Softdisc vs Flex: Which Menstrual Disc To Choose? – Reviews

Best Menstrual Disc Of 2020: Softdisc vs Flex Disc (Reviews)

Menstrual discs are actually the next generation period product. They are great for modern day women. Menstrual discs are performing better in decreasing the discomfort caused by other period products. Here, we review two of the most popular menstrual discs available in the market. Softdisc vs Flex – let us see who is the winner. Read our reviews below and decide which one to choose.

Softdisc vs Flex: Which Menstrual Disc To Choose? - Reviews

What is a menstrual disc?

A menstrual disc can be defined as a shallow cup like device that collects the blood and mucus during your period flow, when inserted within your body. Menstrual discs are placed right under your cervix. These flat flexible discs collect all the menstrual fluid at the cervical base.

The way it works is very similar to that of menstrual cups. The way of insertion and the position of the devices are different.

The menstrual discs are made of either medical grade polymers or medical grade silicon. The non-reusable variety is made of the medical grade polymers and the reusable variety is made of the medical grade silicon.

Difference between Softdisc and FLEX Disc – at a glance

Both the products, Softdisc menstrual disc and FLEX Menstrual Disc work in the same way and have features that are very much similar.

The FLEX Menstrual Disc has a comfort seal technology, which distinguishes it from the Softdisc. This is an added advantage to prevent leakage and provide an all-round superior protection.

That is why the FLEX Menstrual Disc is more popular among women in terms of preference.

The FLEX Disc attains the intra genital female contour in a better fashion.

Softdisc FLEX
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Softdisc vs FLEX Disc: which one should you choose?

Currently, there are two variations of menstrual discs available in the market – the Softdisc and the FLEX Disc.

1. Softdisc

Softdisc review
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Each pack of Softdisc comes with 14 disposable menstrual discs. The packaging is great. This is a product from The Flex Company. Initially, it was named as Softcup but now it is marketed under the name of Softdisc, though the product remains the same.

The Softdisc menstrual discs are great as period products. You can definitely choose these menstrual discs as your period partner due to the immense benefits that it offers.

First of all, menstrual disc is the only period product, which has zero risk of causing Toxic Shock Syndrome, which is the most common disorder linked with intra vaginal period products. Therefore, you can switch from tampons and menstrual cups to menstrual disc.

Secondly, one single Softdisc is able to collect or absorb the period blood that is collected by over 5 menstrual cups. So, it is highly economical for you as well.

Softdisc comes in one universal size

Softdisc comes in one universal size. This size is suitable for women of all ages and body contours.

So, gone are the days when you had to get confused regarding the period product that will fit you perfectly.

Unlike tampons or menstrual cups, Softdisc does not cause any kind of irritation or dryness when used. So, you feel fresh even during your periods.

The placement of Softdisc is at the cervical base whereas menstrual cups are placed at the vaginal ending causing discomfort and uneasiness. Softdisc does not cause any discomfort upon being used.

The Softdisc is so light that you will literally forget that something is inside you when you insert it.

You can wear it while sleeping, swimming, or running

It provides a great provision for easily carrying out all types of activities. Be it swimming, running, hurrying to school or office, now you can carry out all the chores without worry even on your period days with the help of the Softdisc menstrual discs.

These are awesome for overnight protection as well. The brand itself claims that Softdisc can give you uninterrupted protection from leakage up to 12 hours. So, you don’t need to keep on changing it very now and then. This saves time and unpleasant situations. Softdisc even protects you from all kinds of irritable menstrual odors.

Softdisc is also gaining popularity in the recent days because it allows the user to have period sex without any issues.

This Softdisc actually creates a kind of seal or plug at the base of cervix. So, there are no chances of blood spillage during sex.

Period sex was literally an impossible act with pads, tampons, and menstrual cups. But with the new softdisc menstrual cups, you don’t need to compromise with your libido during your period.

It is suitable for both heavy and light flow

Softdisc is suitable for both heavy and light flow. It provides protection alike for both the situations.

The creation of a single variant of Softdisc by the company is a very useful idea. Choosing a right variant can often be a challenge when it comes to period products.

This Softdisc menstrual disc is completely hypoallergic and it is tested. It is also Phthalates, BPA, and latex free. This composition makes Softdisc completely free of the risk of causing TSS.

Softdisc is very easy to insert as well as remove. All you have to do is, squeeze the rim of the disc and insert it within the vagina. The soft, pliable Softdisc will acquire the shape of your genitals internally and set itself at the base of the cervix.

While removal, you just need to pull it out by placing your finger underneath the rim. It is as simple as that.

Softdisc has basically revolutionized the entire concept of period products. It is a favorite of many women all across the globe who find using this product extremely convenient and sustainable for health.

2. FLEX Menstrual Disc

Flex menstrual disc review
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If you are really irritated having tried over a dozen of other period products, then give the FLEX Menstrual Disc a go. This is the best ever period product having all the features that anybody could want in a period product.

The users of this product have reported that they have experienced cramp free periods with the FLEX Menstrual Disc. Apart from putting a stop to the dryness and irritation during periods, the cramp relief property has made the product a real hit.

Experience up to 12 hours of uninterrupted protection with the FLEX Menstrual Discs. It can absorb period blood equivalent to 3 tampons. So, amidst your busy schedule, you do not need to run to the washroom every now and then.

Sleep-proof – no leakage

Even during the nights, have a peaceful sleep without any worry of leakage. When you have a sound sleep throughout the night, the next day goes really well.

Most women complain of reduced productivity and effort in work during their periods. On using FLEX Discs, this problem was catered really well.

The design of these FLEX Menstrual Discs is such that they will fit your female contours really well. You won’t feel like there is some extra bulging product within your genitals.

You can literally perform all daily activities, right from swimming, jumping, running, once you adapt the flex menstrual disc.

Coming to the most important feature that practically distinguishes the FLEX Disc from all other menstrual discs, the comfort seal technology that really seals the blood and prevents the leakage.

Be it long journeys or athletic events, now you can enjoy a hassle-free period with the leak proof FLEX Menstrual Disc.

It is very convenient to use. You can easily dispose it after use without any problems.

Safe and mess-free

Periods are a part of every women’s life but should not be a hindrance in the daily activities. FLEX Menstrual Disc ensures it.

The safe technology of the flex menstrual discs is really great for teenagers.

Girls who have just started using period products and possess the least idea about the usage patterns can start using this FLEX Menstrual Disc without any worries.

The brand even has a fully expert team who can help you to get a fair idea regarding the usage patterns of the menstrual disc.

These are single use menstrual discs. You need to dispose them off after every individual use.

Flex menstrual discs ensures mess free and a confident period experience.

They do not interfere with the body’s natural physiological mechanisms of menstrual cycle.

Usage of menstrual disc is proven to be unassociated with the Toxic Shock Syndrome. The bio-compatible composition of the FLEX Menstrual Disc is amazing for usage without any possible instances of irritation.

Period sex is also possible in an easy natural way when you use the flex menstrual disc. The menstrual disc is so light and comfortable that having intercourse during periods is now no more of an issue.

Though the brand says that the disc remains effective for 12 long hours, but customer reviews reveal that if the flow is very heavy, then it might be a bit less than 12 hours. But for light to normal flow, 12 hours is fine.

Easy to use

Flex menstrual disc is very easy to use. You need to pinch the rim part of the disc such that the rim diameter reduces to half.

Now, just insert the disc within your vagina up to the pubic bone. When the disc is in place, you shall be able to feel it.

After 12 hours, you can remove it. Just put your finger within the front part of the vagina and draw it out slowly. Empty the disc and wrap it in a paper before disposing it off into the bin.

Both insertion and removal become easier when you do it in a sitting posture on your toilet seat. Removal of the disc can be a bit messy and there have been numerous instances of spillage during taking it out.

So, you need to be extra careful while removing them so that you don’t end up in getting stained clothes.

Also, if the disc is not in place, there can be leakage and staining. Therefore, it is very important to get it placed properly.

Make sure to wash your hands before you insert or remove the disc.

There are lots of instruction videos on that matter, which you can check out for a proper idea regarding usage patterns.

Sustainable and less waste

The FLEX Menstrual Disc is completely vegan. It is made of body safe materials which are of medical grade. These are 100 percent phthalate free and tested to be hypoallergic. They include zero usage of any natural rubber latex.

Using menstrual disc is highly economical as well as eco-friendly. The huge amount of money that every individual woman spends in her lifetime on period products is reduced by 60 percent when they switch over to menstrual discs.

Moreover, the mammoth amount of waste produced from the period products such as pads and tampons can be effectively diminished if products like menstrual cups and discs are adapted more.

Rather than traditional period products, menstrual discs are required much less in number during each period cycle hence it reduces the burden of waste on earth.

Why you should use a menstrual disc

Now, menstrual disc users are broadly segregated into two schools when it comes to post usage reviews and opinions. One school goes with the idea that these are great, almost life changing, and have literally brought about a renaissance in the period experience of individuals.

Whereas, the other school says that the experience is not great as it is clumsy and can be messy at times.

Since the former school outnumbers the later, we shall have a peep into the pros of using the menstrual disc at first, then we shall move to the cons.

Advantages of using a menstrual disc

1. Thin and comfortable

Menstrual discs are extremely thin, delicate, and malleable. There is no discomfort or feeling of heavy bulging period product when you use it. Therefore, the freedom of movement and your locomotory agility is excellently upheld when you use this product.

2. You can wear it while swimming, dancing, or sleeping

Being soft and pliable, you can carry out all your daily activities right from swimming, dancing, performing athletic events and so many more using this product. It provides long time protection almost up to 12 hours; hence you don’t need to keep running to the washroom every now and then to change it.

3. Much better than tampons

It is potent enough to absorb or rather accommodate a huge quantity of period blood. The usability is equivalent to almost 3 tampons. So, you spend less on your period product both in terms of time and money.

4. You can wear during intercourse

Period sex is no more a problem with menstrual discs. Be it traditional sanitary napkins, tampons, or modern menstrual cups, they make period sex almost next to impossible.

So, if the libido is high and your partner wants to get intimate with you, it is a big no every time from your side. But with menstrual discs, it is no more. You can have sex easily with the menstrual discs inserted in your cervix. Even penetrative intercourse to a little extent is possible.

5. No worries about TSS

Toxic Shock Syndrome is another dreaded disease that is very commonly associated with menstrual products like tampons. Menstrual discs literally swipe away all probable possibilities of TSS. So, you can use it without any fear.

6. Less waste

Reduce your spending and burden of waste on earth by switching over to menstrual discs. The average amount of money that you will spend on pads and tampons or the massive amount of waste you shall produce by throwing them away can be considerably diminished by choosing menstrual discs.

7. Menstrual discs reduce cramps

According to studies, more than 70 percent of women who have used the menstrual disc say that they have experienced reduced period cramps on using the menstrual discs.

Cramps are indeed the worst of nightmares that are associated with menstruation. So, if there is any product that can actually reduce it, all the ladies are going to love it.

8. No dryness or itchiness

The itchiness or unnecessary dryness that is caused mainly due to tampons, which absorb any and every fluid in your genitals, can be safely avoided by using the menstrual discs.

9. Fits perfectly

Menstrual discs because of their position of placement do not remain clogged at the opening of vaginal canal and therefore you do not feel uncomfortable.

10. Safe and hygienic

This is very appropriate in terms of hygiene. They are made in a completely bio-compatible way that causes no health issues.

Menstrual discs are devoid of all kinds of harmful chemical components, such as phthalate or latex. They are also tested to be completely hypoallergic before being released in the market.

11. One universal size – fits women of all age group

Mostly, there is one size available that is universal. That means, women of all age group and shape/size can use this product without hesitation. It will adjust according to your body shape and give a personalized fit to you. So, there is no mess and no confusion.

Disadvantages of using a menstrual disc

1. Many women complaint that during heavy flow, the menstrual discs do not serve well. Every 3 hours they call to be replaced. So, it becomes almost as irritating as pads.

Even on the heavier flow days, when they have to go out for college or office, these fail to keep up to the 12 hours promise.

2. The removal of the menstrual disc is indeed a problem. Firstly, their shape is a little absurd. It is a shallow cup. It gets full every time prior to removal.

So, when you take it out, the disc full of blood spills over and has a tendency to stain your clothes.

Menstrual disc – myths and misconceptions

Many women are of the wrong notion that, the menstrual discs can be used as contraceptives. That means, if you wear it during sex, there is no guarantee that conception can be prevented.

Though it kind of seals the cervical opening, it is not proven that it can rule out the possibilities of STDs and conception.

How to use a menstrual disc – insertion and removal

How to insert a menstrual disc

Follow these simple steps for inserting the menstrual disc:

How to insert menstrual disc
  1. Wash your hands properly or sanitize them in the best way. You definitely don’t want any infection to spread through your dirty hands. Always remember that you are dealing with the most sensitive part of your body.
  2. Take the menstrual disc and squeeze the rim to actually make the diameter half. The disc is soft, pliable and thin. This delicate nature of the disc makes it easy to squeeze.
  3. Now, insert it into your genital portion by moving in through the vagina. You can move it up to the pubic bone. Adjust till you feel that a proper position has been attained.
  4. It will mainly go up to the cervical base. If the placement is appropriate, you shall not feel any uneasiness or discomfort. It will fit the contour of your internal genitals in the best possible way. It is so delicate that you will feel there is absolutely nothing within.

How to remove a menstrual disc

These are the steps that will help you remove the menstrual disc properly:

  1. Removing the menstrual disc is not as easy as putting it in. This is because while you put it in, the disc is empty and thin, whereas when you take it out, the disc is full of fluid, enhanced in volume.
  2. In this case as well, wash your hands properly with a good sanitizer.
  3. It is advisable that you sit in a toilet seat while removing the disc. It will make the process easier and rule out chances of staining.
  4. Insert your fingers, thumb and index into the vaginal opening. Soon you will be able to feel the tip end of the full discs.
  5. Pull the disc out slowly holding its end tip firmly. Remember that it is full now and the fluid can come out. Mostly there is a spillage but if you are on the toilet seat there will be no issues.
  6. Empty the disc’s content in the toilet and dispose it away by wrapping in some paper.

Menstrual discs vs. menstrual cups

When we are comparing menstrual cups and discs, following remains in the limelight:

Menstrual disc and Menstrual cup comparison
Image via FlexFits
Menstrual Discs Menstrual Cups
Placed in vaginal fornix closer to the cervical canal Remain in vaginal canal
Extremely flexible and attains shape according to contour of the internal genitals Well structured shape that maintains its integrity even in vivo
Allows great experience of period free sex You cannot actually have sex with the cups on
Generally disposable and entitled to single time usage Always reusable. You can sanitize the cups after every use and reuse it over a long time
Discs have a relatively shallower body structure Cups have a well structured deeper and hollow body to collect the fluid
Bit tricky to remove properly and there is every possibility of spillage Easy to remove

Give your periods a new comfortable status with menstrual discs.

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