Menstrual cup quiz

Menstrual cup quiz

Whether you are a first time user of a menstrual cup or one who is considering switching to one, or you may also be someone who has been using menstrual cups but is having some issues with the cup that you are currently using, the good news is that there is a way to help you figure out what kind of menstrual cup is best for you.

By taking a menstrual cup quiz, you may be able to find the answers to your concerns and questions about menstrual cups. There are different resources for a menstrual cup quiz that could lead you to the right menstrual cup that would work best for you. All you need to do is to find the right website and see some other related blog to land on the perfect menstrual cup for you.

Menstrual Cup Quiz and the Quiz Results

These menstrual cup quizzes that you find online are usually done by people who have a combined knowledge and years of experience with menstrual cups. A menstrual cup quiz is designed to help you find the best menstrual cup for you based on your age, level of activity, body type, history, etc.

This kind of test is intended for both menstrual cup users and hopes to answer the common issues with regards to period cups that will lead you to the perfect menstrual cup. Before starting the test, know that the creators of these quizzes are not doctors or health care practitioners. Instead, they are menstrual cup users with more than 20 years of experience with the product and have spent long hours researching and contacting other menstrual cup users.

When you take the menstrual cup quiz, make sure that you answer the given questions according to your average because if you fail to do so, you will get inaccurate results, which may not lead you to the best menstrual cup. Another thing to know is that there is nothing unusual about emptying your period cup more frequently when you have a heavy period.

By taking the menstrual cup quiz, you only do not get to find a suitable period cup, but it also wishes to help you switch successfully for the first time or make your experience with menstrual cups great. A menstrual cup quiz aims to make your selection an easier process, especially if you are a beginner.

This kind of quiz is certified to be fun both for long-time users and first-timers. And based on the reviews of those who have tried taking the menstrual cup quiz, their experience has been great, and they loved the quiz results.

A menstrual cup quiz also considers the users’ needs by considering factors such as vaginal swelling, cervical height, cramping, and bladder pressure. The typical quiz results based on the firmness cup and the average length are either a little softer or a little firmer, and though there is not much difference, these cups are known to be average as they are neither too firm nor too soft.

Choosing the Perfect Menstrual Cup

Users of menstrual cups who take this test will have the opportunity to get to know their body more and at the same time help them find the right menstrual cup, which can be very useful, especially when they are using this kind of menstrual product for the first time and if they are making their very first purchase.

Several menstrual cup users find the best cup later on when they notice that their body responds to other types of menstrual cups such as something softer, firmer, shorter, longer, without rim, with rim, more tapered, or less.

There are many brands available to choose from, and before purchasing one, do not forget to consider some very important factors to be sure that it is suitable for your body. One of the essential factors is to know your cervix height. It is best to determine the cervix height either close to your period or while you are on your period, as this will be the lowest the cervix is going to be in the body.

To get your cervix height, it is best to use the same position as when putting your tampon on. And this is by putting one leg up on the edge of the tub, chair, or bathroom counter, then stick your finger into the vagina and know how far up you can reach until you feel the cervix.

People usually describe the cervix as something that seems like the nose’s tip or a slimy donut or marble-like thing with a dent in the middle. Some cervix is dangly, so it may seem like a tiny penis. You would know that it is the cervix because the feel is different from the other parts of the vaginal canal.

Cervix height is high when your finger is all the way in, and yet you still do not feel it. The size of the cervix is medium when you can already feel it while your finger is in up to the second knuckle, and the cervix height is low if just within your first knuckle, and you can already feel your cervix.

Another factor to consider is knowing your flow during your period. If you are using a disposable menstrual product such as a tampon or pads, try to determine your flow by knowing how many pads or tampons you are using in one day.

If you are a tampon user, you may check out the tampon box and look for its absorbency rating, as it will give you information on the average capacity of the different tampon sizes. With this knowledge, you will be able to compare the capacity between a menstrual cup and a tampon. For example, a super tampon has a capacity of 12 mL, which is good for approximately 3 hours, while a menstrual cup has a total of 25 mL, and it can be used for as long as 6 hours.

If you are a pads user, determining your flow during your period may be more challenging because they do not have ratings for absorbency. If you are using pads, the best way to find out about your flow during your periods is to come up with a good guess and base it according to how often you change your pads in a day.

Knowing the cup’s firmness is also another essential factor in figuring out the right menstrual cup size for you. If you have bladder sensitivities, using a firm cup is not recommended because there may be some pressure placed on the bladder, which would make you feel like wanting to pee constantly.

Using the ones with a highly prominent rim is also not advised for those with a sensitive bladder because these tend to press against the bladder firmly. Use a softer menstrual cup instead so that there will be no pressure on the bladder and the user will not feel uncomfortable.

Try using Salt soft if your bladder is sensitive. However, for those living an active lifestyle and have vaginal muscles or pelvic floor that are tough, a firmer cup would be great to use because a softer menstrual cup may only break when it gets crushed by the vaginal muscles. When this happens, leaks may occur.

A firmer menstrual cup is great to use as it can contain its shape while it is inside the body. The last thing to note but not neglected when choosing the right menstrual cup is selecting a great brand. Make sure that the one you choose is a legitimate brand because knock-off products only use inferior materials and do not have great quality. They are not safe because they tend to break apart.

Using an illegitimate brand is something not to be trusted as it can most likely break after a couple of months’ use. Because menstrual cups are known to be medical tools placed inside the body, using the right brand is very important as you certainly do not want anything you do not trust to be placed inside your body.

To be sure, use brands that are legit and use quality materials. After all, there are so many popular brands of menstrual cups in the market. These use silicone that is safe to be put inside the body, and they are FDA regulated.

The Importance of a Menstrual Cup Quiz

If you need help knowing what kind of menstrual cup size is best for you, try taking a menstrual cup quiz, as there are so many of these online. All you have to do is type in the menstrual cup quiz and then search for the results.

Once you have chosen the perfect quiz for you, go to that particular website and start taking your menstrual cup quiz! These quizzes are usually free, and the only thing you need is to answer all the questions as accurately as possible so that you can also get accurate quiz results.

A menstrual cup quiz varies, so you may want to check out the reviews as well to know if the test takers love that particular quiz. Many sites with a menstrual cup quiz also come with either a blog or other related resources.

One menstrual cup quiz only requires the test taker to answer less than ten questions and the total test time takes about less than 5 minutes. With this menstrual cup quiz, you will be asked some questions such as your age where you have choices from under 17 years old, between 17 and 30 years old, between 31 and 40 years old, or if you are 41 years old and up.

This menstrual cup quiz will also ask if you had already given birth before and whether you were able to carry a full term. It will also ask if you have an idea about your cervix height and whether you do light or heavy workouts at the start of your period. If you do either a light or a heavy workout, it will ask how often you do it in a week. Your choices will be 0, 1 to 2, 3 to 4, or more than four times a week.

Part of the questions for this menstrual cup quiz is how much flow you have during your period. Is the flowing light, medium, or heavy? Lastly, it will ask if you have incontinence. Your quiz results will be based on your answers to these questions.

While some menstrual cup quizzes may be similar to those mentioned, some other menstrual cup quizzes may require you to give yes, no, or maybe answers. All you need to do is provide accurate responses to at least get average results.

Whether you have been a previous user of menstrual cups or are still considering using one, there is no harm in taking a menstrual cup quiz to learn about the right cup for you. After all, a menstrual cup quiz is free and would not take much of your time. You probably only need to set aside at least around 2 minutes for the quiz and a little bit more time to read the results.

If you have tried taking a menstrual cup quiz previously or love doing one, it is perfectly okay to do it over and over because the point of taking it is to learn more about your system during your period. When you know your body more, the more accurate your results will also be.

A menstrual cup quiz results are non-biased and aim to provide insights for quality brands and cup designs that suit a particular need. Always remember to select brands that provide quality products because this is the only way to be sure that you are using safe products that will be put inside your system.

When you take the cup quiz, you will learn more about your body, but you will know more about menstrual cups and their sizes. You will know how the cup size works and what works best if you have a low cervix or a higher cervix.

Any advice for those with a high cervix is to use a longer cup because using a shorter cup may be more challenging to remove as it can ride up throughout the day and it will be farther down the vaginal canal. One of the best options for this is the Lily Cup.

For those with a low cervix, the advice is to have a shorter cup because using a longer one could stick out of the vagina, making you feel very uncomfortable. Good options for a shorter cup are LENA, Lunette, and Saalt.

A bigger size is only a bit longer than those with a smaller size. The Lunette works well for those with low to the medium cervix and is also perfect for beginners.

Finding the Best Menstrual Cups Quiz 

Taking a quiz such as this one can be very helpful and useful to someone who has not tried using a menstrual cup ever or those who are thinking of using one because they do not have any previous experience with it. This kind of quiz is also meant for those already using a cup but having some concerns about their current cup size.

To find a quiz that matches you, all you need to do is search the web a bit or look for a blog that can lead you to the quiz you are looking for. You can also try checking the reviews and see if the users love that kind of quiz. This will give you an idea if it is going to be fun for you as well.

A menstrual cup quiz is typically free, and many of these will ask you to give simple answers such as a yes, no, or a maybe. Others may only require you to put check marks on your responses. These types of quizzes do not take hours to complete and would only take a bit of your time, like under 5 minutes, to finish one, so if you are looking to change your hygiene product and thinking of switching to cups, go ahead begin the quiz.

If you have been using tampons or other feminine hygiene products and would like to convert to become a cups user, take the quiz to see the results and learn about what kind of cup size works well with you.

By taking the quiz, you will also learn how to figure out whether you have a low cervix, medium, or high. And based on your answer, you will get an idea of what size works for you. Knowing the right size is very important because you do not want any leaks, especially if you are sporty and active during your period.

Through this type of quiz, you will learn why it is essential to be aware of the size of the cups and how it relates to whether you have a high, medium, or low cervix. Even if you have taken the quiz on a previous occasion, it is okay to try it again because you might get different results.

Taking this quiz can also help you decide what kind of feminine hygiene product works for you. It can give you an insight into what hygiene product is best for your situation. Is it cups or tampons or pads?

For those who have never tried using cups, answering this quiz may give you more information and help you decide if this is something for you, as for those who have tried cups and are simply trying to determine the right size, going ahead with the quiz also works.


As soon as you know your size, always remember to select the good brands because you can be confident that they use safe silicone, and it is okay to put in your system. Finding the right brand is as important as finding the size that works well for your needs.

Learn more about cups and your system by taking a menstrual cup quiz. You will indeed find something interesting for you once you start searching the web.


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