6 Best Period Care Packages (Period Boxes) With DIY Ideas

6 Best Period Care Packages (Period Boxes) With DIY Ideas

So, it’s time of the month and you want to pamper yourself with some awesome period care packages or period boxes? Ladies, you are at the place.

6 Best Period Care Packages (Period Boxes) With DIY Ideas

More and more number of people are actually getting cool with the idea of periods. Most of the men these days do know about periods and are absolutely normal with it. So, if you are a man and looking for a unique gift ideas to brighten up your girl’s mood, then a period care package is the right gift you need.

With period becoming normal and nothing unnatural, people are actually making periods a lot more fun and interesting. Today, we are going to talk about how to make a period care package or find the best period box to buy.

Actually, a period care package is like a box stuffed with happiness for your upcoming periods. So guys, let us move forth towards discovering such period packages.

Best Period Care Packages (Period Boxes) at a glance:

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What is a period care package and what to include in the box?

Period care package refers to a box which contains all period essentials. It is much like any make up box or beauty essential box which contains all the items of use.

The things which are commonly included in period care packages are sanitary pads, tampons, and menstrual cups. To make the experience of periods less clinical and more fun, you can also include edibles like chocolates or sweets, fragrant tea, etc.

All of us know that these are the food items that menstruating women literally crave for.

To make the box much more fulfilling and useful, a few painkiller tablets or pain relief patches can be included. You can also enhance the functionality of the box by including intimate feminine washes and menstrual cup soaps and wipes.

As a whole, there is no prefixed set of items for creating a great period care package. All you have to do is to make sure that all the essential commodities are present along with some informal things like the edibles.

Period care packages must include any one personalized item for the woman who is receiving it. Suppose, some people love to read books when they are down, so, you can include a copy from their favorite author in the package.

Some girls may hate the smell of period blood. In this case, you can gift them a small perfume or fragrant oils in their packages to make them feel better. It is a wholly customized and tailor-made box to suit the individual needs.

Here are the best period care packages available in the market:

1. The Dot Girl First Period Kit

This is an excellent period care package to gift the young girls who are just about to have their first period or have just had recently. Well, you can also gift it as a period care package to any woman on her periods, but this item is specially suited for those little teenage souls who are yet confused about their bodily changes during the periods.

The kit consists of quite a few essential products. The one which actually seemed to me the best part of it was an answer book. It is like a guideline book which answers all your questions related to periods. Young girls, when they menstruate for the first time are filled with lots of apprehensive queries regarding their first period. The book answers all such questions thus creating awareness about period care.

The pack contains other items like hygiene pads and disposal bags along with them. It also comes with a few wipes and a warm patch to relieve the period cramps. If you are expecting your girl to have periods, this is the best item to include in her backpack any time she moves out. Wherever she will start bleeding, these equipment will help her manage the situation.

The period book also has a diary which will help the girl to track her periods for the first few months. This package is a complete set of wellness and highly useful.

2. Rael Period Care Subscription Box

Image: get_rael

Now, this is a true reflection of consciousness about periods. Rael has launched an amazingly effective and useful period care subscription box. This is a box full of period care essentials which will actually help you out to deal with your periods every month. This is your own customized box with products from Rael.

Every month you will have this box delivered at your doorstep by Rael containing all the necessary stuff that you need to manage your monthly menstruation. So, you do not have to step out every time searching for pads and tampons or soaps and washes to prepare for your monthly periods. Your need will be catered by Rael and you will be left stress free just to sit back and enjoy your periods.

The box basically contains organic cotton pads or cotton tampons from Rael. The choice of essentials will be yours. The size or variant of either the pad or tampon shall be customized by you. Even you can choose the number of pads or tampons that you want. Along with these, 3 types of feminine care products according to your own choice will be included in the box.

The list does not stop here. You can choose endless number of period products from Rael to include in this box. You can choose heating patches, menstrual wipes, and many more from the wide array of organic period care products that Rael manufactures. The subscription box will be delivered to you so that you are always prepared for your periods. When it comes to quality, every woman can trust Rael blindly as it produces only certified organic products of high grade.

3. Period Survival Kit – First Period Kit To Go

Periods should never put you in trouble. To avoid such real time troubles, include the Period Survival kit in your bags. The essential products included in this package are hygiene natural pads (2n), panty liners, disposal pouches, and menstrual wipes. So, it is an all rounder to give you a carefree and secured period experience.

All the products included in this package are claimed to be completely organic and they are even biodegradable to reduce your ecological foot prints.

The best part about the kit is that it comes within an absolutely cool, funky travel bag. This bag is literally the star of the show. It allows you to carry the entire kit at a go. No need to pick up and pack individual products. Also, the look of the bag is amazing.

As you keep on maintaining a healthy period kit like this one for yourself, you will grow a good habit of always keeping your period essentials organized in one place in the form of such a kit.

As you opt for buying this period care kit, you will become entitled to some digital menstruation guide to help you out for understanding your periods well and planning out a better and sustainable period experience for yourself.

This is a great product to welcome your periods any time, even if you are not at all prepared for your arrivals. The products are all awesome to incorporate confidence among girls to go out without tension even if they are expecting periods.

4. Anigan First Period Kit

For all the ladies out there, who really want something stylish and funky on your periods, switch over to the all-new Anigan First Period kit. Not only the first time, you can use it any time you feel like.

This period kit contains some amazing products to make your periods interesting. You can now put a full stop to your mundane and boring periods and fill it with colors.

The preliminary component of the kit is a question answer booklet that will help you understand your periods better. This is especially useful for teenage girls who are not much aware about the whereabouts of periods.

The kit also includes a period tracker where you can note down your period dates to have a proper tracing of your menstrual cycle.

The essential commodities in the kit include sanitary pads, fragrant bags for their disposal, and a good quality menstrual underwear. This menstrual panty is awesome in terms of breathability. It is also constituted of leak proof fabric to avoid stains.

The secondary items in the kit are heating pads, hand wipes, and a stylish carrying pouch for your essentials. The heating pad is really helpful for treating those horrible cramps that you have during your periods.

Always include such period kit in your daily bags to avoid the harassment of sudden periods. This kit is a great way to reduce period hackles. Any girl will love this kit due to its pretty fashionable look.

5. Blossom Girls Period Starter Kit

Out of all the kits, this is my favorite. The reason is that this is the most versatile and well-organized period kit. Other than that, this kit comes with a motivational and educational approach for all the girls.

Many girls experience extreme mental trauma when they have their first periods. It is very important that all women know about the actual physiology of menstrual cycle and female reproductive system.

The only way that periods can be normalized is to educate people and this period starter kit exactly aims that.

The essential commodities of the kit include pads and tampons. The pads are of two varieties- thin pads and maxi pads. Tampons are also included.

So, you can actually go along with whichever product you like. Panty liners, disposable bags to discard the pads, and laundry supply to get rid of any stains on your panties are also integral part of this period kit.

The Blossom Girls Period kit also contains hot and cold patches to relieve you of the immense period pain.

A cute little pouch to hold your essentials and a smart calendar to track your periods are additional perks that you get. The entire get up of the period kit is pretty amazing.

Specially designed cards, customized messages to celebrate periods contribute to the uniqueness of this product.

Menstruation is not a taboo and there is nothing to be uncomfortable or disheartened about it. This is a very kind gesture from Blossoms to uplift the morale and mood of menstruating women.

6. My First Period Sampler Kit

This is a different type period kit. It allows teenagers who have just started their period to actually try out all the options available in the market in terms of pads, or panty liners and then make a wise choice regarding which product she will want to continue with in future.

Always, Kotex, Senscibles, and Stayfree are the brands which have their products featured in this box. Each of them is present in quite large numbers, so the box should be enough for two cycles at least.

It also contains panty liners and disposable bags for proper elimination of the pads. You can have your own period pouch along with this package.

The idea of this box is really great. A young girl is often confused with so many napkin varieties in the market. This is practically going to put an end to all your queries.

It is a great relief when you do not have to go out every time before having periods to collect all the stuff. You just need to order your period sample box and solutions to your period problems are found.

DIY ideas for creating period care packages

Period boxes DIY Ideas

We have talked a lot about ready-made period care packages. These are available easily and at affordable prices. But, there is something even more special that you can do.

Given below are some amazing DIY ideas to create period care packages for your wife, girlfriends, and daughters.

According to my personal opinion, ready made products are always picture perfect but something that is more valuable is your own effort and love to create especially handmade period care packages.

Let us have a look at how you can prepare these at home. Period care packages are perfect gifts to any woman that you know.

1. You can create a cute colorful box out of the waste cardboard packaging boxes available at your home. Paint them with bright colors, preferably the ones which a woman usually loves. Include all the essential items in it like pads, tampons, and menstrual cups.

2. Include ice cream, homemade chocolates, muffins, and cookies in the box. You can also include herbal tea like ginger or jasmine in the box. If your girl is foody, this is going to be the best treat for her.

3. You can also go with another variant. If the recipient of the gift is an exercise freak, you can include some sort of active wear, mats for yoga and exercise in the box. Add some health drinks, t shirts, and such exercise stuff to make her happy.

4. Lastly, if your girl is romantic, include her favorite music cassettes or books in the period care package. Write some pampering quotes for her that can make her feel special.

5. Some girls even like aromatic soaps and essential beauty care items which are even great inclusions for your period care DIY package.

Final Say

We are mostly convinced to think that periods are some extremely serious issues to be dealt with perfect confidential terms. Well, to your surprise, periods are filled with much more emotional turmoil than you can think of.

It is completely a natural biological phenomenon and there is no need to be ultra-serious about it.

Most of the ladies love to be pampered during this time and enjoy being taken care of.

Periods packages are a great way to bring a broad smile to their faces.

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