9 Best Organic Tampons In 2021 – Top Cotton, Natural Tampons

9 Best Organic Tampons Of 2020 - Top Cotton, Natural Tampons

The organic fever is at the top of trends in the market these days. Under such circumstances, why should feminine care products be non-organic? Yes, off late, tampons have also become organic in nature and thus ‘organic cotton tampons‘ have become quiet popular these days.

Here is a list of 9 best organic cotton tampons popularly available in the market – (reviews)

1. Rael Organic Cotton Tampons

Rael Organic Cotton Tampons Review

Made of 100 percent organic cotton, Rael produces the most popular organic cotton tampons. Rael is actually known for its quality product. You can blindly trust the brand in terms of product quality.

Rael organic cotton tampons are definitely going to make your periods a lot safer and non-irritating. Coming to the product, the packaging is awesome and the aesthetic appeal will make you want to use the product.

The tampon is tightly sewn so that you get maximum protection and there are no chances of the tampon slipping away.

No synthetic fiber, rayon or, any other material is used for manufacturing this tampon. It is 100 percent pure cotton and is certified by GOTS.

The tampons are tested to be completely hypoallergic and skin friendly. These tampons are naturally healthy and quality committed product from Rael.

Coming to the cardboard applicator, it is completely biodegradable and extremely easy to use.

The cardboard applicator absorbency is of two types. One is regular for light to normal flow. The other one is super for medium to heavy flow.

You can easily insert the tampon with the applicator, just twist and unlock it before use. Both the tampon and the applicator are nontoxic for the environment.

This organic cotton tampon provides you a reliable protection against leakages. The pack comes with all the instructions for proper usage. You can trust Rael from all aspects to be your best period partner.

Things we like

  • Tightly sewn and prevents all chances of unwanted spills
  • There is nil usage of anything synthetic
  • User friendly
  • Tested to be completely hypoallergic and skin friendly
  • Comes with proper and complete instructions for usage

2. CORA Organic Cotton Tampons

CORA Organic Cotton Tampons review

This is a very popular brand known for producing organic cotton tampons. The unique selling point of this brand is that, the tampons come without any kind of applicator. Therefore, there is no chance of any waste production.

It is constituted of 100 percent organic cotton which is certified. No synthetic materials are used in the production.

It is tested to be cent percent hypoallergic, hence can be used by all women. CORA tampons are completely biodegradable and hence best suited for environment.

There is no added bleach or fragrance used in these tampons. Its all-natural constitution is literally awesome. It provides complete leakage protection.

The slim fit design and capability to expand to fit with the body of the user is definitely an added advantage.

The cord is also 100 percent cotton and woven properly to ensure maximum protection against leakage.

Head of the tampon is designed in such a sleek way that you can easily insert it without the need of any applicator. It is highly comforting.

As far as absorbance is concerned, you can choose your variant depending upon your flow- light, regular, super or super plus.

CORA as a brand paves the way for new generation innovative period products for today’s women.

Things we like

  • Comes without any applicator
  • No waste generation
  • Comes in various absorbance levels as per your requirement
  • Travel friendly
  • Sleek design that is easy to insert

3. Veeda Organic Cotton Tampons

Veeda review

Have a naturally healthy period with Veeda. The Veeda organic cotton tampons comes in a pack, which contains 30/90 cotton tampons.

Each tampon is manufactured with great care. The cotton used for tampon production is indeed of superior quality.

The 100 percent cotton reduces all chances of skin irritations or allergies. Stay away from the toxic shock syndrome with the new Veeda organic cotton tampons.

The tampons are highly absorbent. They provide maximum leakage protection for a long-time frame. The tampons adjust to the width of the vagina by expanding, to customize its fit just for you.

Throughout the body of the tampon, grooves are designed to help in better absorption. The chord is tightly sewn for easy removal. No rayon is used even in the cords.

No bleach or harmful chemicals are used. It is also devoid of any added fragrance.

These organic cotton tampons are dermatologically as well as gynecologically tested to have zero negative health impacts on the body.

It comes with a plastic applicator for smooth tip insertion. The applicator is completely BPA free. All the counterparts are biodegradable including the packaging.

Veeda has taken up a lovely initiative of donating some amount of money from each product that you pay for.

They make these donations to underprivileged women, by providing them with essentials for maintaining menstrual hygiene.

Things we like

  • Made of superior quality certified cotton
  • Great absorbance
  • Dermatologically and gynecologically tested
  • Special grooved design for better absorption
  • BPA free organic applicator
  • Zero bleach or added fragrance

4. L. Organic Cotton Tampons

L. Organic review

You can trust this brand for authentic, reliable organic cotton tampons. L. Organic is a very popular brand that mostly focuses on implementation of natural products for restoring health and hygiene.

The brand produces high quality cotton tampons that are free from all types of chemicals and potentially harmful products. The basic material of these organic cotton tampons is the GOTS certified cent percent pure organic cotton.

No bleaches, chemicals, artificial fragrance, or harmful chemicals are used while production. The tampons are completely cruelty free.

They have been rigorously tested to be absolutely hypoallergic and there are no chances of developing any skin infection, irritation, or disorder.

So, wellness is guaranteed with L. Organic cotton tampons. They come in a pack of 30/90.

They are highly absorbent and give extremely good leakage protection. This brand does not use any type of chlorine bleaching for their products.

The tampons are highly breathable and make periods less traumatic. The applicator that it comes with is completely BPA free. You can either choose tampons with regular absorbency or super absorbency.

L. Organic makes one pack of tampons available to the needy women, for every pack that you buy.

Things we like

  • GOTS certified pure organic cotton is used for manufacture
  • Great leakage protection
  • No bleach or chlorine used
  • Completely breathable

5. Honest Organic Cotton Tampons

Honest Company Review

The Honest Company has launched this highly breathable superior quality organic cotton tampons to make periods a better experience.

It is made out of 100 percent organic cotton. Honest Company brings to you the goodness of nature in form of tampons. The company avoids the usage of any kind of harmful chemicals in their tampons.

No rayon, polyester, added fragrances, chlorine, or phthalates are used. These organic cotton tampons have no chances of causing any potential harm to your body. Safe periods are ensured with Honest organic cotton tampons.

The tampons are completely hypoallergic. They can easily adjust to your size to give a complete all-round protection from leakage. It can expand width wise for a better customized fit. The cord is not glued, instead it is woven.

For improved absorption, the tampon has 8 grooved structure. The top portion of the tampon is soft and pliable and fits in the best possible way.

The applicator is completely plant derived and is quite compact for better application. Completely breathable high-grade cotton tampon is the ultimate period mate that Honest Company proudly presents.

The brand produces tampons in three variants- regular, super, and super plus.

There is a strong disclaimer of honesty printed on the box of the tampon. It says that prolonged use of tampons does cause Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS).

To avoid TSS, it is recommended that you use tampons with lower absorbency and keep on changing it multiple times. This considerably reduces the chances of getting affected by the disease.

Things we like

  • Nil usage of any type of rayon or polyester
  • Completely breathable
  • Helps to prevent TSS
  • Hypoallergic

6. o.b Organic Cotton Tampons

o.b Organic Cotton Tampons Review

These organic tampons come with plant-based applicator. These tampons use 100 percent certified cotton material.

The tampon and string all are made up of pure cotton and contain no added fragrance, dyes, or chlorine. Therefore, it is best suited for your health.

Let us come to the absorbency factor. o.b organic tampons are great for overnight usage. During day time, you can change the tampons after every 4 to 6 hours depending upon the flow.

The applicator is plant based on renewable sources. The cotton used to manufacture these tampons are cultivated in a pesticide free environment.

Protection is the ultimate goal of the o.b tampons. The tampons are completely BPA free.

Each individual tampon is plastic wrapped. o.b organic tampons are cent percent biodegradable and are beneficial for health. Each box contains 18 tampons.

Its soft material is a great treat to the skin. There are no worries regarding leakage.

The applicator is really smooth and helps to push the tampon easily. The tampons are medium sized.

Things we like

  • Great for overnight usage
  • Plant based chemical free applicator
  • Tampons do not cause any potential harm to the body
  • Soft and comfortable fabric

7. Organyc Cotton Tampons

Organyc Cotton Tampons Review

Organyc is a brand known for its unmatched purity. The organic cotton tampons from Organyc are highly breathable and hypoallergic.

The tampons are best suited for normal flow. Nowadays, normal flow tampons are preferred because keeping the same tampon for too long in your vagina can cause toxic shock syndrome.

It is completely devoid of chlorine, bleach, latex, parabens, and perfumes. You can insert the tampons easily and they cause no irritation.

The applicator which accompanies the tampon is 100 percent plant based and chemical free.

Organyc has tried to resolve the issue of skin irritation on using tampons. The tampons are made out of certified organic cotton and they are pH balanced.

No compromises have been made in terms of absorbency. It is soft on skin.

Organyc cotton tampons are one of the best cotton tampons in terms of absorbency and leakage protection. The gentle feel of these cotton tampons is just awesome.

Organyc is a completely eco friendly brand and the packaging of the tampons are even made out of recycled materials.

If you want complete care and protection on your periods, then you must give a try to the new Organyc cotton tampons.

Things we like

  • Made of 100 percent certified cotton
  • High absorbency and guaranteed leakage protection
  • Completely chemical free
  • Plant based applicator
  • Ph balanced for irritation free feel

8. Seventh Generation Organic Cotton Tampons

Seventh Generation Organic Cotton Tampons Review

Seventh Generation aims at providing every woman with a complete and all-round menstrual hygiene.

Organic cotton tampons from this brand gives a long-lasting leakage protection during periods.

It keeps you fresh and dry for carrying out your normal day to day activities during periods. The applicator is really smooth and chemical free.

Plant based applicator gives a super comfortable feel. The tampons have dual leakage protection layer.

This brand does not use rayon or synthetic fabric for manufacturing the tampons. Also, use of any chemical based fragrance is avoided.

The material is 100 percent certified cotton. No artificial whitening agents or chlorinated bleaching agents are used. So, you can be sure that no chemical is entering your body. It is comfortable and smooth.

Hence, Seventh Generation organic tampons are available in three variants according to absorbency.

You can choose the one that best suits your flow.

Itchiness or skin rashes will not be an issue with these organic tampons.

Even the cardboard boxes in which these tampons come are completely recyclable.

Seventh Generation organic tampons are gynecologically tested. They are gluten free and absolutely healthy for you.

Seventh Generation as a brand is associated with many non-profitable charitable projects and donates a part of the price that you pay for each pack to needy people.

Things we like

  • Made out of certified organic cotton
  • Great absorbance
  • Completely chemical free
  • Dual layer for greater leakage protection
  • Gynecologically tested to be completely safe.

9. Sky Organics Organic Cotton Tampons

Sky Organics Review

Make your menstrual cycle nuisance free with the organic cotton tampons from Sky Organics. The amazing leakage protection of these organic cotton tampons will give you a happy period experience.

These tampons are non-applicator type. This means you do not need an applicator for inserting the tampons. The design is made such that there are no issues for inserting or removing the tampons.

The tampons are completely biodegradable and do not contribute to any kind of waste production.

The cotton used for manufacturing is 100 percent GOTS certified organic cotton.

Each pack has 16 pieces of tampons of regular absorbance capacity. It is absolutely vegan and also cruelty free.

Each tampon is gynecologically tested to have zero harmful impact on health. No chemicals or fragrance is used in the production process.

100 percent natural and non-toxic composition ensures great feminine care of every user.

Special care with regards to the well being and health of every user is thought about while designing and manufacturing. It is comfortable, easy to use, and causes no rashes or itchiness.

All the ingredients used are naturally healing and nourishing for the body. The cotton used is grown in organic farms in a pesticide free environment.

These organic cotton tampons are made without using any chlorine or bleach.

You get 3 variants of tampons from this brand- regular, super, and super plus.

These soft and sustainably sourced organic cotton tampons are great to use.

Things we like

  • GOTS certified and pesticide free cotton is used for manufacturing
  • Completely biodegradable
  • Vegan and cruelty free
  • Unscented
  • You can choose the variant according to your flow
  • Comes without the mess of an applicator


What are organic cotton tampons?

All of us know what a tampon is. It is a popular product which is meant to absorb your period blood, quite similar to the sanitary napkins or cloth menstrual pads.

The basic gross difference is that tampons have a longitudinal shape and need to be physically inserted into the vaginal orifice, which shall soak away your period blood and give you protection against leakages.

Organic cotton tampons are the subset of tampons which are made of 100 percent natural ingredients. No chemicals or synthetic materials are used to manufacture the organic tampons.

The cotton that is used to produce organic cotton tampons are grown in a pesticide free environment. Bleaching agent and artificial whiteners are also not used.

Even the applicators of organic tampons are plant based and completely recyclable. Both the tampons and applicators are biodegradable in nature. However, risk of TSS is not eliminated even on the usage of organic cotton tampons.

Are organic cotton tampons better than counterparts?

Organic tampons eliminate all the risks of harmful chemicals from getting into your body’s circulatory system. This is the foremost point on the basis of which organic cotton tampons win over.

Conventional tampons contain a chemical dioxin even though in trace amount. However, because of the fact that tampons come in direct contact with your vagina, even traces can cause issues.

Cases of hormonal imbalance and health problems especially in cases of PCOD and thyroiditis patients on the usage of tampons are very common.

Organic cotton tampons have potentially diminished many such disorders which are associated with the use of tampons.

The plant based and BPA free applicators of the organic cotton tampons are also great for maintaining health and hygiene. These organic cotton tampons are also biodegradable and hence do not contribute to waste generation on the surface of earth.

Where to buy organic cotton tampons?

Organic cotton tampons are easily available at the shops. They usually come in a pack of multiple units. You can also get them online at various e-commerce websites. The prices vary according to the brand.

Buying guide: things to remember while buying an organic tampon

1. Choose the absorbency of the tampon according to your flow, however, it is highly recommended that regular flow tampons should be used for eliminating chances of developing TSS.

2. Check out for tampons which are great for overnight usage.

3. Check the ingredients list of the tampon thoroughly before buying. Stay away from tampons, which use any kind of artificial scents or chlorine or bleaching agents.

Remember that if even a trace of chemical is found in the tampons, it will directly enter your body’s circulatory system.

4. Take a note of the kind of applicator that comes with the tampon. Try to avoid any kind of plastic or chemically based applicators. Choose only plant based, BPA free, and biodegradable applicators.

5. Ensure that the string that is sewn with the tampon should be completely cotton based and particularly devoid of rayon or any such synthetic materials. The cotton used must be GOTS certified.

6. If you are allergic, then make it a point to choose only hypoallergic organic cotton tampons.

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Toxic Shock Syndrome and risks of tampon use

Every pack of tampon, whichever brand you use comes with a disclaimer that tampons are the cause of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). It is a kind of septicemia caused in women due to the prolonged use of tampons.

This disease can be fatal and has been reported to cause deaths. Due to the use of the same tampon over a long time period, the vaginal environment becomes damp. This environment gives the ideal growth conditions for a specific bacterium called the Staphylococcus aureus.

The harmful toxin released by this bacterium causes the particular TSS syndrome.

This is an extremely harmful condition as the toxin from the bacterium is a potential poison. Use of super absorbent tampons is the biggest cause of this disease. Even today, the fatal cause of death of huge number of menstruating women is TSS.

Therefore, it is highly advisable that you choose a tampon with regular absorbency and keep on changing the tampon after every 4 hours.

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