Lena Cup vs. Lunette Cup: Which Menstrual Cup To Choose?

Lena Cup vs. Lunette: Which Menstrual Cup To Choose?

Lena Cup vs. Lunette Cup – which is better? Well, according to my personal experience, both work great but there’s always a preference. Right? Today, I will compare two of the best menstrual cups and help you pick the one that best suits you.

Since the advent of menstrual cups, it is gaining huge popularity. Not just because something new has come to the market, but also because the menstrual cup is an excellent menstrual product.

To establish itself in a market that was predominantly ruled by sanitary napkins and to some extent tampons, menstrual cups had to put up a strong fight. But successfully, it won the fight because of its performance.

Many women are shifting their preferences to menstrual cups because of the following reasons:

  1. Ease of use
  2. Feature of reusability
  3. One-time investment – period protection becoming less expensive
  4. No significant health disasters
  5. Comfort and maximum protection against leakages

In today’s article, we are going to talk and compare about two of the most prominent menstrual cup brands.

Lena Cup vs. Lunette Cup

Lena Cup Lunette Cup
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We are basically going to derive a comparison between the two. So, at the end of the article, you shall be able to decide, which menstrual cup you would want to go with.

(This review is about menstrual cups . If you’re interested in other period products, please check out our reviews of menstrual discs, menstrual sponges, and period panties.)

Lena Cup vs. Lunette Cup: Reviews

Lena Cup

This is something which is worth. I would really recommend this to all the girls who are reading this article. This is exactly worthy for the money that you spent.

Lena cup is simply awesome and it is amazing for the beginners. If you have already had a not so good experience with menstrual cups, Lena cups are something you should at least try once.

Great protection against leakage

The great comfort and most importantly unmatched protection against leakage makes Lena cups really great for use.

There is no extra fancy process involved with this cup. You simply ought to insert it the way you do with other cups.

Trust me guys, after insertion you will feel like there is nothing within you. Lena cups actually rule out the irritability factor from using a menstrual cup.

You can choose Lena Cups to experience a completely odorless period that keeps you fresh and fine throughout the day.

There is absolutely no need to check out repeatedly whether the cup is full or not. You can empty the cup after every 10 hours. Yes, that is how useful Lena cups are.

Enjoy uninterrupted activities and work on your periods by using Lena cups.

Want to go for your dance classes or your Zumba during the periods? Simply start using Lena Cups. There is nothing better than this.

It has perfect dimensions

The dimensions of the cup are actually pretty good and you can stay assured against unwanted leakages.

Every woman including me always remains ultra-conscious about the material of the menstrual cups. Nobody actually wants something poisonous in their vaginas. To your relief, Lena cups are made of best quality silicone that are tested medically.

Once you start using the Lena cups, you shall be able to spot out the differences by yourself.

There is no drying out of vagina which is very common in case of tampons or pads. Menstrual cups pose least threat of TSS.

So, don’t you think it is actually awesome to start using something that is safe and easy to use.

It fits really well

Coming to the fit, it is beyond excellence. The shape of the cup is so perfect that it is absolutely complementary with your vagina. So, there is no misplacement and hence no staining.

So, Lena cup performs as an all-rounder. You can surely try out Lena cup at least once.

From my personal experience, I can assure that you will not be disappointed.

Pros and cons of Lena Cups


  • Great shape
  • No irritation or discomfort
  • Ultimate against leakage and staining
  • Constituted pf certified quality ingredients
  • Ergonomic Bell-shaped design for the best ever fit


  • Bit expensive

Lunette Cup

Looking for something that will make your periods economical? Well, go with Lunette.

Menstrual cups have already proved themselves to be ecologically safe. You can bid farewell to the pollution related to dumping of tons and tons of sanitary napkins. So, ecological and economical Lunette cups can be your new period partners.

Good for first time users or teenagers

If you have never used a menstrual cup before, then this can be an awesome product to start with.

When I used it for the first time, the satisfaction that I got made me swear never to get back to tampons or pads again.

Teenage girls who are bleeding for the first time can definitely use these lunette cups to enjoy hassle free period experience.

Good for sports activities – no leakages

I tried all kinds of sports activities while wearing the Lunette cups, but there were no leakages. It has passed the chemical safety test so I was assured that I am putting in nothing hazardous into my vagina.

The best part is that, silicone of the Lunette cup is so soft that you don’t feel anything.

Young teenagers who have just started on their journey of menstruation can try out the Lunette cup without hesitation. Go around school or college or go to the office, field works with the Lunette cup.

It has two different models

Now, here are some instructions that you need to follow for Lunette cups.

There are two models of these cups available in the market: model 1 and model 2.

One model is for less to moderate flow and the other is for moderate to high flow.

The dimensions of the second variant especially the diameter is greater than the first one. Similarly, the fluid holding capacity of the second variant is also high.

When I used both the variants, model 1 seemed a bit softer and more flexible than model 2. It is even easier to insert.

For my heavy flow days, I used the second variant once, but it was a bit firm and I found it clumsy to insert as well. The larger one is also quite difficult to urinate with. It kind of hurts your bladder a bit.

However, if you are of heavy body constitution, the heavy variant one will suit you perfectly.

It lasts more than 10 hours

12 hours of uninterrupted service is assured with the Lunette cup. Another interesting feature is that the brim of the cup is incorporated with a lot of holes. So, these holes will also draw any blood that could have gone astray leading to staining.

One Lunette cup is going to serve you well for 10 years or more. You need to clean the cup properly if you want such long-term service. The holes must also be cleansed well. You can use hot water and any good quality mild soap for cleaning the cups.

Lena Cup vs. Lunette Cup: Comparison

Lena Cup Lunette Cup
1. Long bell-shaped cups are awesome for use 1. V shaped body of the cup makes it easier to use
2. Provides seamless experience as it gives well fitting and does not make you feel clumsy or irritating. The material is frosted silicone. 2. Made of extremely soft silicone that is super easy to insert
3. 4 air holes are present 3. Presence of air holes. Particularly 4 in number
4. The cup has flared rim, which is quite pliable. 4. The rim is quite thick and made of silicone. Immediately next to the primary rim is a secondary rim which is quite thick
5. Flat tab like stem with the presence of 4 grip lines 5. The stem is flat shaped and has got 3 grip lines
6. Greater options in terms of variety of sizes 6. Has got fewer variety and options when it comes to sizes
7. Better stretchability facilitates the ease of use. It is easy to put in and also gains back its original shape once taken out 7. A bit stiff and less stretchable than Lena cup.
8. Available in 3 colors: pink, turquoise, and purple 8. Available in 6 color options: white, orange, yellow, sky blue, pink, and purple
9. Bottom is rounded 9. Bottom is tapered

For both of these brands, something that you need to look for is how far the cup gets within your cervical canal.

The dimensions are mere data which cannot help you to fully realize the size of the cup.

The truth is that you will have to take the risk for the first time by choosing any one variety that seems appropriate to you. If you feel not so good, you can go with the other one.

Why I choose menstrual cups over pads and tampons?

As you all know, the array of period product is undergoing a revolutionary change. With the course of time, people are realizing the importance of shifting from pads or tampons to menstrual cups.

I have been using pads and tampons for a long time, but off late when I started using menstrual cups, I was overwhelmed.

Firstly, because I saved literally so many bucks that I used to spend every month on pads. Reusable period products are really awesome.

Moreover, you also feel like you are positively contributing towards the environment by reducing all those tons of pads that you would have dumped.

There is also something else that I must share. There was a time, when I was so satisfied by using extra absorbent tampons, but when I came to know about the possibility of developing TSS on tampon use which is kind of dreaded, I immediately shunned off using tampons.

And guys the next most probable product was menstrual cups which are indeed the best.

Don’t forget to wash your cup

Now, when we are talking about menstrual cups, it is very important that I mention about the cleaning of the product.

The most widely asked question about menstrual cups is how you can use it for a long time. Menstrual cups demand care and proper maintenance. Just because it comes in contact with blood, you do not need to bleach it or expose them to very strong soaps.

All you can do it is wash it with hot water and mild soaps after use. Many women prefer to put it in boiling water for a few minutes. Though that is not strictly needed, you can perform it if you want.

Lena Cup vs. Lunette Cup: the final verdict

To all the ladies reading this article, I would really recommend that you use Lena Cup at least once to feel the awesomeness of the product. The article has complete descriptions of all the features of both Luna and Lunette cups.

Based on my personal experience, I would recommend the Lena cups. I will justify my choice on the basis of the following parameters:

  1. Ergonomic bell-shaped design
  2. Greater options in terms of size
  3. Extremely good material and retains the shape perfectly
  4. Seamless experience

But, if you are a teenager or a first time user and looking for a cheaper and economical one, go for Lunette Cups.

Lena Cup Lunette Cup
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