Diva Cup Size, Capacity, Instructions: Complete Guide & Review

Diva Cup Size, Capacity, Instructions: Complete Guide & Review

Diva Cup is one of the most popular brands of menstrual cups. They have a huge variety of cups in terms of sizes, shapes, flexibility, and models. The brand actually produces cups for all women. So, whether you are young or old with normal or heavy bleeding tendencies, you shall always find a Diva cup that suits you the best.

Diva Cup Size, Capacity, Instructions: Complete Guide & Review

Every aspect of the Diva Cup has been scrutinized appropriately to end up in the creation of a product that can satisfy majority of the users. Diva Cup has been into the production of menstrual cups since last 15 years. Their production house is centered in Canada.

I have been using Diva cups for a pretty long time and I am extremely satisfied with the performance. When I had bought my first Diva cup, I did face some issues with the size of the model that I chose.

I had to change that and get the other model that fit me well. What I felt was that, there are plenty of women who might be facing the same issue with their Diva cups and that is what made me write this article to help you guys choose the perfect Diva Cup size and model for yourselves.

Diva Cup comes in 3 models to make the product far more adaptable and individual. The shape of the Diva cups has been ergonomically approved to complement the female contours to impart a completely personalized period experience to all the users.

Diva Cup size, model, and capacity:

1. Diva Cup Model 0

Diva Cup Size 0

This is specially designed for the teenagers who are below 18 years of age. The specifications of this cup have been designed while keeping in mind the needs of this particular group. The cup is completely made of chemical free materials and provides a complete protection of 12 hours without any issues of unwanted leakages.

There is no fancy care regime associated with this cup. You can easily use them. Diva Cup Model 0 provides complete freedom of movement. So, attend your classes, dance practices, and gaming.

It has been designed keeping in mind the lifestyle of teenagers and needless to say the cup does justice to its purpose. This model is basically a pre-pregnancy model and fits the cervix accordingly. It is also well suited for overnight usage.

Diva Cup Model 0: size, capacity, and dimensional chart:

20ml/0.67 fl oz65mm38mm

2. Diva Cup Model 1

Diva Cup Size 1

This model is designed for women who are below 30 years of age but have yet not undergone the child birth process. The ergonomic design of this model has been designed keeping in mind the physical specification of the women of this age.

Be it the position of the cervix, the pelvic floor, or bladder sensitivity- the physical parameters of the intimate area have been emphasized while designing this model. This is best suited if you have not delivered by vaginal or C section.

This cup also provides leakage free protection of 12 long hours. The cups are reusable and can be used over a long tenure of many years. You can literally perform all activities during the period days with this cup.

It is very easy to maintain these cups. You can switch over to the Diva cup if you want to experience the best ever period experience of your life.

Diva Cup Model 1: size, capacity, and dimensional chart:

30ml/1 fl oz66mm42mm

3. Diva Cup Model 2

Diva Cup Size 2

This model has been created keeping in mind the special needs of women who are above 30 years of age and have already undergone pregnancies and given birth to child either by normal vaginal process or C section.

The requirements of this category of women are distinguishable from the other two groups. The cervical position, bladder sensitivity and firmness of pelvic floor undergoes drastic change after you have become a mother.

The rate of bleeding during the periods also becomes heavier. The Model 2 is appropriate in catering all these needs. Just like the other models it requires no rocket science for care and maintenance.

The high accommodative capacity of this model is suitable to get along with the heavy flow.

Diva Cup Model 2: size, Capacity and dimensional chart

32ml/1.08 fl oz66mm45mm

Which Diva Cup size/model should I use?

There are 3 models from the house of Diva Cups. See to which category you belong to:

Model 0Model 1Model 2
Best for beginners who are at the age of 18 or belowBest for women who are between the age of 19-30 and have a medium flow (or who have not given birth) Best for women who are above the age of 30 and/or have a heavy flow (or who have given birth)

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Diva Cup instructions and usage guide:

The below steps also apply to menstrual cups from other brands too, and they are totally based on my personal experience.

1. Wash hands and relax

Before you even touch the cup, make sure that you sanitize your hands properly. The primary aim is to prevent the onset of any infection. The intimate area hygiene is something that cannot be compromised with and hence this step is very important.

It is advised that you relax a bit before the insertion of the cups. When in a nervous state, all the muscles of the body attain an increased tonicity and hence it will hurt more when you try to forcefully insert the cups.

So, let your nerves cool completely before you are about to insert a cup. Also, do not hurry.

2. Fold the cup

Squeeze or compress the rims of the cup and fold it completely so that when you insert the cup, only a small surface area touches your intra vaginal muscles. This way, the vaginal abrasion is diminished.

Your target is to diminish the diameter of the actual cup rim to half its size by folding the cup in a C shaped pattern. Now, with the help of your fingers (preferably index), try to squeeze the folded rim towards the basal body of the cup and reduce the height of the cup.

3. Be comfortable – insert the Cup

When you are done with folding of the cup, then it is time for insertion of the cup. Acquire a comfortable posture before insertion of the cup. Usually two positions are most comfortable for this purpose.

Either you sit down on your toilet seat in a comfortable position or you stand on one foot, putting the other feet on the top of some raised surface like the toilet seat.

I find the second one more comfortable. Now, insert the cup preferably in a horizontal way.

While doing this, make sure you don’t loose the grip of the cup. Hold it firmly between the fingers. The cup should move up to your vagina.

The shape is exactly complementary to your vagina and hence, if the placement is correct, you will feel no discomfort at all.

Remember that the correct position of the Diva cup is below the cervix. Do not push it too hard to end up hurting yourself.

If you want to measure the height of your cervix or you already have a high cervix, do check out this – Best Menstrual Cups For High Cervix.

4. Removal – how to remove Diva Cup

While removing, simply pull out the cup by holding its stem strongly. There might be a little spillage when you pull out the cup full of blood. There is nor reason to worry.

Perform the removal action over a toilet seat to prevent the staining of your clothes.

Diva Cup cleaning and care:

You can follow some simple norms for cleaning your Diva cup. Before you start to use the cup at the beginning of the cycle, just give a good 5 minutes boil to the cup in plain water.

You may use a mild and oil free soap to clean the cup every time after removal. While cleaning, pay special attention to the crevices and the air holes. There is a cotton pouch provided with the Diva cup which should be used to store it.

Certain chemicals that should be completely avoided while using a Diva cup are bleach, vinegar, alcohol, strong detergents, or dish washing liquid.

Here’s our complete guide on how to clean a menstrual cup.

What exactly is a Diva Menstrual Cup and why is it so popular?

Made of 100 percent non-toxic and chemical free materials, Diva cups are your best partners for periods. Diva cups are efficient to provide a leakage free and hygienic period experience to all the women. Save a lot of money by switching over to Diva cups.

Every month, we spend a lot of buck on non-reusable period products like tampons and sanitary napkins. Instead, if we choose to use economical and eco-friendly period products like the Diva cups, we shall save our pockets and our environment at the same time.

Diva cups are potent enough to provide protection against the heaviest period flows for approximately 12 hours. Latex, BPA, rubber, or dyes are completely banned in the production process of Diva cups.

Diva cups ensure female intimate health in the best possible way. Diva cups call for the least maintenance. The insertion and removal are also super easy.

The use of sanitary napkins or cloth pads are associated with lot of skin issues like rashes, irritation, and most importantly with that stinky odor. Diva cup successfully eliminates all such problems and let you enjoy the best ever hassle-free periods of your life.


Myself being a regular user of Diva Cup, what I feel is that the shape of the Diva Cup is worth of being praised. It is absolutely perfect for vagina.

The exact level of firmness of another feature to just love. Moreover, the presence of 3 distinct models makes the cup an awesome choice and improves its adaptability.

(Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by the brand. However, I may earn an affiliate commission when you purchase products through links on my site.)

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