6 Best Heating Pads For Menstrual Cramps In 2021

The Best Heating Pads For Menstrual Cramps

Menstrual cramps are probably the biggest challenge that more or less every woman has to face either at the beginning or during the menstrual cycle. Apart from bleeding, period cramps are almost intolerable and cause a hindrance in the normal day to day activities.

The Best Heating Pads For Menstrual Cramps

The process of getting relieved by soothing heat compresses and warmth is not new. Since centuries, women have been using the heating therapy to reduce the menstrual cramps.

Initially, as home remedies, bottles filled with hot water, cotton cloths with hot sand, or hot salt were used as the heating compressors. But, the problem with these home remedies is that they cannot be used all throughout the day.

The compressions could be taken only when women are at home or at rest. Moreover, the whole process is a bit clumsy too. That is the reason why modern heating pads came into existence.

Why to use heating pads for menstrual cramps?

Period cramps are unbearable. There is no woman on the planet earth who is not aware of this. A soothing effect with effective heating is a great way out from this pain.

The heating therapy is also great for reducing any menstrual inflammation in the lower abdominal area. The soothing heat increases the blood flow to the concerned area and promotes the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the area. This helps the area to recover quickly and provides a gentle and comforting effect.

The menstrual heating pads are effective substitutes for all these traditional and cumbersome heating processes. They provide substantial relief and comfort from the painful period cramps.

On using these heating pads, the continuous warmth is ideal for carrying out your day to day activities and all types of work. Cramps are almost like an indispensable part of pre-menstrual syndrome.

Heating pads are therefore great in relaxing the uneasiness of PMS.

The best heating pads for menstrual cramps that are most popular because of their performance and ease of use (reviews)


Heating pad for cramps

This is one of the best-known brands for menstrual heating pads. Many expert reviews say that this is one of the best brands in terms of the quality of products.

Things we like

It has a fast heating material that provides quick relief. The fiber material that is used in this heating pad is of medical grade. The pad uses a high-grade heating technology termed as the real heat technology. The optimum heating capacity within a short span gives effective relief from pain.

The ergonomic and scientific design of the pad is extremely useful for a better fit. It is designed keeping in mind the female contours and shapes. It fits well along the abdominal curve.

The advanced heating technology used in this pad is obtained from the infrared rays released from the graphene heating chip.

The design of the pads also allows for greater coverage making the heat waves spread over a greater area, which relaxes the sides of the abdomen as well. It can be carried easily within just a small bag and is extremely convenient to use.

The pad is easily washable and portable. The Velcro elastic belt is extremely suitable for a great and comfortable fit.

It comes with 3 heat levels:

  • The green mode (95-degree Fahrenheit) is good for daily uterine maintenance.
  • The blue mode (113-degree Fahrenheit) is suitable for pre menstrual syndrome cramp relief.
  • The red mode (131-degree Fahrenheit) is good for women with frequent dysmenorrhea.


electric heating pad

It uses the heat cell technology, which penetrates deep into the tissue layer and provides relief from pain. This heating pad provides continuous pain relief for 8 hours. The deep penetrating pain relief technology provides soothing pain relief from extreme period cramps.

Things we like

The adherence surface area is huge, so the heating effect won’t remain confined to only one area, instead covers the maximum portion of the lower abdomen.

It works really fast by producing maximum heat just after a few minutes of putting it on. The best part is that the heat itself remains in moderation.

It never becomes too high that you will burn yourself. Also, it comes with a skin friendly lycra material.

The temperature is maintained at constant with the help of the NTC constant temperature layer. The graphene heating chip provides great heating effect. The pad is extremely efficient.

There is even a waterproof layer to maintain its working in proper conditions. This is the waterproof TPU layer.

The heating chip generates the infrared thermal energy, which deeply relaxes the muscles by improving blood circulation and penetrating within the cells. The heat intensity is easily customizable with a three-tier heat control system. It heats up instantly once you press the power button.

It doesn’t not include any built-in battery, so you need to use it with a cable and adapter. Temperature regulation is easy and the system is sensitive.

The built-in fabric is soft, light, and breathable. The heating pad is easily washable and portable.


pad for period cramps

Among the many features of this heat pad, let us first talk about the proposed mechanism of working of this heat pad. It is claimed by the brand that the heat generated through the patches considerably reduces the pain by relaxing the muscles and providing a soothing effect and deep tissue relaxation for a long time.

Things we like

The dimensions of the pad are quite big. The pad also has a unique design for greater coverage. The heat waves spread uniformly across the abdomen and relaxes the cramp pain.

The pad is extremely light weight. So, when you use it, there is no sensation of any extra thick fat object. This extremely effective pad will cause no discomfort or uneasiness when used.

The design is great. You can easily fit it within a small space. So overall, it is a mess free product that will not occupy much of space but definitely put an end to much of your stress.

The Velcro closure is awesome for adjustment. The fabric is light weight, stretchable, and breathable. Also, the battery can be recharged with an adapter.

The heating pad can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth but make sure the dc plug for operation never gets wet. To avoid accident, don’t bring the battery in proximity to the fire.

It works on long lasting therapy for reduction in pain especially in the abdominal area that experiences most pain during the cramps.

It has 3 heating modes:

The heating pad can be adjusted at 3 different temperature levels. Choose the one that suits your pain intensity. It shuts off when the working time is over. This pad adapts a great intelligent mechanism, which is great for both safety and pain relief.

The switch on the heating pad easily helps to set the temperature. The high, medium, and low modes are indicated by red, blue, and green lights, respectively.


pad for menstrual cramps

Those restless nights that you used to spend suffering will now be replaced by peaceful ones. All thanks to the Mighty Bliss Electrical pads.

If terrible period cramps are spoiling your productive days, then it is high time that you choose this heating pad. This extremely comfortable and enormously beneficial heating pad will relieve your period cramp pain effectively. It also provides a long lasting and comforting experience.

Things we like

The heating pad is sturdy in nature and very fast in action. The proper amount of heat will reach your aching muscles within no time and provide you a speedy recovery from the unbearable pain.

The dimensions of the pad make it easy and convenient to use. The micro plush fibers that make up the heating fibers are extremely soft and cozy on the skin.

The regulatory mechanism of the pad is also unique. Apart from setting the desirable temperature, there is an additional option that allows you to set whether you prefer dry heat or moist heat. So, the settings are absolutely personalized giving you a lifetime experience.

This heating pad is a great one from all aspects and can be easily used by all. The heat will easily penetrate into the muscles and calm them.

The auto shut off technology of the heating pad actually eliminates all possibilities of any unwanted accident or injury.


electric pad for cramps

The Pure Enrichment PureRelief heating pad is one of the best-selling menstrual heating pads. The large fan base is solely due to the extremely efficient results of this heating pad.

Convenient to use with faster results that are outstanding literally is what defines this heating pad. It is great to cure the enormous menstrual cramp pains.

All women can use this heating pad to get bliss and relief from their cramps. This heating pad is definitely a multipurpose one but mostly used for cramps.

Things we like

The dimensions are 12’’*24’’. So, at a time, it can cover a large area.

The pad features an auto shut off technology. That is after 2 hours of continuous use, it switches off on its own.

The topmost layer of the heating pad is made of soft micro plush material, which will give a soft and comfortable touch on contact with your skin. The bottom part of the pad is made pf polyester material which actually helps in creating a better heating base.

The four variable temperature ranges help to adjust the heat as per requirement. It is obvious that the intensity of pain will be directly proportional to the intensity of heat that is to be applied. But, it is recommended that extreme high levels of heat should not be applied right from the beginning.

This heating pad calls for negligible maintenance. You can machine wash it to maintain its integrity for years in the same way round.

Here’s the best part: If you want to experience a moist heat experience, then you can simply dampen the top part of the heating pad to enjoy a lovely moist heat experience. It is highly durable and great for personal usage.


heating pad for pain relief

Soothing the pain and aching of muscles with heat therapy is a long-known process. The heating pads have made it easier and customized. The Sunbeam king size heating pad is a great option for pain relief by heating.

The soft micro plush fiber top is so gentle on the skin that you would love to use this pad. This heating pad is even great for daily use. There are no drastic side effects.

The highly sensitive LED controller helps in easy regulation of the heating pad function.

The heating pad can be set at 4 different temperature levels providing variable intensity of heat. There is also 2 hours auto shut off feature present that helps in precise controlling.

The king size of the heating pad provides a great coverage. So, you can get the effect over a large area at a time. There is no extra hardcore effort needed to keep this heating pad in a good working condition for long time.

You can machine wash it easily.

Energy conservation is possible with the auto shut off feature.

The company offers a minimum warranty period of 5 years. (As on 26/01/2020)

FAQs regarding heating pads for menstrual cramps

Types of heating pads

The heating pad can be compared to a heating surface that shall relax your cramping muscles.

Heating pads can either be in the form of waist belts or in the form of a big square shaped fiber pad.

If it is like a waist belt, you can easily wear it around your abdomen. On the other hand, if it is of the latter type, you just need to firmly place the pad in the aching portion.

Both types come with regulatory devices, which can be in-built or any external remote.

You need to switch on the device and set the temperature. That’s all. You can enjoy the warmth that shall provide a soothing relief to the affected muscles.

A few more types of heating pads are:

  • Electric heating pads
  • Corded heating pads
  • Moist heating pads
  • Dry heating pads
  • Portable heating pads
  • Infrared heating pads

Does heating pad help menstrual cramps?

Heating pad helps menstrual cramps

In short: yes, it helps. Heating pads are extremely beneficial for relieving period cramps.

Heat has long been identified as a potential reliever of any kind of muscle pain. The heating pads generate heat waves, which travel deep into your tissues to the muscles. This heat relaxes the aching muscles and eventually diminishes the intensity of the menstrual pain.

Now, let us look a bit within the physiology of cramp relief by heating therapy. The main reason of your experiencing a nasty period pain is the unruly muscles of the uterus.

During the menstrual flow, the uterine muscles and also the other associated genital area muscle undergo vigorous contraction, which gives rise to severe pain and discomfort commonly termed as the period cramps.

Heat waves relaxes these muscles and also provides relief from the pain. A continuous sensation of warmth provides relaxed and soothing feeling.

These menstrual heating pads can be used by simply placing them at the area where the pain is being felt, that is the lower abdominal area.

A few things to remember while using heating pads for menstrual cramps

There are certain facts that you must follow while their usage.

1. Menstrual heat pads can be used for a long duration of time, but it is advised not to use them while sleeping.

2. Adjust the heat level according to your own comfort. A very intense amount of heat can be harmful. Prolonged high intensity heat can cause blisters, rashes, and burns. So, it is very important to balance the time and the heat levels.

3. Intermittent off periods are extremely necessary for the proper usage of the heat pads. After every 5 hours, it should be removed and the skin should be left vacant.

4. Heating pads might cause allergic at times, so it is better to check out properly before buying one.

Caution: You should not use the heating pad while you sleep. This is because during sleep, you cannot keep a check on the heating pad temperature.

Keep checking the temperature after every few hours to avoid discomfort.

Too much of anything is not good, hence keep the heat under control.

Does heating pads increase menstrual flow?

It is a matter of controversy. Normal science says, upon the reaching of heat waves, the genital muscles gets relaxed.

This relaxation broadens the cervical and vaginal pathway through which the blood can now come out with ease and without causing much of trouble.

But, for an individual, the menstrual blood quantity is not subject to variation with regards to any external factor like heat.

How long to use heating pads to relieve cramps?

Usually 3 hours at a stretch is more than enough for relieving menstrual pain. In fact, most of the scientifically designed menstrual heating pads have a auto shut off after every 2 hours.

Over exposure to the heat may cause injuries or desensitization of the concerned area towards heat, both of which are undesirable.

Wrap up

Yes, heating pads are highly beneficial for period cramps, which are part of premenstrual syndrome. Almost all women suffer greatly from cramps just prior to their periods. Cramp care heating pads are a good solution to their problems.

These heating pads are easy to go with as they are in shape of heating patches actually. They are quite easy and comforting to use with no such extra hackles.

Whichever one you decide on, it will all serve your purposes with no hassles.

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