These 12 Foods Will Make Your Period Come Early

These 12 Foods Will Make Your Period Come Early

Nothing is simple in life, and periods are no exception especially when the menstrual dates collide with something very important in life. For most women, periods are a big problem as they cause a lot of discomfort and pain.

How we wish that something could be done to have the periods delayed or preponed so that we could be at ease during the days when we would like to be free.

These 12 Foods Will Make Your Period Come Early

While postponing involves a lot of medication and no guarantee, there are some natural and zero-side effects methods that can help you get early period.

Though risk free, one should always go for such measures only when completely necessary. 

Here are 12 foods you should eat to make your periods come earlier and faster than the usual date.

1. Drink parsley tea twice daily

Parsley tea for early period

What does it do:

Parsley is one of the oldest known remedies to have the periods back on track. Several such similar herbs are known for contraction of uterus to get the periods early.

How to use:

Boil a cup of water with handful of parsley leaves. Strain the tea and consume twice a day to make your period come early.

2. Drink boiled ginger water

What does it do:

Immediately before the periods, the wall lining of the uterus is at the formation phase which induces cramps and pain in the pelvic region. Ginger is one of the botanical therapies which have anti inflammatory properties that causes pain relief and induces period.

How to use:

In a cup of water, boil ½ inch grated ginger, sieve and consume. (honey optional)

3. Consume celery

Celery for inducing period

What does it do:

One of the sure shot ways to prepone periods is to have celery in as many ways as possible. Celery increases blood circulation and blood flow in the pelvic area, thus, bringing menstrual flow earlier than expected.

How to use:

Boil handful of celery in a cup of water and consume like tea. You can also add celery to any meal and salad for improved results.

4. Take carom seeds with warm water

Carom seeds water

What does it do:

Carom seeds, popularly known as ajwain generate a lot of heat in the pelvic region and thus shed the uterus linings faster, bringing the periods at an early than expected date.

How to use:

Take a spoonful of carom seeds and consume with a glass of warm water. Do this once a day during the evening for better results.

5. Include carrots in your daily diet

What does it do:

Carrots have a unique component, carotene which relaxes the abdominal muscles and dilates blood capillaries of the uterus. This helps in preponing the menstrual cycle.

How to use:

Include carrots in daily diet in salads, soups, juices and meals. For best results, stick to juice and salad (raw form).

Precaution: If consuming carrots causes acidity and gastric problems, discontinue immediately. Try other measures for early period.

6. Eat a lot of pineapple

What does it do:

Pineapple again induces body heat, especially in the pelvic region. It dilates capillaries and induces shedding of the uterus lining which prepones the periods when consumed in large quantities.

How to use pineapple to get your period early:

Consume a bowl of pineapple (salt sprinkled optional) everyday in the afternoon. Make sure it is at room temperature and freshly cut. You can also include pineapple in salads.

7. Drink turmeric water twice a day after 15 days of your last period

Prepone menstruation with turmeric tea

What does it do:

Turmeric raises heat in the uterus and brings early menses. Besides it, turmeric and milk are healthy and reduce cramps associated with periods.

How to use turmeric for early period:

In a cup of boiling water, add ½ levelled teaspoon turmeric powder. Mix well and consume.

This should be done twice a day after 15 days of last period so that the next dates fall at least 5-7 days prior to the expected date.

8. Drink fennel seed water

Fennel seed water

What does it do:

Fennel Seeds are the most ancient methods to induce periods at early dates. It is one of the most common items on the kitchen shelf, and has no side effects.

How to use:

Boil about 4 cups water in a pan and add 1 heaped tablespoon fennel seeds and cover. After the mixture cools down, sieve and store in a glass bottle or jar.

Drink one glass on empty stomach and several times during the day to have early periods.

9. Eat papayas everyday to get early period

What does it do:

Papayas have cleansing properties which act as a trigger for periods. If you want to have the period preponed, consume ripe papayas every day. Raw papayas also have similar benefits.

How to use papayas to get an early period: 

Extract juice of raw papayas and have a glassful on empty stomach each morning. Ripe papayas can be included in the diet in several forms like fruit salads, etc.

10. Eat almonds

What does it do:

Almonds control hormonal imbalances in the body and have beneficial vitamins and nutrients that regulate the periodic cycles and strengthen the body.

How to use:

Soak almonds overnight and eat on empty stomach with milk. Almonds can also be chewed raw as snacks or included in salads and meals on a regular basis.

11. Add jaggery in hot water and drink on empty stomach

What does it do:

Jaggery (gur) in all forms is an excellent immunity booster and an excellent replacement for sugar with several health benefits. It is also beneficial for regulating and inducing periods.

How to use jaggery to prepone periods:

Add a teaspoon of powdered jaggery in hot water and consume on empty stomach each morning.

Try not to eat/drink for an hour after the remedy. This will have the periods arrive at an early date.

12. Eat pomegranate

What does it do:

Pomegranate seeds have fibre that keep the stomach clean and improve blood flow in the system. This is also beneficial for those who want the periods to arrive sooner than the expected date.

How to use pomegranate for early period:

Peel and clean a pomegranate and eat a bowl full sprinkled with black pepper powder every morning. This causes shedding of uterus lining sooner than expected and causes early periods.

Though each method is absolutely natural and has no known harmful effect on the body, it is advisable that one does not try too much of any measure.

If there are any abnormal effects on the body; stop immediately and consult a medical expert at the earliest. The remedies are not recommended and should not be tried during the menstruating period or by pregnant women.

There may not be one sure shot way that suits your body, so try a different measure if one fails. Try several non-dietary methods simultaneously to induce periods earlier than expected.

If practiced correctly and diligently, these foods are also effective to regulate irregular periods.

11 other methods to make your period come early

Often, we want to kind of reschedule our periods to avoid the mess on important dates. Now, apart from having eatables to achieve this, there are quite a few other methods too that you can follow to make your periods come early.

1. Stop taking medications early

A hormonal pill is probably the best assured way to get your periods come faster. It is used by most women as a birth control pill. The course of the pill is of 21 days.

You continue the pills for 21 days and then there is pill free span 7 days. In these 7 days, the menstrual bleeding occurs.

So, you can stop taking the pills before 21 days to have the periods arrive earlier. The pills are basically combination of estrogen and progestin. The doctors prescribe these pills for those who are into active contraception.

2. Eat vitamin C-rich fruits and vegetables

Try using vitamin C. Vitamin C exerts an effect in modulating the quantities of estrogen and progesterone in the body. These are the hormones that maintain the timing of onset of periods.

Hence you can use vitamin c as a remedy. Moreover, the best part is that vitamin C is a natural ingredient and has no adverse effects on the health. So, you can consume it without fear.

Even if the objective is not fulfilled, there will be no side effects. You can get adequate amount of vitamin C from citrus fruits and green leafy vegetables.

3. Sexual activity

Regular healthy sex life can really help to have timely periods. Most gynecologists advise to have a regular sex life so that the hormones stay in proper levels.

The entire game of periods is based on the interplay of female hormones and hence keeping them proper helps to get the periods on time. Orgasms and frequent sexual indulgence can bring periods earlier.

Having sex also helps to keep the reproductive life of a person in order.

4. Do proper type and intensity of exercise

If you are a person who has period irregularities, then light to moderate exercise can really be helpful. Daily exercise can be really helpful to keep the periods on track.

On the other hand, too much of vigorous exercise can disrupt normal menstrual rhythm. Many athletes who indulge in extremely strenuous exercise activities from a very young age, face multiple hormonal issues and hence have disrupted menstrual rhythm.

So, limiting the exercise at proper levels as well as performing the right type of exercise can be beneficial in bringing periods faster.

5. Say goodbye to stress

A stressful life can delay your periods. If you are leading a life full of tension, anxiety and worries, then be sure to expect irregularities in your menstrual pattern.

So, if you want to have a proper period schedule and even get them earlier, then relaxation is a must. You might resort to various activities that you think have the potential to soothe and calm you.

Most importantly, reduce your workload. You can choose to spend time with your friends or family. Pursue your favorite hobbies, get to watch some movies. With excruciating pain or burden of work, you can never enjoy a happy period.

6. Take comforting bath to make your period come early

If you want to induce early periods, then an effective way can be a warm bath.

Before taking bath, add some bath salts and scented aromatic oils to your bath water. Prefer to use lukewarm water for taking the bath. Let your body indulge in the luxury of the water.

It relaxes your mind and refreshes your body. Once you get your mind relaxing, the concentration of stress hormones in your body will slowly reduce and your periods will come earlier.

7. Massage therapy

If you can massage the lower abdomen and genitals with any essential oil preferably warm, then you can get your periods early. This type of massage helps in two ways.

Firstly, the muscles in the uterine areas relax and become less stiff with appropriate massage techniques.

Secondly, the blood flow to the region increases. The circulation also becomes better.

This helps to have periods earlier. Even when you have periods, massaging the lower abdomen reduces the pain of cramps drastically.

8. Avoid excess caffeinated drinks

It is also advised to avoid caffeinated drinks like excess tea or coffee. Mostly, these interfere with the normal rhythm of the monthly cycle, hence delaying the periods. Thus, stay away from over consumption of caffeinated drinks.

9. Try using heating pads to get an early period

If you want to prepone your periods, then you can try the effective natural remedy of heating pads. Place a moderately warm heating pad with temperatures that you can tolerate.

This should be done at least 15 minutes twice per day. This effectively helps in getting periods earlier.

10. Socialize

Socialize with people and have a happy life. Never let stress ruin your happy life, otherwise you will have your periods late.

11. Follow proper diet plan

Dysmenorrhea is very common in women with poor constitution of health and dietary profile. The lack of proper nutrients and microelements in the body not only delays periods but greatly disrupts the normal rhythm.

So, having a well to do diet plan with adequate amount of both micro-nutrients and macro-nutrients will even out the period rhythm.


Other than the medical therapy, none of the processes are completely full proof and will guarantee the early onset of period by specific days or by dates, but they have a scientific basis to back them and hence can be implemented to make an attempt to the make period arrive faster.

They have records of being highly successful. So, you can definitely try these out to make your periods come earlier.

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