8 Best Reusable, Organic Panty Liners Every Woman Needs

8 Best Reusable, Organic Panty Liners You Need To Try

Reusable, organic panty liners are one of the most recently launched feminine hygiene product. Though it has gained substantial popularity in quite a scanty time span, yet many of the ladies do not know what is the use or effective purpose of using these. Today, we are going to unleash all about panty liners. So, let’s get started.

8 Best Reusable, Organic Panty Liners You Need To Try

What are panty liners?

At the first glance, panty liners may look exactly similar to a sanitary napkin or pad. But, there are few fundamental differences between the two. The primary difference is that panty liners are much thinner than pads.

So basically, panty liners are absorbent pads that you can use on normal days (days when you are not menstruating).

Every woman faces some vaginal discharge, may be minimal, all throughout the day. Apart from discharge, a drop of residual urine or sweat is very common in the intimate area. This can create moisture in the intimate area and can cause infection.

Panty liners help to absorb all these natural secretions and maintain a fresh, dry, and hygienic environment in your genital area all throughout the day.

Now, that you know what these are, let us have a quick glance at the 8 best reusable, organic panty liners available in the market, that you can opt for.

The best reusable, organic panty liners

1. Dutchess Reusable Panty Liners

Dutchess Reusable, Organic Panty Liners

An extra star to this product at the beginning for being reusable. No substantial waste footprints on earth and highly economical. If you are in search of a panty liner, yet want to adhere to something organic and eco-friendly, this is the forte product for you.

Other than that, this is also a solution for women complaining about the fact that panty liners are incurring huge cost as they have to be used daily.

These reusable, organic panty liners are extremely soft and quite efficient in terms of absorbency. The superficial layer is made of bamboo charcoal which is super absorbent and soft on the skin. The outer layer on the other hand is water proof.

It comes in beautiful prints which are awesome. The black color of the charcoal layer diminishes possibility of any stain. So, thumbs up for this panty liner. Experience fresh and odorless intimate area with the all new Dutchess reusable organic panty liners.

2 Hello Reusable Panty Liners

Hello Reusable, Organic Panty Liners

Constituted of cent percent organic bamboo fleece, the Hello liners are an efficient panty liner. The particular reason why I recommend is the extreme slimness of the product. You will not feel anything when you put these on.

They are fairly absorbent and efficient enough to soak up the discharge throughout the day. The wings of these liners make them highly adjustable, sticking firmly onto your underwear. It is highly portable and you can slip it into your purse easily. They come in a pack of 3.

Hello panty liners are made of 4 layers. The top most layer is made of bamboo fleece, the next two layers are absorbent, and the last layer is waterproof as well as printed. These colorful panty liners are pretty cute.

Crafted with stringent quality measures, Hello reusable panty liners are perfect friend of yours.

3. Charlie Banana Panty Liners

Charlie Banana Reusable, Organic Panty Liners

Do you want a panty liner that will not be stained even after soaking the discharge? Then, this one is appropriate. The softness of these panty liners is amazing. They are skin friendly in nature, with no extra fragrance or chemicals.

You can use them for years if you can maintain these panty liners properly. Simple stringent washing and proper drying are enough to maintain the good health of these reusable panty liners. They can soak up a great amount of fluid keeping your intimate area fresh and dry.

They do not contain any super absorbent material that can dry up your natural fluid. You can make these partners for your busy days, field work, and sport schedules.

So, switch over to economical and eco friendly hygiene products like the Charlie Banana reusable panty liners.

They are packed in a pack of three and also comes in a mini waterproof pack to help you carry them.

4. GladRags Panty Liners

GladRags Reusable, Organic Panty Liners

It is absolutely adorable when it comes to performance. They are one of the softest panty liners. Great for people who have a tendency to develop skin rashes around the intimate area.

The moisture in the vaginal area can lead to the rise in bacterial population and subsequent infections. Using a well to do panty liner such as this GladRags one can help you out. These are super slim and can be used with any type of underwear.

These are 100 percent organic and contain no trace of any other material.

You can even wash it in the machine, after every day use. It is easy to clean and requires least maintenance. Lovely product and it is worth to invest in. Just remember to dry properly after every use. They serve invariably well for years.

5. Hesta Reusable Cloth Panty Liners

Hesta cloth liners

HESTA does not call for any introduction. Through its unmatched performance over years, HESTA is probably one of the best brands in the world of female hygiene.

The cotton used for these panty liners are in their purest state, even cultivated in a pesticide free environment. Bid farewell to staining and wet panties, with the HESTA organic cotton panty liners.

The liners are ultra-thin and go well with any kind of underwear. It is completely hypoallergic with zero chances of causing any dermatological issues. It neutralizes intimate area odor to keep you feeling fresh throughout the day.

These panty liners are completely free of any bleaching agent or artificial fragrance. Available in two colors – new white and brown for better fit of every woman.

The liners are breathable and allow substantial air flow ensuring maximum freshness all throughout the day. The pack contains total 5 pieces of organic panty liners.

It is literally a period box filled with happiness.

6. Panty Liner for Lighter Flow – by Imse Vimse

Cloth panty liner

Imse Vimse is equally establishing as a good Swedish brand for producing female hygiene products. The top most layer of these organic panty liners are made of superior quality, organic cotton.

This absorbs all your discharges, rendering you free of vaginal dampness and infections. Experience fresh and odor free days with the Imse Vimse organic panty liners.

They are best suited for your heath as they are completely free of chemicals. You can shape up your hygiene experience with these natural panty liners.

The panty liners are ultra-thin in the true sense. The brand uses organic cotton flannel material for absorption with PUL core. The effectiveness of the liners can be largely attributed to this. It also keeps you dry for longer durations.

They are perfectly flexible panty liners which complement every body contour. No trace of polyester or latex is spotted. It comes in a pack of 3.

The product comes in three variants: night, panty liner, and regular.

The Panty Liner variant one can be used if you have lighter flows and extremely light discharges. The regular variant is for a heavier discharge.

7. Bamboo Mama Panty Liner – by JOBEBE

Bamboo, cloth panty liner

These natural panty liners help you maintain a hygienic environment in your intimate area. These liners are so thin that their physical existence can be hardly felt, at the same time providing an extremely efficient functionality.

You can use these panty liners during very light period flow.

Though panty liners are generally incapable of soaking up the huge blood discharged during periods, these panty liners can definitely be used for light flow.

Completely toxin free and guaranteed to be solely organic, these organic panty liners do not cause any type of rashes and skin infections upon usage. The design is ergonomic to fit precisely with every body shape.

It consists of three layers. The organic top layer is of charcoal bamboo, allowing ample of air flow. So, you can stay away from odors or staleness. It assures toxin free intimate hygiene.

8. Organic Bamboo Layer Panty Liner – by simfamily

Bamboo layer cloth panty liner

The nature of the product is as stylish as the design. These are not normal every day panty liners.

The outside most layer of the panty liners are water proof. The middle layer is microfiber while the insider layer is bamboo charcoal. This panty liner does not contain any chemicals or artificially fragrant materials.

The panty liners are thin, skin-friendly, and cause less of irritation and discomfort. These organic panty liners even contain wings for a better protection.

They are well adapted to provide protection against light to medium flow.

The product comes in a pack of 6 with one mini wet bag. They come in 6 varieties and this brand also manufactures sanitary pads and panty liners for overnight use.

According to flow, you get options. Go for panty liner varieties which are ultra-thin and more comfortable.

All you need to know about panty liners

Admit it or not, the market is being swept by an organic craze. Right from food stuff to skincare products, we want everything organic. Being closer to nature can render us the inevitable blessing of health and that is what draws us to organic products. At such a time, reusable, organic panty liners are no exceptions indeed.

Now, let us have a look at the basic questions regarding panty liners.

1. Reusable panty liners vs normal panty liners: which one is better?

In my personal opinion, the disposable panty liners are better than the reusable ones. There are multiple reasons for this choice.

Reusable, organic panty liners are ultimately made of cloth, whatever be the top most layer, the main soaking material remains cloth. Therefore, it is not as much efficient in locking moisture as the disposable panty liners.

Secondly, the topmost layer often fails to give you that dry feeling which is available in the disposable panty liners. So, the reusable ones might be absorbent, yet you will keep on feeling that there is something wet against your vagina.

Washing and maintaining the reusable panty liners is a bit time taking and demands effort. Moreover, if you are using it everyday, you need to wash and dry it on daily basis which may not be always possible. The disposable panty liners are better in this case.

Since reusable panty liners are made of cloth, they might be the source of infection at time due to inappropriate drying.

So, my vote goes to disposable panty liners. Though it is completely a matter of personal choice, which one you shall choose.

But if you can give proper maintenance and care, then panty liners are better in the long run. They are more environment friendly and will save you a lot of money.

Panty liners vs pads: what’s the difference?

The basic difference is the thickness. The pads or sanitary napkins are far thicker than panty liners. The pads have to soak up a lot of period fluid and hence contain adequate amount of absorbent cotton.

Panty liners on the other hand are much thinner. Though you can use the panty liners for very light menstrual flow, it cannot provide you the desired protection during periods. They have different uses mainly based on the extent of flow.

Panty liners are mainly used to absorb the vaginal discharge that is common on days other than the periods, such as the sweat generated in the intimate area and the residual urine which may fall on your panty. Pads on the other hand have totally different function of absorbing period fluid during menstruation.

Panty liners are generally smaller than the pads. But these days, there are certain varieties of panty liners which are longer in diameter and come with wings. These are to suit personal need and provide better care.

Are panty liners a good option for odor, sweat, discharge, and sensitive skin?

Yes. Panty liners are an extremely good option for odor and sweat discharge. If you use the panty liners, sweat will not accumulate in your intimate area.

These are especially useful when you have workout sessions and day long busy field works. The top sheet of the panty liners is designed to allow air flow and are maintained breathable. This eliminates the chances of unwanted odors.

Most of the well-established brands of panty liners produce organic panty liners which are tested to be completely safe for the sensitive skin. Usually, no artificial dyes, fragrance, or bleaching chemicals are used.

So, you can be assured that these will be hypoallergic. However, you might try out a brand as sample and if it suits you, better to stick to it.

Are there any alternative to panty liners?

Yes. If you do not want to use the panty liners and want to go for some alternative, you can try out using simple cotton cloth.

Just fold a piece of cotton cloth extremely thin and set it within your underwear exactly as you set a panty liner. This can also help to absorb the sweat or light vaginal discharge.

On the other hand, women who suffer from heavy vaginal discharge also opt for tampons with regular absorbance on the normal days. But, I would definitely not recommend that.

It is because tampons can absorb the natural fluid of your vaginal area and this is highly undesirable. Excessive use of tampons may cause TSS (it’s extremely rare though).

You can indeed try reusable, organic cloth pads. They are little thicker than panty liners and good for normal to heavy flow.

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How to make reusable panty liners? – DIY

You can make DIY panty liners for yourself just using a few simple materials and all of them are easily available at your home. But you need to understand clearly that the biggest challenge in this DIY is choosing the correct fabric to make the panty liner.

So better choose any absorbent cotton cloth or thick cotton towel. The reason I am emphasizing on the use of cotton fabric is that they are hypoallergic and best suited for all skin types including sensitive skin.

Now, all you have to do is just take a sanitary napkin (preferably the one with wings) and use it as a template to draw its shape on your chosen cloth. Just cut the cloth according to the outline you had drawn.

Now, you have a DIY panty liner ready to use. Stitch the boundaries with same colored thread to give it a better finishing. For making the wings functional, you can also use a snippet. Now, use it with your underwear for better protection.

Follow this tutorial to clearly understand the steps to prepare a DIY panty liner at home.


Since panty liners are a relatively modern product, it has yet not achieved a very wide consumer platform. The main reason behind this is inadequate information about the product.

But, based on my personal experience with panty liners, I can assure you that you would love it once you use it.

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