Pads vs Tampons: Which Is Better? Here’s My Choice

Pads vs Tampons: Which Is Better? Here's My Choice

Pads vs tampons – so you are wondering which one is better? Here’s my experience on both the period products. I will try my best to list out the pros and cons of both pads and tampons. Both are great products but the final choice will be yours.

Pads vs Tampons: Which Is Better? Here's My Choice

Well, period isn’t a taboo any more and the world has actually accepted women bleeding in a normal way. However, still it is only women who can understand the pain and discomfort of menstruation.

There are dozens of period products that can help you out to make your periods easy. You cannot put a stop to the uncomfortable feeling though you can diminish the hackles of period by choosing the right period product.

Pads vs tampons – let’s see which one is better

Menstrual pads have long been used as the period product. But, over the years, the discredits of sanitary napkins led to the emergence of other menstrual products.

Tampons are one of the most widely accepted period products after pads. There is a huge debate on which is a better period product. Well, to be honest, there are pros and cons of both the products. On comparison, tampons override the pads.

Let us have a look at the relative advantages and disadvantages of both to have a better idea. So, here it goes ‘pads vs tampons’.

First let us get along with the benefits or PROS of using pads

PROS of using sanitary pads

1. Pads are extremely simple to use

Sanitary napkins are the most primitive period product that have actually been used for centuries by menstruating women. Just a simple pad of absorbent cotton will soak up your period blood and prevent staining.

It is extremely convenient to use and the best part is that there is no rocket science involved in it. Due to its simplicity, the acceptance of sanitary napkins is extremely high.

2. Pads prevent staining

Though the concept of pads is quite ancient, yet the kind of protection that it provides against staining is actually more than awesome.

The pads cover a large area of the underwear and hence it prevents all chances of staining. So, you always feel protected.

There is no need to check your underwear 100 times, to see if it has got stained or not. Just stick the pad onto your panty and that’s all, you are ready to go.

3. No worries about Toxic shock syndrome

The whole world is now conscious about TSS. People know about the dreaded consequence of this disease. You will be relieved to know that pads eliminate every probability of developing a toxic shock syndrome.

So, you can use it without any worries. However, there is something else which needs to be mentioned in this context.

Pads do pose threat for the development of multiple infections like rashes and vaginal infections. The best way to prevent these are changing the pads much often, say after every 2 to 3 hours in case of heavy staining.

The overnight pads are the best in this case, because they have extra absorbent power.

4. No insertion needed like tampons or menstrual cups

Tampons, menstrual cups, menstrual discs, and other recent day period products involve the insertion of the device into your genitals. This can be quite inconvenient for many people.

Inserting a foreign product into the most sensitive part of your body can be a mess in true terms. Whereas pads remain completely at an external site.

There is no risk of insertion and associated problems. For those of you who are afraid of those painful insertions and removal, pads are the best option for you.

5. Pads are the best option for overnight usage

Sanitary napkins are seriously the best option when it comes to overnight usage. There are overnight pads from almost every brand. These are larger in size. The dimensions are pre-determined to give a full coverage even in the sleeping posture.

There is hardly any need to change the pad during night. Tampons, menstrual sponges, and other insertable period products are not very good when it comes to overnight usage. Leaving them inside your vagina for so long without changing is against standard health measures.

Pads are really great to use. They are pretty simple and there is far less chances of developing diseases if proper hygienic care is taken.

However, there must have been certain disadvantages of the pads which generated the necessity of invention of some other period products.

Let us have a look at it.

CONS of using pads

1. Restricted movement

When you use pads, your overall locomotion gets affected. The degree of freedom that sanitary napkins provide is quite less.

You cannot jump around the entire day with pads stuck on your panties. The blood will gush out and your dress will get stained.

Heavy movements like running or trekking might make the pad slip from its normal position, that is really inconvenient.

The adhesive is not forever lasting as the interaction between the panty and pad gets weak after some time and elicits every possibility of leakage and staining.

2. Underwear problem

Now, when it comes to pads, underwear is the most important thing. You need to get a proper panty which will hold the pad in place.

Moreover, if you are using the extra-large variety of the pad, then the panty also needs to be large accordingly to allow for proper interaction.

This simply indicates that on those period days, you shall not be able to wear your desired panty, rather you will have to go along with the panty, which suits the needs of the pad.

For examle, your period panty might not get along so well with the dress you plan to wear. Thus, you will always have to go along with those boring panty options.

Usually the lacy and stylish panties cannot be used for sticking greater coverage pads.

3. Pads might get visible

The pads become quite prominent at times. If you wear tight or fitting shorts and skirts, the pad line may become prominent. Many panty liners cannot actually hide the pads. Though it is not a big deal any more, yet some may find it inconvenient.

4. Pads are not at all good for the environment

The average number of pads, that each woman uses in their lifetime is actually mammoth, if you get on counting it.

So, you can well estimate the total waste produced from the sanitary napkins. Therefore, using pads is not a really good option when it comes to sustainability or ecological issues.

Instead of using disposable pads, you can consider switching to reusable, organic menstrual pads.

5. Potential breeding ground for infectious bacteria

The pads are used for a long time and this wet environment potentially gives rise to a large number of infectious bacteria. As you know, wet places are the breeding ground for bacteria, so is the surface of the pad.

This causes the vaginal or urinary tract infection. These are potential risks of using a pad. Health hazards are the greatest when using pads for a long time.

Now, in ‘pads vs tampons’, let’s talk about pros and cons of tampons.

Well, usage of pads is declining day by day and the tampons are gaining considerable importance. The modern-day women are much more exposed to the outside world and chores other than simple cooking or raising children at home.

Therefore, to cater their needs, tampons are actually a better option. But that does not mean tampons are without any dangers.

So, read on to the next part of the article where we will discuss about the potential pros and cons of using tampons.

PROS of using tampons

PROS of using tampons

1. Convenient shape and size

Tampons are pretty small objects that help you out to fight the large monster periods. You simply need to glide the tampon in. Insertion is pretty easy. You insert it and you literally forget about it.

There is actually no feeling or sensation of pain. Not only this, you won’t even feel that something is within you. The contour of tampon is so perfectly created for the intravaginal anatomy, that is set exactly in place.

Moreover, the string or applicator that is provided, also makes the removal easy.

2. Tampons provide complete freedom of movement

Tampons allow you to run, jump, climb, and literally do anything. There is no risk of sliding and gliding, or leakages. Tampons also allow you to have a great time at vacation.

You can remain active to a great extent. For those of you who have field work or long days of tiring office chores, the tampons are indeed the best option for you.

You don’t have to run to the loo every time for changing the tampons. Swimming is no more a problem with tampons.

When you use pads, there is no chance of diving into the swimming pool. But with tampons, periods are literally far easier and convenient.

3. You don’t feel wet

The superficial layer of the sanitary napkins always remains blood laden and hence wet. This not only causes infection but also gives a very uncomfortable feeling.

The entire day, you feel like something wet and irritating is coming in contact with the vagina. Whereas, if you get along with tampons, this is no more an issue.

There is no wet feeling and hence no tension. The whole day you remain dry. Be it office or your household work, feel free and stay fresh for the entire day with tampons.

4. Tampons are good for the environment

Tampons does not create potential garbage. They are actually biodegradable and hence not harmful for the environment.

Moreover, in the complete tenure of a menstrual cycle, the number of tampons that a woman uses is far less than the number of pads that a woman uses.

Therefore, tampons are great for the environment. The applicators which come with tampons are also being designed in the biodegradable way.

5. Absolutely sensationless

There is no sensation when you insert a tampon within vagina. There is no pain and also no cranky feeling that something is sitting in your vagina.

This is actually the best thing about tampons. No woman wants to feel the uncomfortable sensation of having a wet lingering pad throughout the day.

CONS of using tampons

Tampons are great apparently, but it isn’t true that there are no flaws or drawbacks of tampons. Every new invention does potentially bring along with it a lot of unnecessary problems.

1. You can actually forget to remove the tampon

Once you insert the tampon in your vagina, it is so small and sensationless that you can actually forget about it. Moreover, as there is no discomfort, people will not even care about the removal. That is what becomes the main cause of tampons causing a potential disease.

2. It can cause Toxic Shock Syndrome

Tampons are good except for the fact that doctors are suggesting not to use it because of the potential risk of developing TSS. The super absorbent tampons also promote the growth of staphylococcus and developing TSS.

TSS is a very rare illness but it can be fatal for health, and it is mostly caused by using tampons.

It is always better to use low absorbance tampons.

3. Size issues – the size has to be perfect

If by any chance you choose the wrong size of tampon for yourself, then there is no bigger nightmare.

A wrongly sized tampon is horrendous. For pads, it is kind of a universal size concept, but for tampons, it is not. So, it is always better to choose the perfect size for yourself.

Size of tampons also should be chosen as per the flow of an individual. Actually, choosing tampons is a difficult task and needs scrutiny. So, unlike pad you cannot just grab a pack of tampon.

4. It can be painful if you are new

Insertion of tampons can be a difficult job for first time users. It can be a bit tricky. Such a big thing entering through the vaginal orifice can cause slight discomfort at the beginning. The applicator does help out but that is a matter of practice.

The removal as well is little tricky. You need to pull it out with the help of a string. It is also a matter of practice. You need to sit down on a toilet seat and accomplish this task.

The final verdict of ‘pads vs tampons’ (according to my preference)

So, the above points are the relative comparison between pads vs tampons.

The choice is completely according to personal preference and usage.

As per my personal experience, I always prefer going with the pad. It is convenient for me.

Therefore, if I have to share my personal experience, my vote will go for Pads.

Pads vs tampons: so the winner is ‘pads’!

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