Top 5 Best Menstrual Cups For High Cervix – 2021 Reviews

5 Best Menstrual Cups For High Cervix

Every woman has slightly different cervix height and choosing the right menstrual cup depends on the height of your cervix. It can be little tricky though, but don’t worry, I will help you find the best menstrual cups for high cervix that will perfectly suit your body.

5 Best Menstrual Cups For High Cervix

With the advent of menstrual cups in the domain of period products, there has been a revolution. A number of women all over the globe have been immensely benefitted by the use of menstrual cups. But, there are several confusions and inquisitions related to menstrual cups.

The basic question still remains that how will one universal menstrual cup fit every woman with individual needs? Today, we will try to put some light on the answers to such questions.

Menstrual cups basically sit at the mouth of the cervical canal, as cervix followed by vagina is the single route for the exit of period blood from the body. Under such circumstances, it becomes an absolute necessity to locate your cervix and find the suitable menstrual cup for yourself.

Here is a list of the top 5 best menstrual cups for high cervix

These period cups are exclusively designed for women with high cervix.

1. Diva Cup Model 1

Diva Menstrual Cup for high cervix

Probably all menstrual cup users know about this brand. Diva Cups are indeed the favorite of many women. The features of this cup and the sustainability in characteristics is the main reason for its popularity.

The model 1 of Diva Cup is designed for women who fall in the age group of 19 to 30.

Pre partum, the cervix actually remains at a high position. So, if you have a low to moderate flow and your age falls in this range, then Diva Cup model 1 can be a true help for you. It is one of the best menstrual cups for high cervix.

The cups are authentically prepared keeping into consideration the hygiene and sensitivity of the female intimate area. They are devoid of BPA or any type of plastic.

The shape of the Diva Cup is complementary to the female intimate area. It perfectly suits high cervix. The smooth walls glide in your vagina quite easily.

The Diva Cup model 1 is a medium firm cup, the rim being harder than the body. But, you can easily fold the ring for insertion. The stem is also short and not very conspicuous, no probabilities of getting hurt.

You do not need to employ any rocket science to clean it. Neither does it demand for very expensive care. You just need to practice thorough boiling of the cup before and after use as simple steps for maintenance.

Also, it is is great option to get rid of your monthly period product expenses.

2. The Intima Lily Cup Size B – for high cervix with heavy flow

Lily Menstrual Cup for high cervix with heavy flow

Now, this one is my personal favorite. The unique shape and smooth texture of the Lily Cup is adorable. It is one of the best menstrual cups for high cervix I have used so far.

Many brands do promise for a 12 hours protection but their products hardly fulfil this promise. Lily Cup is extremely efficient to provide a good 12-hour protection. When you insert it, there is literally no feeling at all, nothing feels like hitting your vaginal wall. That is so perfect to carry out a busy day.

The Intima Lily Cup model B is built in an ergonomic way with a slanted design to complement the anatomy of higher cervical positions. So, if you are lost in the thought that what will be a good choice for your high cervix, this menstrual cup is literally an all-rounder.

It is even a good option if you have weak floors of the pelvis. The cups are tested to be medically safe. You can pair the lily cups with any of your underwear without any discomfort to actually rock your periods.

You should immediately replace your pads and tampons with the Intima lily cup model B for a better period experience. The pads and tampons cannot provide a proper leakage protection for high cervix, because they are externally placed.

Lily Cup is my favorite and trust me you will also love it once you start using it.

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3. Pixie Cup (Large & X-Large) – for high cervix with normal to heavy flow

Pixie Menstrual Cup for high cervix with normal to heavy flow

This brand has off late gained much popularity due to the consistently amazing performance of the cups. This is also another good choice if you have a high cervix position.

The Large and X-Large size of cups from this brand will suit you well if you have a high cervix.

Pixie Cup actually works well for pretty 10 years in case you properly maintain it using the right soaps and cleaners for menstrual cups.

Large Size is for high cervix with normal to heavy flow.

X-Large Size is for high cervix with extra heavy flow.

The cup is soft in nature made out of malleable polymers. It is completely chemical free with zero traces of toxicity. So, you can be assured that you are placing trust on a worthwhile brand.

Even the stem is flexible which helps in easy removal of the cup, which is a main problem with women who have high cervix. The soft nature will actually help you to lush it upright till you feel the correct spot.

This particular model ‘Large’ is designed for women who have a high cervix along with normal to heavy flow. So, basically it has great accommodative power to serve long.

You can carry out any activity with this latex free menstrual cup and be assured not to have stained clothes. There are also large number of seal pints on the body of the cup accounting for extra protection.

What I loved about the Pixie Cup is that every time you buy a Pixie Cup, they give another cup to a woman in need.

4. FemmyCycle Custom Fit Menstrual Cup (Regular Size)

Femmycycle Menstrual Cup for high cervix

I don’t think I can ever end writing a review if I start with this variety. This is my holy grill product and standing at this date, I cannot even imagine my periods without this cup.

It has literally waved the true revolution in the world of menstrual cups. FemmyCycle has acquainted women with the actual comfort of menstrual cups.

It is probably the only custom fit menstrual cup. That means, the cup has been equipped with the perfect shape and even better structural specifications to exactly fit the female genital anatomy.

There are two main features in this cup that mesmerize me.

First, the pull-out ring or removal ring present externally on the cup. Second is the internal funnel shaped ring to direct your period blood to nowhere other than the cup.

Such a highly scientific and ergonomically designed cup can actually be the greatest relief to all the ladies who were ever complaining not finding the correct cup for their high cervix.

Completely transparent and made of the best quality BPA and toxin free ingredients, this cup is more than adorable to me. The shape of the cup typically resembles a wine glass and fits well into your genitals.

Run around, go for gym, attend office daily and do whatever you feel like even during the periods with the FemmyCycle cup. There are nil traces of chemicals or toxins in it. My thumbs up for this product, I would definitely rate it 11 upon 10.

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5. Blossom Menstrual Cups (Large)

Blossom Menstrual Cup for high cervix

This large sized silicone based menstrual cups are sure to relieve you of the stress of having a heavy flow and high cervix. It comes in a bright color shades and will practically relieve you of that boring mundane period feel.

The texture of the cup is super soft. This softness applies to both the rim and the body. This is indeed a great product to substitute pads and tampons.

It is easy to fold and insert within. It works in a pretty amazing way in correlation with the natural flow of the body. If you have sensitive bladder or you have to struggle with intolerable cramps every month, you can go with this cup.

It is extremely comfortable as it is quite thin and soft. Many women especially mothers have reported their fantastic experience with this cup. The stem is also soft and quite short. So, there is no feeling of something popping into your underwear.

Now, you can wear your favorite dresses and carry out your favorite activities even during your periods, with the all new Blossom cups. The diameter is custom made and suitable to accommodate all the period flow. It is very light, so there is practically zero clumsiness with the cup.

The Blossom cup is completely BPA free and also hypoallergic. It retains the perfect shape always and is not too hollow or too flat. These lovely features make it such a hit.

Two models are available: small and regular. For high cervix, go with the regular variety.

Off late what I observe is that, many women are still confused with the basic fact about their genitals and their menstrual cup requirements.

Let us have a look at few such frequently asked questions.

Where is my cervix located?

Now, first of all let us dig into some basic female anatomy. Your cervix is the passage between your uterus and vagina. When you menstruate, the period blood comes out through cervix followed by the vagina. It is also an integral part of the birth canal as we call it.

During delivery, the fetus comes out through this very pathway. During partum, the diameter of the cervix dilates from 10 to 20 folds to let the bay come out.

Now, the cervix may not always remain accurately at the same position. Depending upon the thickening and shedding of the uterine lining, it may change the position and there is practically nothing to be worried about it.

It is highly recommended that you keep on checking the position of your cervix often, at least once a week to have a fair idea about your personal cervical position.

How do I know if I have a high cervix?

Do I have high cervix?

That is the most important consideration according to me. Well, you have to check out by yourself to know whether you have a high cervix or a low cervix.

First of all, do not ever opt for checking the position of your cervix just after you have a sexual arousal or an intercourse as you will end up getting wrong ideas.

Preferably, when you are taking a shower, you can check the position. Now the question comes how will you check.

Initially wash your hand to avoid any contamination. Now, insert your index finger within your vagina. While doing this, you need to adapt a special posture.

Stand with one leg placed higher than the other, preferably rested on a high platform like bath tub or rim of the toilet seat. This way, the cervix will remain in its normal position and you can feel the correct location in a proper way.

Keep on inserting the finger till you can feel the cervix. When you feel an obstruction to your fingers, be sure you have reached the cervix.

Now your next task is to feel at which position of the index finger did you feel the cervix.

If you felt it quite close to the tip, near the initial bending of your index finger, then you have a low cervix. If you felt it between the first bend and knuckle, you have a regular cervix.

And lastly, if you had the feeling of the cervix at the third knuckle towards the base of your index finger, you have a high cervix.

This way of identification is commonly called a knuckle test.

How does a cervical position change during various phases of the female reproductive cycle?

During the menstruation phase, when there is bleeding, the position of the cervix is pretty low. At this time, if you insert your finger, you shall easily feel the cervix to be low enough. The nature of the cervix also changes.

During this phase, the cervix remains quite hard and stiff, though it allows passage for the period blood. This is the exact reason why period sex can sometimes be extremely painful and totally uncomfortable.

When the menstruation phase is over and the endometrial wall starts regenerating, the cervix still remains low, yet you can feel it slowly moving up and becoming soft and pliable.

During ovulation, the cervix becomes completely soft and also attains a high up position. After a few hours of ovulation, you can practically feel that the cervix has merged with the rest of the vagina.

These are physiological adaptations to let the sperms enter into the female reproductive tract. In case of successful fertilization and pregnancy, the cervix remains in this high up position.

If no fertilization takes place, it again subsides to its low position with hard and stiff constitution.

What is the function of my cervix?

Where is my cervix?
Image: lunette

It allows the passage of urine, period blood, and the baby. It is the lowermost part of the uterus and forms a link between uterus and vagina. During pregnancy, it forms a plug or seal with mucous which safely secures the fetus in place. The cervical opening is extremely narrow.

What are the features to consider while buying menstrual cups for high cervix?

If you are completely aware of the position of the cervix, it becomes easier to actually choose the best cup for yourself. Choosing a wrong variant of menstrual cup can lead to:

  • Leakages
  • Extreme pain and discomfort
  • Slipping off of the cup from its normal position
  • Interruption in the normal movement

Here is a list of the essential factors that you must consider while choosing a menstrual cup for your highly placed cervix:

1. Now, you have a high cervix means you have a long vaginal canal. So, the cup that you choose for yourself must also be long. Therefore, try to go with long and large varieties of the menstrual cups.

If you try out the smaller varieties, they will eventually get lost in your vaginal canal and you will have a tough time recovering them at the time of removal, trust me ladies, that is a menace. So, better avoid it.

2. Extremely soft menstrual cups cannot be really good if you have a high cervix. Firm cups form a tight seal with your cervical tissues via the simple vacuum mechanism. This way, you can stay miles away from unwanted leakages and spills. So, try to do with firm cups.

Here is a detailed guide on soft vs firm menstrual cups.

3. Choose menstrual cups with relatively long stems. If you do so, it will be easy for you to remove the cups. If the cup has a short stem, you will face a hard time to put it in and even harder time to pull it out.

4. Do not choose cups that have extremely hard rim. Always remember that if you are choosing a cup for high cervix, means you will have to insert it a long way.

So, it will always be better if you can fold or squeeze the rim properly. That will allow you to place it correctly for a better period experience.

My final words

Having a high cervix is no abnormality. It is just one of the natural variations in the position of the cervix. With a proper menstrual cup, your period experience can be better.

According to me, these five products are the top best menstrual cups for high cervix available right now. They are amazingly designed to give you a perfect period experience.

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