Best Soaps, Wipes, And Cleaners For Menstrual Cups 2021

The Best Soaps, Wipes, And Cleaners For Menstrual Cups

Hi ladies, hope you are doing well. The new year has already started off really well. In this year, take a pledge to reshape your outlook towards periods and modify your period experiences by choosing your period products wisely, that is, the best soaps, wipes, and cleaners for your menstrual cups.

The Best Soaps, Wipes, And Cleaners For Menstrual Cups

As you know, the most dominant period product in the market these days is menstrual cups. Due to the multiple benefits offered by period cups, it is gaining fame and becoming increasingly trendier.

In today’s topic, let us have a look at all the products which you can use to clean your menstrual cups. Now, you really have a multiple array of options in this case.

You can either resort to soaps, wipes, or cleaners for rendering your menstrual cups clean. We are going to have a detailed discussion regarding the products from each of these categories to make your understanding and choices clearer and better.

Best soaps, wipes, and cleaners for menstrual cups at a glance:

Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Liquid SoapSoapsoap for washing period cupCheck Price
OrganiWashSoapsoap for washing menstrual cup Check Price
Pixie Menstrual Cup Travel WipesWipeswipes for menstrual cup Check Price
Lunette Cup WipesWipeswipes for period cup Check Price
Lunette Feel Better Cleanser CleanserCleaner for menstrual cupCheck Price
DivaWash CleanserDiva Cup Cleanser reviewCheck Price

Soaps for washing menstrual cups

Can I use soaps for cleaning the menstrual cups?

This is the mostly asked question regarding menstrual cup cleaning.

Well, yes you can use a soap for cleaning your menstrual cups. But, please have a clear idea that bathing soaps or dishwashing soaps are definitely not the ones suited for this purpose.

There are specially formulated soaps available in the market that need to be used for cleaning your menstrual cups thoroughly. You will have a fair glimpse of such soaps once you finish reading the article.

Before we step towards products, you must know the basic principles of cleaning your menstrual cups with soaps.

How to clean your menstrual cup with soaps?

Firstly, empty the cup of all the collected period fluid and give a good rinse with normal tap water.

Take some hot water, mind it not to take boiling water that you burn yourself as well as damage the cup. Lukewarm water is best suited.

Mix some soap in this lukewarm water and then pour the mixture within the cup.

Let the cup be in contact with this mixture for a pretty 10 minutes.

Now, with your fingers or with an old toothbrush, scrub the cup gently. Rub the rim and air holes precisely with greater care.

Now, empty the cup of soapy fluid and wash again with lukewarm water. Allow the cup to dry properly.

Now, let us come to the features that a good quality menstrual soap must have:

  • Oil free
  • Water based
  • Unscented water-based
  • Fragrance free

The best soaps for washing your menstrual cup:

1. Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Liquid Soap

best soap for washing menstrual cups

Made with purest ingredients and completely organic materials, this is really an awesome option for cleaning the menstrual cups. This soap is completely organic and 100 percent vegan.

Moreover, the brand is a trusted one that has a legacy of manufacturing some of the best quality natural soap cleansers for decades. This liquid soap is extremely versatile.

You can well use to clean your personal hygiene products. With a perfectly preservative free make up, this is probably one of the best rated unscented water-based soaps in the market.

No artificial foaming agents or thickeners are used for manufacturing this oil free soap. It is truly eco-friendly and cruelty free liquid soap. Your menstrual cups will remain in good health for years, if you can take proper care of the cups with this soap.

The soap is so gentle and mild, that it can be safely used for kids as well. So, you can well understand how polite and well suited it will be for your beloved intimate care products.

2. OrganiWash for intimate areas and menstrual cups

Soap for cleaning menstrual cup

A complete solution to your menstrual cup cleaning comes in the form of OrganiWash. For years, this mild feminine wash is being used by women for their intimate hygiene.

Now, the brand also promotes the cleaning of the menstrual cups which are no less sensitive than your private parts with this cleanser. It qualifies as a completely organic and pH. balanced cleanser.

So, it secures the health of both the user and the menstrual cup. It is leading among the fragrance-free soaps.

The water-based soap, OrganiWash is completely hypoallergic, thus, after washing your cups in this fluid, there is no chance of acquiring any allergy or irritation.

OrganiWash is made of natural cleansing agents like glycerin which are extremely mild and which hardly contain any traces of harsh chemicals. There are also other natural ingredients like leaf extract, aqua, coco glucoside, and citric acid. OrganiWash is certified to be cruelty free.

It is a great option for menstrual cup cleansing. It helps to deep cleanse the cup thoroughly at the same time safeguarding its longevity. The prices are also affordable. You can follow the normal cleaning process of cups with this cleanser.

Wipes for cleaning menstrual cups

The soaps are indeed a great option to clean your menstrual cups. But, there is a drawback of soaps.

While you are travelling or when you are in any kind of public place, using a soap and water to clean your menstrual cups can be a really cumbersome process. For example, there could be unavailability of appropriate space or cleaning opportunities.

But anyhow you cannot skip the cleaning of cups. Therefore, a great product for such circumstances can be menstrual cup cleaning wipes.

They are handy products that can help you clean your menstrual cups just within few minutes and without any hassle. My personal experience says that these are best while you are travelling.

So, let us have a look at the best menstrual cup wipes available in the market:

1. Pixie Menstrual Cup Travel Wipes

Wipes for menstrual cup
Image: Pixie Cup Wipes

This comes in a pack of 20 and can be your appropriate travel partner if you are with your menstrual cup. The very first thing that I really like about this product was its portability.

You can easily carry it in your hygiene pouch or lest in your purse. Such a small product with such a massive role to help out is more than fantastic. The main constituent is viscose and they are easy biodegradable.

The wipes are made of viscose but naturally. A sweet and sober floral scent will impart a refreshing feeling after you have cleaned your menstrual cup with this one.

You can use these wipes for any kind of menstrual cups. All silicone based menstrual cups can be thoroughly cleaned with the Pixie menstrual cup wipes.

Each wipe is 5.5*7 inches. Thus, it is pretty well suited for even the heavy flow menstrual cups. The wipes are stretchable in nature. They are softly textured, so not at all harsh for the menstrual cups.

The wipes are naturally sterile and prevent all kind of septic infection probabilities. There is zero use of alcohol in these wipes. You can be assured that nothing foreign or chemical will get into your vagina to give you a tough time.

When I used it for the first time, I too was apprehensive for using such a product, but ever since then I have simply fallen for this stuff.

2. Lunette Cup Wipes

Best wipes for cleansing menstrual cups
Image: Lunette

Lunette Cup wipes keep up the strong brand impression created by Lunette Cups. These wipes are also great for cleaning your menstrual cups. Originally designed for Lunette Cups, you can actually use them to clean all sorts of cups.

This is by far one of the most superior menstrual cups wipes I have used. I simply love experimenting with period products so that I can share the best reviews with all my lovely sweethearts who read my posts.

The wipes claim to render your menstrual cups completely sterile and germ free. When you are actually stuck in places where water is a restraint, these wipes are like boon.

You simply need to empty the cup of the period blood and give the cup a good wipe with these Lunette Cup wipes. That’s it. No water or extra effort needed. Cup is cleaned in just a few seconds.

You can actually sanitize your cups in and out without water with the help of these wipes. They contain simple aqua and alcohol denat. You must keep these safe and protected away from all probable tampering agents like flames or high temperature.

Cleansers for menstrual cups

If you want to try any alternative to soaps for cleaning your menstrual cups, then you can go for period cup cleansers.

They are specially produced and sensitized for the cleaning of menstrual cups. Mostly enhanced with a concentrated formula and purely vegan ingredients, the cup cleansers are actually highly suitable for cleaning your menstrual cups.

They are organic and chemical free. Cup cleansers ensures the long life of menstrual cups.

Let us have a glimpse of the best menstrual cup cleaners:

1. Lunette Feel Better Menstrual Cup Cleanser

Best menstrual cup cleanser

If you are looking for some paraben free cleansing options for your silicone menstrual cups, make friends with the all new Lunette Feel Better Menstrual Cup Cleanser.

It cleans and sanitizes your menstrual cups in the best possible way. Completely devoid of all kinds of chemicals and allergens, they are best suited to deep clean your cups.

100 percent vegan and sulfate free cleanser not only keeps your cup in the best state but also prevents all ill effects on your intimate area hygiene.

The cleanser is also infused with the naturally refreshing aroma of eucalyptus oil and lemon extracts. These keep away the stinking smell of period blood.

The formula is quite concentrated and hence you just need a single drop to clean your cups. One pack serves for a good number of days if used properly and judiciously.

2. Diva Cup Diva Wash

Diva Cup Wash

We are all familiar with the internationally recognized brand of Diva Cups. This is a gel-based cleanser for cleansing the Diva Cups. It is completely hypoallergic.

The Diva Cup cleanser is truly perfect as a mild cleanser for your menstrual cups. Botanically rich ingredients make the cleanser fragrant and enhance the cleaning properties of the wash.

The Diva Wash has a completely pH balanced formula. It is quite gentle as there is zero usage of paraben, petrochemicals, and sulfates. The core ingredients are all natural plant based. They are cruelty free and completely vegan.

One pack will actually last quite long because it is required only in a trace amount for cleansing each time. Water, orange oil, glyceryl are the core ingredients in this wash. All the Diva cup users use this product extensively. But, all other types of normal silicone based menstrual cups can also be cleansed with it.

There has been a great assortment of questions that all women have regarding the maintenance of menstrual cups. Today I shall address the most common ones out of them.

FAQs about washing or cleaning your menstrual cup

How often to wash or clean your menstrual cup?

Washing your menstrual cups at least two times a day is mandatory while you are on your periods. More or less, all the brands claim for a 12 hours leakage protection. That implies you need to empty the cup twice. So, the equation stands something like this. You need to empty the cup and deep clean it two times every day.

In case of heavy flow, where you require to empty cup before 12 hours are over, do make it a point to clean the cups when you are emptying them. For such cases, you may choose to simply rinse it with lukewarm water when washing exceeds two times per day.

Also, after every month’s period session, thoroughly clean the menstrual cups to ensure good health of your menstrual cups.

Can you wash menstrual cups with soap?

Yes, you can cleanse your menstrual cups with soap. You need to use specially formulated soaps meant for cleaning cups to suffice the purpose. The detailed process of cleaning menstrual cups with soap has been discussed in the article.

Can I use soaps to clean Diva Cups?

Yes, you can use any menstrual cup cleaning soaps to clean Diva Cups. The cups are all made of generally the same material that is medical grade silicon.

So, no worries in this regard. Just remember, the soap you choose should be oil free, fragrance free, and unscented water based.

How to render the menstrual cups stain free?

Now, the truth is menstrual cups are meant for stains, so there is no need to worry for this. However, if stained cups are posing irritation for you, soaking the stained cups overnight in a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water might be greatly beneficial.


The most important feature of menstrual cups is its reusability. This makes menstrual cups ecologically and economically friendly to the user. You can use a good quality menstrual cup for years. But, what is required for reusability of menstrual cups is proper maintenance.

You can reuse a menstrual cup for not less than 5 years if you can keep it hygienic. Cleaning the menstrual cups thoroughly after every use keeps them safe and hygienic for many years.

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