf life. But most women don’t like to use it because chlorine or bleaching agents may be toxic if comes in contact with vagina.

Once the cleaning is done, squeeze out the excess water and let it dry properly. What should strictly be avoided in terms of treatment of the sponge, is overexposing it to water and boiling the sponge.

Instances at which the sponges must be cleaned are –

  • Before using it for the first time
  • Daily after using it
  • Before storing

You should always store the sponge in an absolutely dry state. Overexposing the sponge to water or harsh chemical leads to toughening and denaturation of the sponge tampons.

How to trim a sea sponge

Special care must be taken while trimming a sponge. The manufacturers usually pack the sponges in a convenient shape perfect to be used as a tampon. But after repeated usage, it might happen that you need to bring it to shape for your personalization. In that case, you can trim it with scissors gently.

In dry state, it is easier to trim the sponge while doing the same job in a wet state can be tricky. It is highly recommended to not rip away the sponges. Also, do not tear the edges of the sponges.

Smoothen the edges of the sea sponge tampon with a scissor to keep it in proper functional state for a long time.

Are sea sponge tampons safe for periods?

The wink which is coming across large scale usage of sea sponge tampons is the preliminary question how safe is this product actually? Is it fit to be inserted into the female genital part?

Gynecologists all over the world have reviewed this product from various perspectives and given diverse leads, some of which are for the product whereas some stand against it.

The school of gynecologists in favor of the product claim that it is absolutely safe to use something as organic as a sea sponge tampon which has completely natural source to be used as a period product. It causes no potential harm to the female genitals as well as the overall health.

On the other hand, there is another school of doctors and scientists who believe that it is not at all safe to use these sea sponge tampons. The logic that they put up is having a natural and aquatic origin, these sponges can never be completely sterile even if they are the best sea sponge tampons.

They will always contain varying degrees of sand, grit and physical impurities as well as biological impurities, such as microbes, sea weed, and other harmful unicellular organisms.

It is also scientifically proven that sponges are living organisms which need to carry out basic life processes. They feed on bacteria and also excrete out waste products. These similar processes will also be carried out when they are inside the vagina.

That is where the problem lies. Your intimate part cannot be a waste excreting zone of a foreign particle. Menstrual sponges are also believed to alter the vaginal pH. This causes a disruption in the natural environment of the vagina.

They remain potentially untested while being manufactured and whenever introduced into the vagina can cause serious issues.

Pros and cons of using sea sponge tampons

The growing instances of women being affected by the toxic shock syndrome on using these tampons is also alarming. The microbe which causes this problem that is Staphylococcus aureus was isolated from many sea sponges designated as tampons.

The total health and well being of the vaginal ecosystem become threatened by such harmful pathogens.

Sometimes, it does not become possible to reclean the sponges every time while using. When the cleaning gets interrupted, the area becomes wet and it becomes breeding ground of several microbes.

This can cause other subsequent health issues. Abrasions in the skin during insertion and removal of the tampon is also another problem.

Every product has its own advantages and disadvantages. But the advantages of using sea sponge tampons as a period product definitely soars high.

It is widely chosen by women of all age groups. The fact that it is completely natural and eco friendly makes it highly popular.

The brands which are into the market for this product at present are definitely trying by and far to produce best sea sponge tampons. The local dealers are usually the ones who do not prioritize the cleaning and hygiene of the sponges.


If you choose some of the best sea sponge tampons from leading brands that have a market reputation, then chances of receiving the unworthy product is quite less.

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