What Is The Best Menstrual Cup For Me? Find Out Here

What's The Best Menstrual Cup For Me? Find Out Here

I cannot say about others, but for me one of the biggest challenges is to figure out which is the best menstrual cup for me? There is a whole array of menstrual cups with varied shapes, sizes, and materials. Now, the question is which one should I choose to serve my purpose well.

What's The Best Menstrual Cup For Me? Find Out Here

To be honest, every time I go out to get a menstrual cup, I feel that may be the one I am using is not good enough and I should give another one a try. After this whole mess, I realized that many women must be facing the same issue. So, in today’s article, I have decided to categorize the menstrual cups into functional divisions, so that making a choice for you becomes easier.

The disclaimer I put forward is that this list is completely on the basis of my personal use, hours of research, and reviews from lots of other women. Your needs and comfort might be different and it is absolutely normal to be different.

On a bright note, this should be more accurate and reliable than a typical Menstrual Cup Quiz.

So, what is the best menstrual cup for me? See to which category you belong

Look at which category of users you fall into and find out below.

  1. Beginners
  2. Teenagers
  3. For women with low cervix
  4. For women with high Cervix
  5. Tilted cervix
  6. Light to normal flow
  7. Heavy flow
  8. For women with an IUD
  9. For sports, athletes, or swimming

Best menstrual cups for beginners

Every time, I sit down to review some menstrual cups for beginners, I feel they are ones who suffer the most. The first time you are about to use a menstrual cup, you are definitely going to have a weird feeling.

If you were using pads or tampons previously, then using pads or tampons would seem to be far better. Cups will for sure feel clumsy. Well, for the first-time users, do not forget to check out the location of the cervix.

As beginners, you will not be satisfied with the first cup you use but what you will understand is where is the problem you are facing and the next time you will choose right. You might be lucky enough to make the proper choice at first go but that is rare.

But don’t worry, here I have picked two best period cups that will probably suit almost all the beginners.

1. Venus Menstrual Cup (2 sizes)

Venus Cup for beginners

This is an extremely useful cup for the beginners. The soft and pliable texture of the cup makes it appropriate for teenage girls who are unaccustomed with the usage and experience of menstrual cups.

The best part is that the ridged stem is long enough to make insertion and removal quite easy. It can manage flow up to 12 long hours. The silicone is of medical grade and the quality is up to the mark.

2. SkoonCup Beginner Choice Menstrual Cup (small size)

Skoon Cup for beginners

The small size variant of this menstrual cup is appropriate for the use of teenagers. Actually, this cup serves well for women with moderate flow rates as is the case for teenage girls.

The cup comes in a beautiful pouch which eliminates the typical boring period mood. The smooth surface of the cup makes it very easy to insert. You can enjoy irritation free period experience with this one.

SkoonCup has two sizes:

Small size is for light to medium flow

Large size is for medium to heavy flow

Best menstrual cups for teenagers

Teenagers usually experience a low level of flow. So, mostly all the cups have a small size or zero size which the teenagers can use perfectly. During the teenage, the girls remain active even during the periods.

For teenagers, there is no time to sleep during periods as they need to attend schools, colleges, or tuition classes. Under such situation, it is better that you grab a perfect cup for yourself which will not feel clumsy or uncomfortable.

For enjoying a peaceful sleep at night, go for the cups that claim 12 hours protection. Teenagers are not a pro at doing chores, so it is better that you possess the cups that need least maintenance.

Before you invest in a cup, do check out the rim and cup body softness. Those who have not involved in sexual intercourse will definitely not have a dilated cervical opening, hence forcing inside hard cups will be a mess.

So, go for the soft varieties. Initially, the removal may be a problem because soft cups often tends to get lost in the intimate orifice making it a challenge to figure it out, but with time you will learn how to hit the nail.

1. Diva Cup Model 0

Diva Cup for teenagers

Diva Cup is definitely one of my favorites because of its immensely good performance. The soft consistency of the cup is a boon for your intimate areas. There will be no difficulty in insertion or removal of the cup.

It is potent enough to provide an 8 hours leakage free protection against normal to medium flow. It is made of superior medical grade silicone that needs least care and maintenance to have a long shelf life.

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2. Organi Cup – Size Mini

Organi for teenagers

This cup is appropriate for teenagers who have low flow rate. The material is fantastic and has been tested to be completely hypoallergic. It has a good capacity and can support you for 12 long hours and sometimes more than that.

The amount of period blood collected by this cup is almost equal to the amount collected by 2 tampons. You invest less on your periods and create less harmful footprints on the environment with the OrganiCup Mini Size menstrual cup.

Want to know more about other small menstrual cups? Here is our review and guide on ‘smallest menstrual cups‘.

Best menstrual cups for low cervix

Choosing the perfect cup for yourself when you have a low cervix can be indeed challenging. The biggest problem I think is the stem of the cup. The cup gets fully inserted into the cervical region but the stem or a part of it keeps lingering outside due to low cervix.

In such cases, the best way is to trim the unwanted portion of the stem to suit your needs. Even if you have a low cervix, it is of utmost importance that you ensure the cup has completely reached the vaginal opening.

Try and insert properly till you feel the correct spot. Another precaution is that, do not over push such that you end up hurting yourself.

There is no need of forceful insertion. Removal of cups for women with low cervix is pretty easy. Bell shaped or round body menstrual cups are well suited for low cervix.

Staining can be a general issue if the cup is not put into place. Firm cups are specially designed for women with low cervix. You may grab one of them to put an end to your woes.

Check out our detailed guide on soft vs firm menstrual cups.

1. FemmyCycle (low cervix size)

FemmyCycle menstrual cup for low cervix

FemmyCycle is the menstrual cup brand that I use. The ergonomic design of this cup is the best that you could ever ask for. It has got a wine glass shaped structure that is complementary to the normal body structure.

There are two amazing appendages with a removal ring places externally and a funnel shaped structure in the interior which will direct the period blood in the cup. Medical grade silicone makes it suitable for long term use.

2. Peachlife Menstrual Cups (small size)

Peach Life cup

Perfect balance of firmness makes this cup extremely useful. There is a ring for removal of the cup which comes very handy. It is made of medical grade silicone that does pose any problem to the health.

It has a proper shape and design to facilitate all movements during the periods. The silicone is durable as well as quite soft. You can use it for years and the maintenance required is also not much complex. It comes with a cotton bag for storage.

Best menstrual cups for high cervix

For those of you who have not yet discovered the exact location of your cervix, I suggest you to find out your cervix position first.

Once you figure out that you have a high cervix, you can look out for the exact cups for you. Here is our complete guide on cervix height and the best menstrual cups for high cervix.

There are certain special cups suited for you and you must not go around with every other cup around the corner as it won’t fit you perfectly.

Best menstrual cups for tilted cervix/uterus

I see a lot of misconception in women regarding the occurrence of tilted cervix. First of all, know that it isn’t an abnormality. You are not sick if you have a tilted cervix. It is just that your cervix was retro vertically placed since the time of birth. That is perfectly fine.

Now, the opening of the tilted cervix is usually a bit lower than the normal cervix. So, the small cups can suffice if you have a tilted cervix. If you have a tilted cervix, it is always better to go with soft cups.

Now, honestly speaking, insertion of a menstrual cup can be thorough challenge for women who have tilted cervix.

It is always better to choose soft cups with soft rims that will make insertion less painful for you. Go for those varieties that are designed for low cervical positions. Since you have to wear it in the lower canal of the vagina, small cups are great for you.

For getting the perfect cup variant, you have to experiment with a couple of them till you get hold of the exact one. Trimming the stem can be a necessity at times, and you will have to do that according to your personal preferences.

1. Pixie Cup Luxe (small) – for low tilted cervix

Pixie Cup for tilted cervix

Finding a perfect cup for yourself if you have a tilted cervix can be quite challenging. But with the Pixie Cup, it is no more a challenge. It also comes with cleaning wipes and storage bags. It has a soft and flexible body.

The rim is also pliable enough that aids in easy insertion. The stem is short and can be pulled out easily. You can now experience leakage free periods. It fits perfectly for tilted cervix.

2. Lena Cup (2 sizes)for high tilted cervix

Lena Cup for tilted cervix

Lena Cup comes in two sizes. Pick the one that best suits you. According to trusted reviews, it should work for high tilted cervix too. Scroll down below for more details on the product.

Small Size: ideal for normal flow

Large Size: suited for women with a heavy flow

Best menstrual cups for light to normal flow

You guys are the luckiest. There is not much trouble that you will find to get the best cup for yourself. Mostly all the cups work fine for you all. Something that we all panic about is the insertion of cups into the cervix. It is a fact that we remain worried about getting hurt.

So, you can choose the small to normal variant with lesser diameter and not go for the larger varieties which are comparatively difficult to insert and remove. You have an array of options to try out actually.

But you know what, every woman is different. Just because you have a normal flow rate does not absolutely mean that you can go around with whichever cup you feel like.

The cervical position will make a difference. The nature of your activities will make an impact on your choice. But, the best part is that you have a whole load of options to choose from. You can go for the high capacity cups for use during the nights to enjoy hindrance free sleep.

1. Lunette Menstrual Cup (Model 1)

Lunette Menstrual Cup - for light to normal flow

Safe and comfortable periods are ensured with the Lunette cup. It is a very popular brand because the cups are really amazing. Soft medical grade silicone is the ingredient of the cup. It fits perfectly with the body contour.

You can carry out all your daily activities while using the cup. It also helps to enjoy an odor free period. It is completely vegan and chemical free.

2. Cora Menstrual Cup (Size 1)

Cora Cup for light flow

Cora is a trusted brand when it comes to menstrual products. Same goes with their menstrual cups. It is absolutely comfortable and literally super soft. The stem is thin and easy to remove. It fits the female intimate contour perfectly. It provides protection completely for 12 hours. You can go off to sleep with these cups with zero worries.

The size 1 is best suited for women with light to medium flow. It is also ideal for first time users.

Best menstrual cups for heavy flow/heavy periods

There is hardly any second option than to go with the large cups. It is just that you will definitely not want to keep on emptying the cup as it gets full. With small cups, that will be your problem.

For the lighter days, you can choose the medium cups but preferably go for the large ones. The biggest problem arises when you have a low cervix yet a heavy flow. For low cervix, small cups are the best, whereas for heavy flow, the large cups are the best.

Here, you will have to be the sole judge to decide which parameter influences your choice according to importance. If you have a very heavy flow rate, go for the cups that you can clean easily. Because lots of blood into the cup will obviously stain it badly. You surely would not want to spend hours cleaning that mess.

According to the position of the cervix, you can go for trimming of the stem if necessary. The position of the cervix and the sensitivity of the intimate area will also determine whether you want to go for soft cups or firm cups. If you do not have a low cervix, you may prefer to go with the soft varieties.

1. Super Jennie Menstrual Cup (large)

Super Jennie menstrual cup for heavy flow

This is one of those cups which is a boon for those who experience heavy menstrual flow. Even for heavy flow, Super Jennie cups can give you protection for long hours. The rim is thicker compared to the entire body of the cup.

It is easy to insert and even easier to remove. You don’t have to worry regarding the cleaning too, that is super easy. Here is a guide on how to clean and sterilize a menstrual cup.

Day outs, sports activities, dance classes are no more night mares for anyone, even with heavy flow.

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2. Talisi Menstrual Cup (large size)

Talisi for heavy flow

This one is a soft cup with short stem. Soft cups are very gentle to your intimate areas. Even prolonged use will not hurt your intimate areas. It is completely hypoallergic and chemical free.

The performance of the cups is pretty good. Regarding the capacity to accommodate period blood, it serves pretty well. No worries with unwanted leakages or bad odor. It is also good for overnight uses and you can actually sleep peacefully.

The pack comes with set of two: small and large sizes.

The best part is that it is reasonably priced and much cheaper than its competitors without compromising the quality. So, there is no downside getting the pack of two. You can experiment with both and see which one fits better.

Size S: designed for women below age 30

Size L: designed for women above age 30 who have a heavy flow

Best menstrual cups for IUD

If you have an Intrauterine Device in your uterus, it is always recommended that you go for those cups which can create a suction pressure to pull the blood into the menstrual cup.

The trickiest part in this case is the IUD string. As it already lingers around your genitals, it is quite hard to adjust the menstrual cup with it. I would initially like to tell you one thing that there is no problem in using a menstrual cup if you are using an IUD. No harm will be caused and there are no issues with leakage or staining.

If you at all feel that there are some problems with the length of the IUD string, what you can do is ask your doctor to cut it short.

There are two precautions you must take if you are an IUD user and wish to use menstrual cup.

First is that, never pull too hard to remove the menstrual cup. Doing so may pull the string of the IUD along and it will be real time mess. Therefore, be gentle on your cup especially while removing.

Second is that, it is preferable that you don’t use a menstrual cup just after insertion of an IUD. Wait for a couple for months and then start using the cup.

1. Lunette Cup (available in two models)

Lunette menstrual cup for women with IUD

This is specially designed for women with sensitive bladder issues. Comfortable periods are a dream for IUD users. The soft texture and high-grade quality of the Lunette cups is awesome.

Zero chemicals or BPA is used for manufacturing these cups. The interior is really smooth which makes cleaning of the cup far easy.

Model 1 (soft): suited for light to normal flow

Model 2 (firm): suited for normal to heavy flow

2. Lena Cup (available in two sizes)

Lena for women with IUD

The Lena cup is especially designed to help you remain completely active during your periods. There is no need to worry regarding the staining of the clothes when you are using these menstrual cups.

They are absolutely easy to insert and remove and can provide you protection for 12 long hours. You can stay out of the reach of infections with the use of Lena menstrual cups. This is a proper choice for women who have IUD within themselves.

Best menstrual cups for sports, athletes, and swimming

Many menstrual cups are designed for women who engage in physical activities during the periods. These cups are specially designed so that they can provide maximum comfort and least staining issues during the periods.

If you are an athlete or you wish to go for swimming, then you can definitely use the ‘firm’ menstrual cups with high capacity. When we move a lot or the muscles of the lower abdomen undergoes a lot of movements, then the flow rate becomes quite high.

In such cases, you can rely on the firm and large variety cups. If you want to avoid any unwanted situations during your activities, choose the cup that fits you perfectly. Poor fitting cups will get misplaced when you locomote a lot and hence chances of staining will increase.

1. Bodybay Menstrual Cup (available in two sizes – small & large)

Bodybay menstrual cup for sports, athletes and swimming

Not a quite popular brand but their cups are especially designed for using anywhere with movement, be it swimming or hiking. It will ideally belong to ‘firmer’ types of menstrual cups. It comes in two sizes.

Size S – for women who have not given birth

Size L – for women who have given birth

Be aware that these cups are not ideal for a virgin.

2. Yuuki Menstrual Cup (classic – small & large)

Yuuki cup for sports, athletes and swimming

For sporty women who do a lot of athletic activities, this cup by a Czech brand should be the right choice. According to PutACupInIt, it has a firmness level of 5/5.

The Yuuki Classic is popularly known as ‘the Rock’ because it’s so firm. This particular product comes with an infuser box which looks stylish and can definitely be included in a period care package for gifting someone.

Yuuki also has other models and sizes.

Small size: suitable for women before giving birth

Large size: suitable for women after giving birth

Wrapping up

Every woman has her own unique body and menstruation pattern. Though it is not very definite to say which one will be the best for you, in this article I have actually tried to put forward a glimpse of which are the basic considerations for each category of users.

As far as my personal choice, I am obsessed with the FemmyCycle menstrual cup. It works perfectly well for me and I have been using it for a long time now without any potential complaints.

It is normal to make a mistake in choice for the first time, but do not get disheartened, you will be a pro at it after two or three instances.

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