Saalt Cup: Size Guide & How To Use Properly To Stop Leaking

Saalt Cup: Size Guide & How To Use Properly To Stop Leaking

If you are a Saalt Cup user but are facing multiple issues regarding how to use it properly or find it difficult to understand the best suited Saalt Cup size for yourself, then this article is going to be the perfect one for you.

Saalt Cup: Size Guide & How To Use Properly To Stop Leaking

Saalt Cup has actually gained popularity in the market even though it is younger to many well-known brands. Saalt came up with its first menstrual cup in the year 2018. Cherie Hoeger is the founder and the current CEO of the company.

Saalt as a brand emphasizes on the simplification of period care and it is equally evident from the kind of product that they design. Saalt menstrual cups are in fact one of the easiest to use menstrual cups. The simple design and amazing quality are the driving factors of its popularity among mass women.

Saalt also contributes a portion of its profit from each product towards the betterment of menstrual hygiene among the poor and needy women.

Enough about the brand. Now, let’s talk about the Saalt Cup sizes, which model to choose, and how to use the cup properly to avoid leaking.

Saalt Cup size – available in two

Saalt cups come in two sizes:-

  1. Small
  2. Regular

1. Saalt Cup – Small Size

Saalt Cup - small size

The Saalt small cup variety is well suited for those women who experience low to normal period flow. It is also appropriate for women who have low cervix.

Size, capacity, and dimension chart:

Full height of the cup70mm
Length of the stem23mm
Height of the stem excluding the stem47mm
Diameter of the rim41mm

Best for whom?

Teenagers are recommended to use this variant. Moreover, if you have never had anything inserted within your vagina prior to the use of the cup, then you might prefer to go with the small variety.

Women who have not yet carried a child in their womb will find this small variant much more useful.

Also, if you are using a menstrual cup for the very first instance, then go by the small variety. It is supposed to suit you well.

2. Saalt Cup – Regular Size

Saalt Cup - Regular Size

Saalt Cup Regular variety is well suited for women who experience a normal to heavy flow during their periods. It can accommodate the fluid equal to around 3 tampons.

If you have a high cervix, then you must consider using this variant.

Also, check out the other best menstrual cups for high cervix.

Size, capacity, and dimension chart:

Full height of the cup70mm
Length of the stem18mm
Height of the stem excluding the stem52mm
Diameter of the rim46mm

Best for whom?

Women who have been into their reproductive cycles for a long time and have experienced at least one pregnancy till date can go for this cup.

However, if you have general tendency to experience a heavy flow and possess a high cervix naturally, you may also go for this variety.

Saalt cup types/models – according to firmness

Apart from being available in two distinct sizes, Saalt cups are also available in two distinct firmness. The varieties are:

  1. Saalt Cup (normal one, see above)
  2. The softer version – Saalt Soft

Saalt Cup: best for whom?

If you have a strong pelvic floor and lead a lifestyle that is active rather than being sedentary, then you can go with the usual Saalt cup normal variety. It is also appropriate for beginners. Teenagers usually have strong pelvic floor (exceptions are prevalent). So, if you are into this category, go for the normal one.

For sizes, refer to the above guide.

Saalt Soft: best for whom?

Saalt Soft Cup

This particular model also comes in two sizes, Small and Regular.

If you have a sensitive vagina and find it difficult to use the regular cups, then it is always better to go for the soft variety.

If you have difficulty in defecation or urination with the cups on, then go for the soft variety.

Many women also experience extensive muscle cramping during their periods. Well, I fall in this category. Every month I experience severe abdominal muscle pain during my periods and hence prefer using the soft variety.

Many ladies, especially those who are mothers, experience bladder sensitivity and it becomes a great pain for them to use the normal variety. So, for them, soft cup is ideal.

This variety is made of soft grade silicone and has perfectly smooth walls which make the experience of using this cup awesome.

How to use Saalt cup properly? – Instructions

Follow these steps while using Saalt cup for a better experience:

1. Boil the cup thoroughly for 5 minutes before use. Sanitize your hands thoroughly before using the cup. This eliminates all probabilities of infection.

2. Fold the rim of the cup before you insert it. The Soft Cups are even easier to fold. There is no hard and fast rule for folding the rim, so, follow any method that suits you.

3. Either sit on your toilet seat or stand up with one leg over a raised surface. Now, try to insert the cup. To ensure that it is in proper place, make some movements after insertion.

Keep in mind that the entire cup should be in proper place. Failing in this, there will always be chances of leakage.

The way a menstrual cup is placed is very important. Many women push it too hard and end up hurting themselves while some keep it too low only to end up in leakages and spills.

4. Once you have finished the insertion, re-sanitize your hands properly. After you empty the cup after use, wash the cup thoroughly with cold water first and then with warm water and a bit of cleansing soap which should be mild of course. Pay special attention to the crevices.

5. After every menstrual cycle is over, make sure to clean the cup properly before you store it for the next cycle. You can use cleansing soaps, cleaners, or isopropyl alcohol to clean the cup.

Boiling the cup is also a good way out. Make sure that you dry the cup properly before you store it.

Watch this video on how to insert a Saalt cup correctly:

Is your Saalt cup leaking? Try these tips

There are possibilities of leakage only if there is some erroneous placement of the cup. You got to know two tips to prevent leakage.

  1. The Saalt cup should be placed in complementarity to the vaginal position which is a bit slanting and not plain straight.
  2. It should be placed lower than where you place tampons.
  3. Also, keep in mind that the air holes should be free. Clogged pores can also be reasons for leakages.
  4. Using the cup for extensive period may lead to overflow leakages. So, try to avoid using it for long hours.
  5. Try small little adjustments to make the cup sit in position and it should be fine.

If your Saalt cup keeps leaking even after trying the above hacks, I suggest you to go for slightly firmer cups.

This guide will help you out – Soft vs Firm Menstrual Cups: Which One Is Best For You?

My final say

Saalt cup is basically a perfect period care product that scrutinizes and pays heed to all the probable problems that might arise while using a menstrual cup.

Investing in Saalt Cup is probably one of the wisest decisions you can make regarding your period care.

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