5 Best Smallest Menstrual Cups (Easy To Insert And Comfortable)

The Best Small Menstrual Cups (Easy To Insert And Comfortable)

If you are a teenager, or a woman with lean and thin body, with low cervix, then you may probably need the smallest menstrual cups. You may find small menstrual cups to be more comfortable and easy to insert.

The Best Smallest Menstrual Cups

With tons of brands and a huge multitude of sizes and even greater advertisements, menstrual cups are the recent hot cake in the market. All sensational products do face controversies and menstrual cups is no exception. With the biggest debate over the product being hygienic or not, there is yet other confusions that 9 out of 10 ladies face. Which cup size should I use?

If you are one of those ladies who is puzzled in this uncertainty, then this article is the one for you.

Which menstrual cup size you actually need?

Before I start off with the article, let me briefly tell you which are the factors you must consider before deciding, which cup size you want.

  1. Your menstruation flow rate
  2. Whether you have given birth vaginally till now
  3. The position of your cervix
  4. The sensitivity of your bladder
  5. Your personal choice
  6. The nature of your work. That means how often do you get a real time scope to empty your menstrual cup. The choice of cups will vary for sedentary and active individuals. It will also vary if you are an athlete.

Here is the list of 5 best smallest menstrual cups, especially designed for you:

1. Lena Sensitive Cup (small)

Lena Sensitive Cup (small)

This is a good option if you are in search of small menstrual cups. The Lena sensitive cups are made of cent percent medical grade plastic.

The shape and dimensions are well suited to match your demands for small menstrual cup. Once you insert it within your vagina, you can forget about it. It shall sit in place and cause zero disturbance.

You can engage in all activities that you normally do with the Lena menstrual cup. Many women have substituted their pads and tampons with these cups and you can definitely be the next in doing so.

42.71.8 inches are the dimension of the product. It weighs 0.48 ounces. So, you can easily make out how soft and light it is. It is perfectly suited for women who have a low cervical placement and experience moderate flow rates.

Uni age in natureBit expensive
Devoid of harmful toxins and dyes
Perfect dimensions as a small cup

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2. Luna Cup (small)

Luna Cup (small)

Experience freedom during your periods with the Luna cups. This particular cup has the small variant which is best suited for those of you who are not heavy bodied and experience low to medium flow. It is also great for teenagers who have just started their menstruation.

It is a moderately soft cup. You can fold the rim easily and insert it within. There is no feeling of abrasion or discomfort during the periods. This small period cup is absolutely safe to use .

It comes with a zipper bag and storage pouch, so you can easily move around with the cup. It forms a kind of seal on the basis of suction, so there is no tension of any leakage or staining of your favorite clothes.

The cup weighs only 0.3 ounces. The width is 35mm and the length of the cup inclusive of the stem is 57mm. It is pretty well designed to fit within you.

Provides complete protection for 12 long hoursBit difficult to remove as the stem is too short
Absolutely delicate and easy to insert
Great for light to medium flow

3. Saalt Menstrual Cup (small size)

Saalt Menstrual Cup (small size)

This cup is practically an all rounder menstrual cup. It justifies its functionality pretty well. The performance of the cup is consistent and leaves very little rooms for complaint. They are extremely soft. Not only the body of the cup, but the rim and stem are also quite compliant.

The Saalt cups small variety is especially designed for women who indulge in extremely strenuous physical activities even during their periods. If you are an athlete or an active worker, then this could be a right choice for you.

The dimensions of the product is inches. It weighs only 3.2 ounces.

Just roll the rim in a squeezing fashion and put it in. That is it. Now, forget that you are bleeding. The silicone used in this cup is really awesome as it feels smooth against the vaginal walls.

Th shape of the cup resembles the bulb of a flower. The stem is soft and flexed. It also has a couple of rims allowing for good grip. It is easy to remove and comes with a zero toxin and pH. balance formula.

There are few considerations involved in the care regime for this cup though. You must not use any strong cleansing agent like vinegar when cleaning the cup.

The cup is extremely soft and is capable to absorb any oil or moisturizer that you apply around the vagina or in your groin area, via the capillary action. So, the brand recommends to take off the cup and thoroughly clean it after every 12 hours.

Suffices all features of a good menstrual cupMight be misplaced at times if you push it too high
Great for athletes
Maintains vaginal pH. Zero chemical composition

4. Blossom Menstrual Cup (small)

Blossom Small Menstrual Cup

If period cramps are your companion, then this is that one product for you. This cup literally has thousands of happy customers. Blossom cup helps you to tackle with problematic issues like sensitive pelvic floor and bladders.

Blossom menstrual cups are great to be used while swimming. It is reusable up to 15 years and the medical grade silicone hardly wears away. All you have to do is to keep it clean after every use. This is a medium soft cup, so you will not lose it when you insert it within your genitals. That is pretty awesome, I guess.

What I personally loved about this cup was the firmness of the rim. This is one of the menstrual cups that has the perfect firmness top rim. It completely prevents leakages. The stem is also equipped with ridges that helps in easy removal. The airholes are large in size. The walls of the cup are velvety soft and will not abrade your internal walls.

Perfect rim for sealed protection against leakagesThe stem might feel long for a small menstrual cup
Long time protection
Perfect dimensions for a small cup

5. Dutchess Menstrual Cup (B-Size, Small)

Dutchess Menstrual Cup B-Size

The small variant from this brand comes in a pack of one or two. And guess what I love the colors of both- pink and purple.

The product dimensions are inches, that is, almost the perfect dimensions for a small menstrual cup. The brand specifies this variant to be used by ladies who haven’t given birth vaginally yet and the brand has called this variant as the pre child birth model.

The Dutchess cups is pretty handy. You can slide it in your tote and have a tension free period. It comes with zero toxin formula. When I used the cup, what appealed to me most was the easy cleaning of the cups. The rim is not too conspicuous and it does not hurt you while insertion. The removal is pretty easy due to the firm stem.

They save your money as they are reusable. Diminish your contribution towards pollution on the earth surface by switching over to ecological period products like menstrual cups.

Attractive colors. Great functionalityThe rim is not too firm, hence fails to establish a tight seal with the skin. Hence, it might cause leakages at times.
Easy cleaning
Super easy removal

FAQs about small menstrual cups

The market is flooded with menstrual cups which come in different shapes, size, and varieties. It is a pretty confusing task to actually decide the one which will be compatible for you. Well, the choice should be made keeping in mind all the parameters right from the position of your cervix to the flow rate you experience.

Below are the answers to the most common questions that I have heard women asking especially regarding the utility of small menstrual cups. Do check these out.

Do I need a small menstrual cup?

Actually, small menstrual cups are recommended for those women who have a lean and thin body type. Moreover, these cups are best suited for women who have not yet delivered vaginally.

Prior to vaginal delivery, the cervix usually does not remain dilated and therefore small menstrual cups can be used in such cases. So, these cups are good for women below the age of 30.

Small menstrual cups are appropriate if you have low cervix position. You can easily check the position of the cervix through the knuckle test. In case you have a low cervix, small ones would be good.

Whether you will choose a small menstrual cup also depends on the amount of flow that you experience. If you experience low o moderate flow, then small menstrual cups can be of good help because they have a small accommodative capacity.

Are small menstrual cups meant for teenagers?

All teenagers do not have the same cervix position or rate of flow. Each of them has a unique menstruation pattern. So, it would be wrong to typically label small menstrual cups as a teenager product.

However, as I said in the previous answer that small menstrual cups are mostly suited for women who have low cervix and light flow rate, teenagers are usually associated with these cups.

Before conceiving or having a vaginal delivery, the position of the cervix usually remains low. That is why teenagers have a low cervix position generally and get along well with small menstrual cups.

Apart from that, most teenagers experience light to medium menstrual flow rate. Small menstrual cups are capable of accommodating this amount of period fluid. That is why teenagers find using the small menstrual cups quite handy.

I have a small body; do I need a small menstrual cup?

This is not essentially true. The stature or amount of fat deposit in your body cannot determine the size of your menstrual cups. It is pretty misleading. You have to take into consideration the position of your cervix and the menstrual flow rate to actually decide the size of your cup.

You may have a small body yet a high cervix. Many lean and thin women also experience high rate of menstrual flow. The size will also depend on whether you have given birth vaginally yet now.

Actually, small menstrual cups are easy to insert and remove due to their short stem. So girls who have just started their periods and fall in the teenage group find it easy to use small menstrual cups. However, it has nothing to do with how thin or small bodied you are.

Are small menstrual cups meant for beginners only?

Now, this is a tricky question. First of all, no menstrual cups are made for exclusively one age group. So,even if you hear someone saying so, do not get misguided.

These small menstrual cups are used extensively and mostly by teenagers. However, that does not mean it is designed for only beginners.

You may not be a beginner in the journey of periods, yet might possess a low cervix and have to use a small menstrual cup.

Therefore, though commonly categorized in terms of age, it is not very appropriate to label the cups for exclusive age groups.

You have to choose the menstrual cups based on your cervical position and the rate of flow during your periods. That is it.

Basically, teenagers use this cup because they do not experience very heavy flow, and the capacity of small menstrual cups are enough to suffice their purpose.

I have a low cervix; do I need a small menstrual cup?

Yes. If you have a low cervix, it is preferable that you use a small menstrual cup. Firstly, large menstrual cups have a long stem, which would be unnecessary if you have a low cervix.

The stem of the large menstrual cups is pretty long and will keep on protruding out if you have low cervix. This will cause great discomfort.

However, if you are a woman who has extremely high menstrual flow rate, you should not go by the small menstrual cups. The capacity of the small menstrual cups is not much and you will have to keep on emptying the cup time and again which is nothing short of a menace.

So, what you can really do in this case is that, choose a large menstrual cup and trim the stem. This will serve both the purpose. You will get a long-term protection as well as the long stem of large cups will not cause problem if you trim it according to your size.

If you are a woman with high cervix, I suggest you to check out these best menstrual cups for high cervix.

My final words

Every woman has a unique genital anatomy. Which cup will suit you the best is completely dependent upon your genital constitution and personal choice. There is no hard and fast norm regarding which menstrual cup you must strictly use.

The best way is to actually try out a few varieties before you can actually decide on the fact that which suits you the best.

There are innumerable factors such as the nature of your work, the sensitivity of your bladder, your medical status that can determine the exact size of the cup that you need. So, don’t be too gullible to go by ads. You are the best judge of what you want.

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