Best Maxi Pads For Postpartum, Heavy Periods, & Tweens (2021)

Best Maxi Pads For Postpartum, Heavy Periods, & Tweens

Maxi pads are a specific category of sanitary napkins which is used for greater absorbency usually at those times when the menstrual flow is the heaviest. These pads are the best to support you during the heaviest flow. The best maxi pads for postpartum are suited to absorb the excess blood flow after delivery.

Best Maxi Pads For Postpartum, Heavy Periods, & Tweens

Owing to their high capacity to absorb period fluid, maxi pads for heavy periods are a real boon to all those women who have to keep on changing regular pads time and again due to their heavy flow rate. These types of pads are also the best option for tweens as they are just starting their period journey.

Best postpartum maxi pads

The hallmarked use of maxi pads is post-partum use. Initially, they were deemed as a maternity pad. The excessive vaginal discharge, also called the post-partum bleeding is so voluminous that any normal pad cannot cope up with such mammoth absorbance.

Maxi pads were originally designed to serve this very purpose. They were also called gynecological pads when they came into use.

Poise Pads (Maximum – Regular & Long Length)

Available in two types: Regular Length & Long Length (in different counts)

Poise pads are superior in quality. They possess the capability of imparting dryness and comfort for a very long period. The pads are ergonomically designed to provide zone-based protection. They are well suited to support heavy bladder leakage, which is common in the post-partum condition.

You can pick either Regular Length or Long Length according to your choice.

Best for heavy flow

Maxi pads are also extremely well suited to support heavy periods. Many women suffer from the inconvenience of changing pads frequently because normal sanitary napkins are unable to support against very heavy flow. These type of pads are the best option for such a scenario. They provide protection for a longer period of time and prevent the unwanted staining or leakages.

Stayfree Maxi (Super – without Wings)

Stay Free Maxi Pads
Available in different Counts

They are specially designed for protection during heavy periods. Presence of anti-leakage channels in the pad locks the period fluid and prevents leakage. The pad has 4 layers of protection that barely lets seepage or staining to occur. These pads are awesome to be used as overnight pads.

The top sheet comes with an extra soft cover that makes the pad more friendly to the skin. The pad also has the property of odor neutralization. It has no wings and hence it is great for all those who want to avoid the fuss of sticking the pad around.

So, you can expect a literally happy period with the Stayfree wingless maxi pads.

But, if you prefer with wings, get ‘Super Long with Wings’ style (check below).

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Best for tweens and teens

Maxi pads for tweens are exclusively designed to get tweens acquainted with their newly acquired periods. The tween is the age between being a kid and a teenager. This is the time of menarche, that, is the time when most girls experience their first period. Maxi pads for tweens can be great for the first-time users.

Always – Totally Teen

Always Teen

The Always teen pads are a perfect tween and teen pad. The pads are super flexible and come with high absorbency of almost 8 hours. The texture is very soft and the pads are extremely flexible. These have been designed keeping in mind the needs of teenager school girls.

The absorbance power is enough to save them from hassles of changing pads in the school. There is no risk of staining even if the little girls engage in sports activities.

Best maxi pads with wings

These pads are modified maxi pads. The dimensions are the same. The only difference is that the pads have wings. The presence of wings serves two purposes – firstly, it keeps the pad in a fixed position and subsequently prevents unwanted staining of the clothes due to the misplacing of the pads.

Secondly, side leakages are very common especially during overnight usages and heavy physical exercises. For such instances, winged varieties are the best suited. The heavy bleeding during post-partum often causes staining in the non-winged variety.

Stayfree (Super Long – with Wings)

Maxi Pads with wings
Available in different Counts

These Stayfree pads are simply awesome in their texture and functionality. The pads are adorned with leakage channels, which prevent unwanted leakages. The supreme soft cover is an excellent way to keep away from pad rashes.

The pads also feature odor neutralizers. The quick absorbing characteristic always creates a top dry cover which is a great relief during heavy periods.

What are maxi pads and why do you need them?

Maxi pads are mostly essential to absorb the huge mass of vaginal discharge that occurs after post-partum. After the delivery of baby, most women experience a heavy vaginal bleeding. Maxi pads had been initially designed just for this purpose.

Maxi pads with their extended dimension and super absorbance capacity are perfect as gynecological pads. The regular sanitary napkins are not enough to absorb the extra blood or vaginal discharge during the post-partum period.

The brands are even going for customized maxi pad production to meet specific needs for each purpose of usage.

Post-partum is the time when you need sanitary napkins with absorbency power far greater than what the usual pads offer. Such sanitary napkins with absorbance and coverage multifold greater than normal napkins so, they are called a maxi pad.

Not only for post-partum usage, these pads are also well suited for all the women who experience heavy periods. These pads provide greater absorption and greater coverage. So, you have a stress-free period experience. They come in lot of variations the primary being with or without wings.

Maxi pads for the tweens and teens are much more flexible than the normal pads, hence convenient to use. Maxi pads for tweens are designed in the best way to help them get acquainted with their new periods. Mostly, all the brands which are into the production of sanitary napkins do manufacture maxi pads, so you can go by the brand which suits you the best.

Maxi pads with wings vs without wings: which one to choose?

Winged pads are those which have a special flap like extension on both sides of the pads. The utility of these wings is that you can stick these wings to your underwear that will prevent the side leakages.

Leakage from the sides is a major problem especially when you are performing athletic activities with greater body movements and also while sleeping during the night. On the other hand, pads without wings do not contain this flap. Majority of women go for maxi pads with wings.

The first reason is of course to eliminate the probabilities of the unwanted side leakages. Secondly, the maxi pads are quite large in their surface area and the presence of wings keeps them fixed at their position and is literally of great help.

On the other hand, many people still want to use the ones which have no wings just to keep away from the extra work of flapping the wings around their underwear.

But, in every way the maxi pads with wings are definitely far better than the ones without wings. The wings increase the utility of the pads to a large extent.

Especially, when you are out with a day’s work or have to travel long distances, maxi pads with wings are definitely the better choice.

Maxi pads vs ultra-thin pads: what is the difference?

The basic difference between maxi pads and ultra-thin pads is their thickness.

Maxi pads as the name suggests is much thicker and is well adapted for heavy flow including the post-partum bleeding and heavy periods. Ultra-thin pads, on the other hand, as the name suggest are much thinner – the ones which cannot go on with absorbing the heavy blood flow of vaginal discharge or heavy periods. The dimension of the maxi pads is greater than those of ultra-thin pads.

Ultra-thin pads are actually a compressed pad which are designed to give seamless period experience such that you cannot even feel anything in your underwear.

Now, there are also variations in the pads. For maxi pads or ultra-thin pads, there are regular and super absorbance varieties. The fundamental aspect of choosing the pad is actually your activity level.

The greater your activity level during your periods, higher is the need of the absorbance. Choosing a regular one or super absorbance one also depends upon your choice and your comfort level. As for the maxi pads, there are special instances where there is an essential need of them and ultra-thin pads won’t do at all.

For example, during post-partum vaginal discharge, no other pad can do without the maxi pads. For both the type of pads,you have winged or non-winged varieties and you can choose the one that you like.

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Final say

Maxi pads are definitely a well structured special variety of pads that are inevitable for few instances, such as post-partum vaginal bleeding and heavy periods.

These particular type provide an improved protection because they have been designed with special protective and absorbance layers. Though maxi pads are known as maternity pads, they can also serve really well for overnight protection.

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