Does Period Underwear Really Work? – Best Period Underwear Reviews

Gone are the days of discomforts on your period days. Carry out your normal day to day activities without any hindrance and unease with the all new period underwear. Many of you might be hearing this for the first time, whereas some might already know about this underwear.

Does Period Underwear Really Work? - Best Period Underwear Reviews

But, today you will come to know much more about period underwear and what are the benefits of using it or how you can use it. Whatever it is, a lot of ladies who have actually used the period underwear seem to be very satisfied with it. So, if you have not tried it yet, give it a shot.

What are the types of period underwear?

There are basically two types of period underwear.

1. One type is where you have a compartment actually created for the sanitary napkin to be put in place. These are the primitive ones and not of much use.

2. The other one is about what we are discussing today, that is, the period panties. They are actually constituted of multiple layers of absorbing stuff to actually protect the leakages during your menstrual flow.

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How does a period underwear work?

How period underwear works

Period panties can absorb all type of blood flow from light to moderate one and you can actually use it as a back up with your tampons or menstrual cups if the flow is heavy.

The age old and traditional period support products like disposable sanitary napkins have many issues. Suppose, when you start bleeding all of a sudden at a place where you don’t even have a chance to put a pad into position, or when you start bleeding during tight schedules at work, it is really annoying to keep on changing your pads quite often.

In all such cases, period panties work remarkably well. The best part is they are reusable. So that is profitable too.

A perfect period underwear has numerous layers to ensure comfort and protection.

Period underwear are usually made up of very light and breathable cotton fabric. They come with strong hip huggers that help to secure the panty in place so that there is no leakage from slipping of the panty.

All period panties have an odour control system. Period blood comes with a disgustful smell and can be embarrassing as well as irritating. Period panties have odour neutralizing capacity that keeps you smelling fresh for a long time. Ultimately, the most important part of the panties is the leakage protection.

Are these period underwear really period proof?

Actually, period panties come with thick layers that are eligible to soak up the menstrual blood and give you a dry feel for a long period of time. These layers keep away the wetness and you can carry out all normal activities even during your periods.

Watch this experiment to understand how the underwear absorbs the menstrual blood and makes it completely period-proof –

A lot of women complain that with pads and panty liners it becomes uneasy for them to keep working the entire day. The smell, itchiness, and heaviness of napkins make them stay gloomy during their periods.

With all these, they cannot concentrate on their work and tend to be in a complete fuss. So, if you are one of those who is tired of facing immense trouble due to leakages, you must try the period panties.

Even during pregnancy, women tend to have leakages every now and then. Period panties are even best suited to soak all those discharges. It is absolutely beneficial for especially working women who have to stay out for long hours.

As these period panties lock away the moisture, they also prevent probable bacterial infections, which are quite common during periods.

So, now when you are in school, college, or office, you don’t have to go around checking whether your clothes are stained or not and you can literally enjoy your periods.

Now, think that when you start using a period panty, you really save a lot of money that you were spending all this while on disposable period products, such as pads and tampons. Now, every time you wear these period panties, you can actually just wash it and reuse it.

How to clean period underwear (how to get period blood out of underwear)?

how to get period blood out of underwear

Cleaning of period panties does not demand for some gigantic efforts.

The only strict specification is that you need to use cold water while washing these period panties.

Every time after use, just let the stained underwear soak in ice cold water and hydrogen peroxide to be strict and good quality garments cleaners to be lineant.

After about an hour of soaking, it is expected that all the blood stain will go off. You just need to rinse it them and holla… you are done with it.

Well, now if you are someone who hates doing laundry by yourself, it is going to be a not so good experience for you. But, do not worry regarding touching blood and getting kinky because soaking will draw out all the blood.

It is advised not to dump it with other garments because other garments might get stained that is not so desirable.

Don’t just rub the hip huggers too much as they could loose elasticity. Dry them in the normal way just as you do with all your other clothes.

What are period underwear made of? (materials, designs, and sizes)

Coming to the material of period panties. The prime objective of these period underwear is to provide you ultimate comfort. So, they are made up of really comfortable organic materials. Most of these are spandex and organic cotton or such derivatives.

Thus, you can be really carefree with allergies and rashes as these in no way are supposed to cause skin infections. The materials used are indeed light weight, breathable, and skin friendly.

Period panties have become the new period product that is into the trend in market. Along with being comfortable, they are also coming in super stylish designs.

The hip huggers and sides come in both the fancy lacy designs as well as the bold strong designs. You will have wide range of options to choose from.

They also come in various cuts and fits, such as the traditional panty style, the boxer style, and many more.

There are also various sizes available to fit every woman, thin or heavy alike. So, whichever body type you have, there is something in store for you.

Now the real question is that does period underwear really work?

The thing is that you need to understand that these underwear have employed an all over different technology to reduce the period menace. It is not just a normal panty with many layers.

The type of material used in different layers, the components used are all suitably designed for periods.

Period panty does not completely eliminate the need of sanitary napkins, tampons, or menstrual cups. It just substitutes them in case of light flow and backs them up in case of heavy flow.

The normal period panties are able to soak blood same as that of about 2 tampons. So, if you expect that during very heavy flow days you will get along with only these period panties for the entire day then that might not be feasible. For uncertain periods, these period panties can be great.

Even for teenage girls who are not much used to tampons, these are great. These are really awesome for travels and long hours of workout sessions specially if you try out the sports variety.

The feeling that you will have while wearing them is similar to that you have wearing your normal panties but the effectiveness that they work with is far better altogether.

Here are the 7 best period underwear to try – 

The craze for period panties are really towards high. But till date owing to ease of use, customer satisfaction and flexibility of use, there are few brands which lead in the popularity regarding period panties. These are –


It is probably the best known brand in the market of period panties. Women who have been trying period panties have at least for once tried out this brand. The fit, comfort that the THINX period panties provide are amazing.

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It is the next popular brand and specializes in making period panties only. It is equally popular among women because of the designs and comfort felt while using it.

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This brand has some amazing array of collections to choose from. Right from style to colours to prints, the variety is numerous.

Fashion mongers like this brand a lot. Style and fashion along with perfect comfort is the perfect definition of MODIBODI period panties.



They are disposable period panties. These are best suited for those who wish to stay away from hand washing their blood stained panties. Instead of using multiple layers for absorbing blood, they use an inbuilt pad.

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They mainly put stress on design and comfort. The period panties of this brand come in lots of colors and designs.

Maternity underwear is a special product that comes from this brand. They also manufacture period panties in the style of briefs, to enhance protection and coverage.

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6. INNERSY’s Period Panties

They come in loads of fascinating prints and fits. These panties are super absorbent and give you leakage free protection with their premium cotton lining.

The best part is that this brand has a range of period panties specially designed for teenagers to make their first ever period experience a lot more convenient and a lot less annoying.

This brand also manufactures equally good quality period panties to support you and provide good protection from unexpected leakages and stains during menstrual cycle.

The panties come in different sizes.

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This brand creates superior quality period underwear that gives full coverage and protection against leakages and prevents staining to help you out during the days of period.

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Menstruation is a celebration of womanhood. Every woman deserves to have a carefree period experience. In today’s world, every woman is moving out for jobs and education. When she is no less in her contributions to the society, she also deserves superior comfort.

A period underwear is a woman’s good friend. It helps to set aside all the anxiety and tensions of unwanted stains and resulting embarrassments that each girl wants to avoid.

So, periods are no more a time to stay confined but to move out freely without hassles and enjoy being a woman.

Try on the period panties to help you be a free bird.


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