Merula Cup vs Super Jennie Cup vs FemmyCycle: Which Is Better?

Merula Cup vs Super Jennie Cup vs FemmyCycle: Which Menstrual Cup To Choose?

Merula Cup vs Super Jennie Cup vs FemmyCycle – so which menstrual cup will best suit you? Well, you are about to find out the differences. I have made a comparison among them and you can make your choice at the end.

Merula Cup vs Super Jennie Cup vs FemmyCycle: Which Menstrual Cup To Choose?

With the prolific number of menstrual cups that are prevailing in the market, it becomes an indeed tough choice for every cup user to get the perfect one. To be honest, there is nothing perfect in this world. So, the idea of getting a perfect cup is obsolete and you must stop expecting it.

But, once you have a comparative view of many cups, the way towards making a choice becomes easier. That is what we shall be doing today. So, let’s get started.

1. Merula Cup (review)

Merula Cup reviews

The first cup in today’s list is Merula Cup. It is highly economical and awesome as a menstrual cup. It does serve for long and you need not replace it every now and then. The constitution and the features of the cup are really worth. Reduce your trash footprint on the planet earth by choosing one of the best varieties of menstrual cup which is none other than Merula.

Merula Cup – sizes, types, and models

This brand does not offer you multiple varieties in terms of shape or accommodation power. There is a universal size that practically fits all the individuals.

The cup retains its original shape and does not skid in any way even after its complete insertion to the cervix. This reduces chances of spillage or any unwanted leaks.

It is well suited for women with low cervix whereas women with high cervix might find it little difficult to use.

The cups are large enough to hold period blood for long hours without overflowing. There is a removal ladder that is provided which makes it pretty easy to take off the cup.

To overcome the persisting flaws, the brand later on came up with another variety which they called the XL variety. This is especially suited for women with high cervix and serves excellently well to accommodate the period blood in case of very heavy bleeding.

The removal ladder comes in multistep just like a common ladder. If you feel that it is posing difficulty for you in terms of insertion and movement, then do remove the ladder steps simply by cutting through it. It will not otherwise distort your cup.

Great for long time use The removal ladder might be uncomfortable
Special ladder like appendage for removal
Spill proof
Easy to fold rim which helps in smooth and hassle-free insertion

2. Super Jennie Cup (review)

Super Jennie Cup reviews

This one is pretty normal in shape like the common menstrual cups. The stem of the cup, though is a bit short and has a bulb like ending to help in pulling the cup out easily. The shape of the rim is also designed in a pretty good way to help in insertion.

Super Jennie cups are indeed great in terms of quality. The cup is made out of excellent quality medical grade silicon. A storage pouch is also included in the package which helps in easily carrying it to places.

Super Jennie Cup – sizes, types, and models

Super Jennie cup, according to me is a decent menstrual cup that serves its purpose well and does enough of justice to period protection.

The dimensions and shapes effectively protect against any spill or unwanted leakage. It also provides long term protection against period blood.

The capacity of the cup is equivalent to more or less two tampons. The rim is quite thick. It does not pose problem in insertion or removal of the cup. The Super Jennie cup is a good option for whole day use. You can go for long trips, swimming, running, or any other activity with this cup.

The dimensions of the cup are enough to accommodate heavy to light flow.

There are two varieties of the cup in terms of size. The small one and the large one.

Both are well adapted for their functionality. The cup comes in three colors: blue, clear, and teal.

If you are a teenager who hasn’t yet undergone pregnancy, or you experience light menstrual flow then go for the small variety.

If you are going to use the cup after pregnancy, then go for the large one.

The cup and the stem are quite soft and compliant in texture, eliminating any pain experienced while insertion.

Well to do basic cupNot very well suited for small bodied women
Features which help in painless insertion and removal
Decent capacity better than many other normal cups. Helps you during heavy flow days
Made of medical grade silicon without any BPA or dye
Does not pose any uncomfortable feeling
Comes in two size variants

3. FemmyCycle Menstrual Cup (review)

FemmyCycle Menstrual Cup Review

FemmyCycle a very popular brand and off late has successfully created a wider fan base. This brand has created a prominent impact in the world of menstrual cups.

By introducing a revolutionary design and some great features, FemmyCycle has actually overruled all the practical negativities of any normal menstrual cup.

First of all, let us have a look at the brand. FemmyCycle is a USA based brand. FemmyCycle has been exclusively designed based upon the framework of the female genital anatomy. Therefore, it is not only easy to use, but caters the purpose to the maximum.

FemmyCycle Menstrual Cup – sizes, types, and models

Coming to the variations available, there are three: one for low cervix, other one for petite, and the third one is regular fit.

Feel your cervix by inserting your finger and choose your option wisely.

While the regular fit is almost for everybody, the petite one is basically designed for skinny ladies. If you are having your periods for the first time, or if you are an active teenager who runs around every now and then, petite can be great for you.

As you open the package, you will a bit surprised to look at the shape of this particular menstrual cup. It resembles a typical wine glass. What I actually loved about the cup was the inner funnel like appendage and a special ring provided at the external wall of the cup to aid in removal.

The inner ring ensures that the blood falls into the cup and leaks nowhere else. Moreover, it is also responsible for a light vacuum effect which can help in the proper period flow.

The worst problem faced with cups is their removal. The removal ring makes it super easy to just pull out the cup after use. So, there is least probability that any spillage will occur.

There is literally nothing to complain regarding the quality of the cup. It is made of perfect medical grade silicon. The brand also claims it to be cruelty free and vegan.

Great shape Not appropriate for women with extremely low cervix
Helpful removal ring
Compliant rim aiding in insertion
Inner ring to completely prevent spillage
Multiple varieties for personalized experience

Merula Cup vs Super Jennie Cup vs FemmyCycle – comparison between the three cups

FemmyCycle CupMerula CupSuper Jennie Cup
Wine glass shapedDeep burrow cup shapedUsual menstrual cup shaped
Special ring for removalExternal ladder for removalVery short stem with globular tip
Available in only clear colorMultiple color optionsThree color options
Special inner ring-shaped funnel to direct period blood into the cupNo such ringNo such ring
Three variants: low cervix, regular fit, petiteTwo variants: normal, XLTwo variants: small and large
Better suited for female bodyMight not be comfortable for allNot good for females with low cervix
No defined rimInsignificant rim though foldableConspicuous ring
Lasts pretty longLasts quite long but lesser than FemmyCycle Lasts less than FemmyCycle
Great packagingGood packagingNot so good packaging

Merula Cup vs Super Jennie Cup vs FemmyCycle: price

Merula CupMerula Cup PriceCheck Price
Super Jennie CupSuper Jennie Cup price Check Price
FemmyCycle Menstrual CupFemmy Cycle price Check Price

Merula Cup vs Super Jennie Cup vs FemmyCycle: the verdict

According to me, Femmycycle is the best cup out of all these three. The excellent shape fits the female anatomy perfectly.

Availability in three variants makes it well adaptable for every woman. The extra inner and outer ring makes this cup extremely useful.

Therefore, my vote definitely goes to FemmyCycle.

But be aware that this experience is purely based on the height of my cervix. Every woman has slightly different cervix height, which is an important factor you should consider when choosing a menstrual cup.

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